Banking Technology Commentaries

27 Nov 2020
BY Erich Gerber
The development and penetration of the financial sector in local Asian markets confirms that the future has arrived in the region.
27 Aug 2020
BY Rohit Bammi
Banking-as-a-Service, or more commonly known as BaaS, is an end-to-end process that enables third parties to directly connect with banks  systems so they can build products on top of the banks’ regulated infrastructure.
3 Aug 2020
BY Shuang Yang
There is a popular analogy comparing artificial intelligence (AI) to electricity.
14 Jul 2020
BY Jidong Chen
The World Bank estimated that over 1.7 billion individuals remain unbanked today.
2 Jul 2020
BY Brett Hodge
The COVID-19 pandemic forced Singapore banks to change tack in order to meet social distancing and work from home requirements.
17 Jun 2020
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
In the transitional period from the unprecedented emergency to the new normal, the Japanese and APAC financial institutions have stepped up their countermeasures.
4 May 2020
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Corporate banking is at a critical juncture of accelerated change External factors are driving disruptions and opportunities in corporate banking.
2 Apr 2020
BY Peiying Chua
Open banking is emerging as a key trend and the next ‘wave’ of digital transformation in global financial markets.
14 Feb 2020
BY Kaspar Situmorang
Economic inclusion can seem like a faraway goal for many, if not most, countries around the world.
13 Nov 2019
BY Joseph Alfred
Understanding the intricacies of global best practices and adapting to it will set machine learning (ML) on a successful course; highly skilled accountants are vital to that process – including those in the banking industry.
19 Nov 2018
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Security measures and user protection From a systems perspective, open APIs mean that a new communications path is being established to link the information systems of financial institutions with the outside world.
31 Oct 2018
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Returning to a global perspective, both US and European open API trends, as well as regulatory and market participant responses, are valuable reference points for Japanese market players looking for insight.
13 Jun 2018
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
The topic being discussed most nowaday is “Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia”.
12 Jun 2018
BY Divyesh Vithlani and Andrew Woolf
Artificial intelligence has been a topic of conversation and a part of business for years, from rogue robots in movies to neural networks that detect fraud at credit card companies, but only recently have companies really started experimenting with and implementing it more widely.
4 May 2018
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
It might seem as though vertical division of labor and horizontal disintegration have already proliferated enough.
5 Apr 2018
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
In general, an API refers to a technical specification for operating a specific program by another program, and it defines command statements (commands and functions) used when the program is operated, a format of data to be transmitted and received, and the like.
5 Mar 2018
BY Rajnish Khare
Banking is considered by most as the business of money.
23 Feb 2018
BY Judy Hsu
In just decades, digital advancement has enabled technology to shift from being a business enabler to being THE business.
9 Feb 2018
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
In the banking sector, we take a broad view of digital—one that transcends new apps and the deployment of new and different channels.
9 Jan 2018
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Banks need to narrow the distance with customers, to offer them an array of contact points, and to better understand their behavior and needs.
16 Nov 2017
BY Stuart Beaumont
The rapid advance of technology has created the impression that the entire banking industry will soon be digitised.
16 Oct 2017
BY Thomas Olsen and Frank Ford
With all the noise surrounding distributed ledger technology (DLT), you’d expect participants in financial markets in Asia Pacific and elsewhere to be racing full-bore to get ready for it.
11 Nov 2016
BY Holger Frank
New technology companies looking to break into the financial services sector are bringing fresh competition for banks – prompting a new era of digital innovation.
25 Jul 2016
BY Liew Nam Soon & Vicky Lee-Salas
It is almost a cliché by now when banks cite Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes and controls as the biggest risk management challenge when going digital but it might be even more so in the case of the Philippines.
11 Jan 2016
BY Ashley O'Reilly
Copious amounts of personal data is collected by banks each day and frequently shared with third parties as technology continues to revolutionise the way we bank.
10 Dec 2014
BY Rajesh Yohannan
The proposed Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect is a potential game-changer for the world's second-largest economy to entrench itself as Asia's dominant financial hub, but don't count Singapore out of contention.
7 Aug 2014
BY Ashley O'Reilly
Banking executives are generally frustrated by the lack of efficient and effective Management Information (MI) that they receive to run their businesses in Asia.
20 Nov 2013
BY Alexandru Gomoiu
In ever-changing market conditions, the sell side is under significant pressure to find revenue growth and cost savings in a time of great uncertainty for existing business models.
12 Sep 2013
BY James Hatcher
Cyber security continues to be one of the fastest-growing threats to banking institutions.
14 Aug 2013
BY Avi Rembaum & Daniel Wiley
To cope with an increased number of large distributed denial of service attacks, banks must not only have plans in place - they should consider a broad set of defensive tools that combine on-premise technologies and cloud-based scrubbing services.
18 Jul 2013
BY Ammar Hindi
It is not the world recession or Eurozone meltdown that bankers fear the most but cybercrimes above anything else.
25 Jun 2013
BY Cyril Villemin
Bank fraud costs financial institutions in Asia a combined total of $1 billion annually – a figure that was quoted as recently as last year.
4 Jun 2013
BY Martin Smith
Asian banking success is traditionally measured by Market Share, Wallet Share and Customer Satisfaction rankings.
14 May 2013
BY Vishal Prabhakar
The RBI cut the repo rate by 25 basis points as expected.The unexpected hawkish stance was a shock for most commentators,what with the inflation ebbing and international crude oil prices too coming down below the pschological $100 barrel level.
11 Apr 2013
BY Diptiman Chakraborty and Romadeep Chakraborty
A lot has been said about ATM Technology in Asian Banking and Finance.
20 Feb 2013
BY Dennis Phua
To stay relevant, banks in Asia are keeping in touch with technological advancements and innovating on their product and service offerings.
20 Feb 2013
BY Michelle Katics
Mobile learning, particularly in Asia, is rapidly going mainstream.
29 Jan 2013
BY Christina Ng
Billions of transactions are made around the world everyday.
29 Jan 2013
BY Christine Wright
Asia’s banking and finance sector is preparing for 2013 and all eyes are the region as a key barometer of the world’s economic fortunes.
22 Nov 2012
BY Azam Ali
The global financial and economic meltdown has created a new world with its own array of threats, opportunities and sustainability factors which call for fresh thinking to capitalize new horizons, damage control and preempt fallouts.