Foreign Exchange Commentaries

3 Jun 2019
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
Chinese yuan has been under pressure in recent weeks due to the double dip in recent ecomomic data and more importantly, the escalating trade war with the US.
22 Nov 2016
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
For the last few years, Japanese banks have aggressively expanded their assets overseas, which has helped increased their stubbornly low profitability even after the introduction of negative interest rates by BoJ.
19 Dec 2013
BY Martin Smith
Banks across Asia are gearing up to fight for regional dominance of one of the most important and quickly growing products - Business Foreign Exchange.
10 Oct 2013
BY Eugene Chen 陳仲漁
The issue of currency depreciation has been discussing in Taiwan for a long time.This is because Korea has successfully depreciated Won assisting export to overtake Taiwan a few years ago.Why can't Taiwan Dollar (TWD) be depreciated in line with Korean Won?
2 Apr 2012
BY Geoffrey Lunt
Over the last few months, investors have frequently expressed to me their concerns about the change of leadership in Beijing likely to take place in the autumn of this year and what that might mean for the pace of reform in China’s economy and markets.
3 Jan 2011
BY Zheng Yu
On August 5, 2010, the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China issued the Provision on Several Issues on the Trial of Disputes Involving Foreign Invested Enterprises.
3 Jan 2011
BY Mark Billington
The latest ICAEW Global Enterprise Survey suggests businesses in the Asia-Pacific region are recovering from the shocks to the global economy.