Financial Technology Commentaries

5 Mar 2020
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
New technologies are accelerating the modernization of investment strategies and decision-making in capital markets.
5 Feb 2020
BY Kenneth Bok
Buoyed by trends such as ongoing digitalisation, the use of big data, and the rise in seamless mobile internet connectivity, Southeast Asia’s financial services sector is transforming.
3 Feb 2020
BY Anne Karumo
The success of neobanks has raised challenges amongst the fintech industry.
5 Dec 2019
BY Grace Chia
  Credit cards have long been a key source of unsecured credit for consumers in developed markets.
17 Sep 2019
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
The Emerging Mobile Investment Service Launched in Japan LINE Corporation launches the LINE Securities, a mobile investment service, August 20, 2019.
9 May 2019
BY Hagen Rooke
The results of a global survey published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) confirm that Asia remains the leading growth region for mobile payments.
6 May 2019
BY Lishi Fong
In recent years, we have seen an influx of Asian money into countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.
7 Feb 2017
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Industries across the board are undergoing structural change.
24 Nov 2016
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
This post addresses trends in Fintech, with a focus on Robo-advisors and the unique attributes of Japan's financial market.
26 Aug 2014
BY Nick Quin
Like any superstar, the front office in financial institutions often hogs the limelight when the firm excels.
18 Mar 2014
BY Peter Hill
In Singapore, the investment management industry and related financial institutions often face the issue of legacy IT systems built in the 1980s or 90s.
15 Aug 2013
BY Praveen Thakur
Financial services institutions (FSIs) are among the most data driven of all businesses.
11 Jul 2013
BY Albert Visscher
It is no secret that Asia is getting wealthier.
4 Jun 2013
BY Betty Wilkinson
Did you know that there are over 2.5 billion people without any bank accounts in the world, and most of them are in Asia?
14 May 2013
BY Eugene Chen 陳仲漁
Financial reform is part of political reform and looks like to be a continuous effort of Taiwanese government.
25 Apr 2013
BY Chris Mead
Internal Auditors, Cost Accountants and Relationship Managers are among the candidates in hottest demand this quarter across Asia, according to the Hays Quarterly Hotspots.
17 Apr 2013
BY Darren Sugden
Mobile wallets will be the next battleground among businesses from various sectors – including financial institutions (FIs) in the fight for ownership of the consumer relationship.
12 Mar 2013
BY Rocky Scopelliti
With half of online Australians already engaged with video online and a third using video calling, how can financial services institutions use video to better engage customers and workers?
5 Mar 2013
BY Damien Wong
Businesses today face a host of unavoidable challenges that need to be tackled in order to achieve core business objectives, including lowering costs, increasing revenue and enhancing competitive advantage.
20 Feb 2013
BY Rocky Scopelliti
The continuing digital sophistication of consumers in the financial services market has driven many of the developments in products, infrastructure and processes.
5 Feb 2013
BY Guy Sheppard
Today, bank compliance departments are under greater pressure than ever before.
29 Jan 2013
BY Azam Ali
The financial globalization echo emotive gains primarily because of the deemed connectivity between highly fluid capital flows and the financial crises, that have become more pronounced in the past three decades.
19 Dec 2012
BY Azam Ali
The persistent sluggishness and ominous uncertainty in Europe and United States economies, flanking warnings coming from different multilateral institutions, the continuing debt problems and economic fragilities in EU member countries and looming fiscal cliff in United States, indicate risks of global economic forecasts remaining on the downside in the short to medium term.
18 Dec 2012
BY Alaistair Chan
China’s evolving financial system has required the central bank to change its tools. Capital outflows and the gradual liberalization of the yuan mean that the era of sterilized intervention is ending. A new governor could move the PBoC towards a more conventional market-based policy, although the overall policy stance is still expected to be set by the government for the foreseeable future. Monetary policy in China has traditionally had three levers: interest rates, reserve ratios and the currency.
14 Dec 2012
BY Ben Elliott
Whilst there was general agreement on the need to reform the global financial system after the 2007 financial crisis, the impact of the revised regulations published in 2009 by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has been felt far and wide.
2 Jul 2012
BY Stuart Harman
How many of you can identify with the organisational environment described below?
3 May 2012
BY Chip Salyards
Virtually every industry today is considering migrating to the cloud.
2 Apr 2012
BY Stuart Harman
A key role of the finance team in any commercial organisation is to co-ordinate the annual budgeting or fiscal planning process and then to provide regular updates on progress towards the attainment of that plan.
2 Apr 2012
BY Anthony Lam
Let’s face it: those developed economies, that once were the ones spinning the globe including Japan, are currently fire-fighting their daily affairs of debt crisis, unemployment and so on.
2 Jan 2012
BY Brandon Lee
The next generation of cross-border electronic trading is gaining strong traction over the past few years in the global financial markets.
9 Nov 2011
BY Jason Wong
Mobile financial services (MFS) today encompass a variety of offerings from mobile banking, bill and credit card payments to money transfer and cashless payments, catering to the different usage demands of developed and developing markets.
3 Feb 2011
BY Pascal Gautheron
In the financial services industry, the business agenda has firmly moved from survival and cost containment to growth, as firms look to rebuild their earnings models.