Custody & Clearing Commentaries

24 Sep 2015
BY Ashley O'Reilly
Custodian Banks are used by their customers for the safekeeping of proprietary and third-party interests in securities; the settlement and clearing of securities trades; ancillary services including corporate action processing; securities lending and collateral management.
12 Nov 2013
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) is likely to lift the RMB 20,000 daily limit on currency conversion for Hong Kong residents, according to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s chief executive Norman Chan.
21 Oct 2013
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
The Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) opened on 29 Sep.
18 Sep 2013
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
Efforts to globalize the renminbi (RMB) reached a milestone when the currency joined the league of the most-traded currencies for the first time.
16 Sep 2013
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
In mid-2012, the China’s State Council approved the development of the Qian­hai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone.
4 Jun 2013
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
Given that RMB is fungible offshore, the emergence of new offshore centres simply expands the existing regime instead of creating competing systems.
11 Apr 2013
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
Two days before the Singapore's announcement, financial institutions in Taiwan formally launched their RMB business after signing currency clearing agreements with Bank of China's Taipei branch.
25 Mar 2013
BY Keith Noyes
The Asian banking community is anxiously following the debate around the BCBS/IOSCO proposed mandatory margining of non-cleared swaps that began with the publication of Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives in July 2012 and has been followed up by a near final “Second Consultative Paper on Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives”, published in February 2013.
12 Mar 2013
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
On 8 February, the People's Bank of China announced that the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Singapore) will become the RMB clearing bank in Singapore.
2 Jan 2012
BY Olivier Grimonpont
What a difference a year makes, or does it?
1 Apr 2011
BY Emanuel Hiou
As part of the Australian Government’s review of the taxation treatment of collective investment vehicles, the Board of Taxation has issued a comprehensive discussion paper for comment on how to enhance the competitiveness of the tax regime for Australian investment funds.