Lending & Credit Commentaries

20 Aug 2018
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
Against very clear headwinds due to the trade war and decelerating investment, China's State Council has unveiled plans to take a more aggressive fiscal policy in 2018 with a reduction of corporate and household burden by RMB 1.1 trillion.
7 Oct 2016
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
It has been two years since Chinese banks have seen their luck turn sour with raising NPLs and decreasing profits.
13 Sep 2016
BY Sandeep Aggarwal
As per Reserve Bank of India, the Indian banking system has gross stressed assets of 11.5% of total assets, as of March 2016.
28 Nov 2014
BY Sandeep Aggarwal
Acquisition and Leveraged Finance, in a broad sense, involves debt being raised from banks (mostly) to fund an acquisition, based primarily on the financial strengths and credit-worthiness of the target.
12 Nov 2013
BY Moorad Choudhry
“Microfinance” has been one of the great success stories of finance in the developing world.
8 Aug 2013
BY Stephen Rosling
In the fourth and final part of a special series of reports regarding conduct risk consumer protection regulations, we focus on some of the tactical implementation activities that will be required to demonstrate commitment to the fair treatment of customers.
4 Jul 2013
BY Stephen Rosling
In Part Three of a special series of reports regarding conduct risk/consumer protection regulations, we start with an overview of existing Asia Pacific regulations designed to address misleading and deceptive practices.
4 Jun 2013
BY Stephen Rosling
In Part Two of a special series of reports regarding conduct risk and consumer protection regulations, we continue with a brief history on the principles of fair treatment.
25 Apr 2013
BY Stephen Rosling
Even though the principles of financial services consumer protection have been around in Asia for a number of years, there seems to be little desire to embrace the concepts of fair treatment as a strategic tool to reduce the risk of poor customer outcomes.
25 Mar 2013
BY Md. Touhidul Alam Khan
Loan default is a universal phenomenon associated with all types of business enterprises.
11 Dec 2012
BY Shekar Ganesh
The latest strategy to aggressively grow unsecured loans to the SME segment, underpinned by the hopes of earning mega bucks to make up for the falling margins is bold but could well be the cause for the next disaster.
21 Oct 2012
BY Sandeep Aggarwal
Project financing has been an integral part of financing options for infrastructure projects globally, both in developed and emerging markets.
30 Sep 2012
BY Sandeep Aggarwal
Given the massive funding requirement of infra sector (>$500b in the next decade by some estimates), the domestic banking sector is feeling the constraints in meeting these large debt requirements: • Reaching the Prudential exposure norms for a particular industry; govt.
13 Jul 2012
BY Zhongdong Chen
The year 2012 has not been good for the Asian banking industry.
28 Jun 2012
BY Sofia A. Johan
Hedge funds and their managers have in recent times vilified for their high-risk activities and relative lack of regulatory oversight.
2 Mar 2012
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
The Financial Times and other media outlets reported yesterday that the Chinese authorities plan to “instruct” banks to roll over their credits to local governments.
2 Aug 2011
BY Andrew Pitcher
Across Asia in recent years, consumer demand for credit cards, unsecured loans and mortgages has increased substantially.
1 Apr 2011
BY Philippe Jaccard
Companies across Asia are seeing significant increases in the amount of cash they are holding.