Cards & Payments Commentaries

13 Aug 2019
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Digital innovation initiatives are gathering speed at financial institutions around the world.
2 Jul 2019
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
The first section of this two-part commentary was published here.  BOJ-NET is a computerised system that enables online processing and electronic transfer of funds—deposits and withdrawals—and Japan Government Bonds (JGBs) between entities such as financial institutions with current accounts at the BOJ.
14 May 2019
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
In November 2018, the Japanese Bankers Association and Zengin Net launched a new platform—the so-called “more time system.” This extends the operation hours of the Zengin System, the backbone of the nation’s bank payment infrastructure, extending the service hours of financial services related to fund transfers.
9 May 2019
BY Hagen Rooke
The results of a global survey published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) confirm that Asia remains the leading growth region for mobile payments.
12 Mar 2019
BY Grace Chia
Asia is not only the largest single market in terms of consumer payment value but is also home to the largest share of the world’s unbanked population.
12 Mar 2019
BY Nick Lord
Along with my colleagues Mark Goodridge and Mulya Chandra from Morgan Stanley’s ASEAN equity research department, I have been writing about the potential disruption to ASEAN banks from new payments technologies for much of the last year.
25 May 2018
BY Tom MacDonald
When it comes to growth opportunities for digital payments, Indonesia is in a league of its own.
20 Jan 2017
BY Shekar Ganesh
As millions of people from rural India march into the cashless world, India could face a credit card crisis as early as 2019.
6 Oct 2016
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
This post examines initiatives to accelerate the development of Japan's payment infrastructure through the lens of the Zengin System—the heart of this infrastructure.
19 Sep 2016
BY David Duncan
Back in 2012, Thailand's Electronic Transactions Commission issued regulations that mandated domestic processing of domestic debit card transactions with debit cards issued in Thailand.
16 Apr 2015
BY David Moskowitz
Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralised virtual cryptocurrency and digital commodity money, operating on a bi-directional flow where it can be traded for various fiat currencies like the Singapore Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, or US Dollar.
4 Dec 2014
BY Shaun Woodhouse
Fear of losing market share sparks constant vigilance among financial services firms, but lately attention has been shifting from traditional competitors to threats from an entirely new sector: social media.
3 Dec 2014
BY Pierre Lelievre
Mobile is fast becoming part of a long-term strategy for banks, financial institutions, and merchants with the rapid convergence of mobile devices, internet, and eCommerce.
13 Jun 2014
BY Subhashish Bose
As hordes of travelers descend upon Brazil to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime festivities of the World Cup, many of them will be blissfully unaware that fraudsters are already putting into action new ways to steal their credit card details.
25 Apr 2013
BY Jean-Jacques Foglino
Earlier this year, Standard Chartered Bank launched a novel display card solution in Singapore.
25 Mar 2013
BY Cyril Villemin
Those of us who closely follow developments in the banking industry would know that the Association of Banks Singapore mandated last year that banks must implement chip-based technology in ATM and debit Cards by 2014.
20 Feb 2013
BY Sisi Liao
For financial institutions and customer-centric executives, it has never been more important to focus on the rapidly developing cards and payments market.
29 Jan 2013
BY Andrew Neeson
Merchant acquiring and processing across Asia-Pacific is far from homogenous.
9 Nov 2012
BY Sriram Natarajan
While the world was engrossed in watching the LIBOR scandal unfold recently and banks across the world were reviewing every index with palpitation, an important development came up in India.
9 Nov 2012
BY Tapan Agarwal
I was at SIBOS, Osaka, Japan, last week, and it was a pleasure to meet several bankers across the world.
29 Jun 2012
BY Jacqui Chin
With credit card profitability under continued intense pressure, surely launching new rewards programmes is ground that only ‘fools would dare to tread’?
3 Nov 2011
BY David Cavell
Heroes of the first decade!
4 Oct 2011
BY Suzanne Tong-Li
ATM cards, especially those using magnetic stripes, are increasingly being exposed to sophisticated fraud attempts during transactions.