Markets Commentaries

5 Mar 2019
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Capital market participants and market infrastructure providers around the world are working to assess and apply emerging technologies.
4 Oct 2018
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero and Gary Ng
With HKMA and major Hong Kong banks increased their base lending rate on September 27, Hong Kong has finally embraced higher rates after twelve years of muted low rate environment.
11 May 2015
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
In recent days, China has approved 32 foreign institutions to invest in its domestic bond market worth USD 5.9 tn, mainly via the QFII (Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor) and RQFII (Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor) schemes.
18 Mar 2015
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
The Guangdong Free Trade Zone (FTZ) opens on March 18, according to a trade association in the province.
9 Jun 2014
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
Ten years into the internationalisation of the currency, Hong Kong’s yuan loan business has lagged behind other offshore business.
21 Apr 2014
BY Nathan Chow Hung Lai (周洪禮)
The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), on 10 April, approved in principle, the development of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, a pilot program for establishing mutual stock market access between China and Hong Kong.
7 Nov 2013
BY Ramanathan Dwarakanathan
Rupee completed its biggest weekly gain since October 2009 amidst optimism over increasing dollar supply.
27 Aug 2013
BY Moorad Choudhry
Investors read a lot of equity research.
27 Aug 2013
BY Ramanathan Dwarakanathan
Last week the Indian Central Bank took us by a surprise with some of the retrograde steps which calmed down the unrest in the fixed income and equity market.
22 Aug 2013
BY Eugene Chen 陳仲漁
Head of Financial Supervisory Commission in Taiwan has been replaced in July.
22 Aug 2013
BY Moorad Choudhry
Consultants and others who have perfected the art of talking a lot without saying anything (and getting paid for their efforts) are frequently in the habit of referring to "paradigm shifts", even if not everyone is sure what "paradigm" actually means.
8 Aug 2013
BY Gaetan Gosset
Over the past couple of years, the issuance of offshore RMB bonds has soared, with levels expected to reach the equivalent of 360 billion yuan this year.
6 Aug 2013
BY Moorad Choudhry
The other day I conducted a simple statistical experiment.
25 Jul 2013
BY Ramanathan Dwarakanathan
Debt market outlook Indian debt market witnessed heightened volatility during the last week due to Central Bank’s measure to curb liquidity in the system by reducing the limit on LAF repo window to Rs 75,000 Cr and simultaneously increasing the cost of borrowing under the marginal standing facility rate by 200 bps to 10.25%.
11 Jul 2013
BY Usama DeLorenzo
‘Have you seen the big five?’ said the gentleman who drove the van from Gaborone airport to the hotel where I was staying to attend the African Regional Conference organized by SWIFT in Botswana.
4 Jul 2013
BY Ramanathan Dwarakanathan
Over the past one week, markets have been on a roller coaster due to various global & domestic factors.
28 Jun 2013
BY Krit Phanratanamala
When talking about infrastructure investment, one thinks of various types of risks starting from political risks, operational risks, over-running cost & time risks, and so-on.
4 Jun 2013
BY Krit Phanratanamala
Investors recognize that Southeast Asia is one of key markets in the decade.
3 Jun 2013
At the risk of generalising, whilst buyout deals do exist (but are rare), most Private Equity Funds in Asia typically take minority stakes in companies (about 20%) and work with the founders to grow these companies for IPO or for trade sales.
25 Apr 2013
BY Martin Smith
When Asian banks look to their European and US counterparts they see the polar opposite of their own post-GFC lending and banking reform initiatives.
11 Apr 2013
BY Eugene Chen 陳仲漁
According to ADB's recent news release showing that a gap of some USD 425 billion between importers and exporters among developing countries is to be facilitated in 2011.
18 Mar 2013
BY Azam Ali
In the wake of ongoing impact of global financial and economic meltdown, particularly more acutely on advanced economies, sparing for the time being it’s full brunt on Asian economies; It is a compulsion for Asian bankers to be aware of threats and opportunities that are enveloped in The New Great Game, which is being played by the big powers in the heart of Asia.
12 Mar 2013
BY Rajini Bala
With an increasing degree of uncertainty prevailing in the global economy, it becomes imperative that corporates make efficient use of their available cash positions.
12 Mar 2013
BY Vito Henjoto
The mentality for investing is extremely different to the mentality for trading.
11 Feb 2013
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
After a disappointing 2012, India heads for an uncertain 2013.
4 Feb 2013
BY Dennis Phua
While private equity (PE) firms tend to be cautious and meticulous recruiters, rapidly growing players in Asia are willing to take a longer term view on hiring.
9 Jan 2013
BY Dennis Phua
Catalysed by an upsurge of generational transition of assets and control in Asia, the region is emerging as a lucrative arena for wealth management institutions to compete for wealth structuring opportunities on behalf of ultra high net worth Asian families.
19 Dec 2012
BY Dennis Phua
Global private equity (PE) firms are stepping up their focus on investment opportunities in Southeast Asia, with deal-making in the region expected to pick up in 2013.
11 Dec 2012
BY George McFerran
Western candidates wanting to work in China’s banking capital, Shanghai, should first get to grips with how regulatory change is creating an increasing number of niche jobs for foreigners.
9 Nov 2012
BY Christian Rauch
The US and European Private Equity (PE) industry has taken repeated hits after the escalation of the financial crisis in September 2008.
29 Aug 2012
BY George McFerran
The employment markets in Hong Kong and Singapore financial services are less buoyant than they were 18 months ago; banks have been making redundancies, and recruitment remains comparatively low.
22 Aug 2012
BY Robert Andriessen
In the last few months, overseas analysts and bankers were echoing that Indonesia is losing its sparks as favorite investment destination by investors due to new tighter regulations for mainly the mining and banking industry.
2 Jan 2012
BY Rainbow Pan
It is easy to see how individual investors can be confused and anxious recently because of the Euro-zone crisis – and many will be wondering what to do next.
2 Jan 2012
BY Nathalia Barazal
What is a Convertible Bond (CB)?
2 Jan 2012
BY Lachlan Wolfers
A momentous step forward has recently been taken by the Chinese government in its quest to apply a Value Added Tax (VAT) across both its goods and services sectors.
1 Dec 2011
BY Marc Pomes Bordedebat
“Now this is not the end.
1 Dec 2011
BY Dr Don Stammer
There's an interesting twist in the way the Basel III framework for bank regulation will be applied in Australia.
1 Dec 2011
BY Andrew Pitcher
Despite volatility in the global economy, one long-term trend is certain: economic power, capital inflows and trade activity continue to shift to Asia.
9 Nov 2011
BY Julio Pérez Piña
Through the ABIL project BBVA has managed to create a completely new self-service banking experience.
3 Nov 2011
BY Bryan O'Neill
Now, more than ever, there is a greater call for Asia to step up and play a bigger role in international financial institutions and along with this greater role will come the challenges of regulation.