Retail Banking Commentaries

13 Aug 2019
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero and Gary Ng
The latest bailout of Bank of Jinzhou shows the intervention by the People's Bank of China (PBoC) on Baoshang Bank was not an isolated event.
13 Aug 2019
BY Dr. Silvio Struebi, Desi Soetanto and Ryan Lim
Traditional banks are under fierce rivalry from new competitors, both big tech companies and smaller fintech start-ups.
21 Mar 2019
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero and Gary Ng
During the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), Chinese Premier Li Keqiang presented the government work report.
4 Mar 2019
BY Silvio Struebi and De Liu
It is no secret that the private banking industry in Asia is facing revenue pressure on multiple fronts, with margin compression and revenue erosion becoming the new normal.
27 Feb 2019
BY Christian Gilmour
For private banks and wealth managers, investment suitability is a hot regulatory topic and should be at the heart of front-office digitisation efforts.
1 Nov 2018
BY Rana Kapoor
With over $3.8b invested in Asia’s fintech ecosystem in 2017 and the emergence of a bouquet of services such as insurtech, Internet of Things (IoT) in wealth management, consumer-centric targeted services, amongst others, the region is well-poised to emerge as the leader of next generation fintech applications.
1 Nov 2018
BY Vinayak HV and Prateek Bhargava
The bank branch as we know it, with tellers behind windows and bankers huddled in cubicles with desktop computers, needs reinvention.
25 Sep 2018
BY Dr. Andrew Dahdal
Stirring beneath the Banking Royal Commission and amplified by the recent interest rate hikes is a sense of agitation amongst the Australian public that things can be better when it comes to banking in Australia.
10 Sep 2018
BY Radish Singh
The global financial services industry including Asia is being plagued with the pervasive nature of financial crime and the ever-changing typology of threats. These threats include money laundering, tax evasion, bribery and corruption, and fraud – and financial institutions are grappling to find the right balance to ensure that their compliance programmes are able to adapt and respond.
24 Aug 2018
BY Gavin Gunning
Asia’s banks have been in a sweet spot this year: operating performances, asset quality, and credit quality are all relatively stable, and macroeconomic and financing conditions continue to be favorable.
22 Aug 2018
BY Dr. Silvio Struebi
Increased competition and rising costs are forcing private banks globally and in Asia to focus more on profitability and less on volume growth. In an evolving and competitive landscape, innovation will require smart pricing strategies to protect margins, as the effect of pure price adjustment is limited.
22 Aug 2018
BY Thomas Olsen and Sebastian Fritz-Morgenthal
Why do banks in Asia and the rest of the world have so much trouble managing operational risk?
23 Apr 2018
BY Thomas Olsen and Gerard du Toit
Banks that focus on customers over products have the best shot at standing up to Amazon's juggernaut when it steams into their market.
19 Apr 2018
BY Ho Kok Yong
Banking executives today not only have to deal with running the bank, but also transforming it to grow in a sustainable manner.
9 Mar 2018
BY Gary Mellody
As we move into 2018, Asia-Pacific banks are facing a range of challenges — from implementing Basel III reforms and keeping pace with technology advancements, to responding to the disruption and opportunities posed by new, non-traditional market entrants.
9 Jan 2018
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero and Gary Ng
Robust economic growth and, especially, higher industrial prices have pushed up Chinese corporates’ profits since 2016.
4 Dec 2017
BY Frederic Bertholon-Lampiris
Since the BCBS 239 principles on risk data aggregation and risk reporting were published by the Basel Committee in 2013, globally systemically important banks (GSIBs) have invested significant time and budget to reach compliance.
16 Nov 2017
BY Stuart Beaumont
The rapid advance of technology has created the impression that the entire banking industry will soon be digitised.
16 Oct 2017
BY Cliff Sheng
Chinese fintech has caught the eyes of investors around the world with its explosive growth in the past half-decade.
25 Sep 2017
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
When one door closes, another one opens up.
20 Sep 2017
BY Somkrit Krishnamra and Ho Kok Yong
The regulatory and business environments have become more volatile and unpredictable.
20 Sep 2017
BY Craig Davis
Asian banks have seen an exponential growth in regulatory requirements in recent years, including a greater focus on consumer protection, market integrity and a demand for faster remediation of supervisory issues.
20 Sep 2017
BY Liew Nam Soon
Asian banks are focussed on finding growth under the current market conditions, which present opportunities in terms of new areas of business growth, as well as challenges in the form of competition from non-banks and evolving regulatory requirements.
19 Sep 2017
BY Eiichiro Yanagawa
Customer expectations for financial and banking services are rising at an ever faster rate.
1 Feb 2017
BY Alicia Garcia Herrero
China bank risk is on the rise.
19 Jan 2017
BY Judy Vas
According to a recent global survey of how banks approach risk management,1 Asian bank executives are thinking differently about future risk priorities than their global peers.
27 Sep 2016
BY Jan Bellens & Li-May Chew
Global banking is facing a perfect storm.
8 Jul 2014
BY Sharat Sinha
Cybercrime has become a major global issue that is seeing increased sophistication with cybercriminals striving to find new and improved ways to access networks.
10 Jan 2014
BY David Cavell
The markets of the Asia Pacific region have been amongst the leaders in the adoption of the mobile phone.
11 Sep 2013
BY Simon Faure-Field
Last week, we took a look at how international banking brands are engaging as many of their customers’ senses as possible, in as pleasurable a way as they can, as a key to creating loyalty through an engaging customer experience.
16 Aug 2013
BY Simon Faure-Field
The retail and hospitality industries have long cottoned on to the fact that enhancing the customer’s 360 degree experience of a brand are ninth tenths of the battle for market share.
11 Jul 2013
BY Sebastian Dovey
Over recent years Asian banking markets have grown accustomed to good news, even as the global financial sector struggled to regain peak performance and recover investor sentiment that, even now, often remains dampened by the 2008 crash.
5 Mar 2013
BY Basil Hwang and Selina Wong
Financial institutions received much of the blame for the global financial crisis in 2008.
20 Feb 2013
BY Michael Lafferty
The banking model is fatally flawed.
4 Dec 2012
BY Leong Chee Tung and Emily Loo
Asian retail banks face a serious problem: People lack confidence in them.
28 Nov 2012
BY Tun Musa Hitam
With political turmoil and economic upheaval in many parts of the world, the need for closer interaction and trade between Muslim and non-Muslim countries has never been greater.
29 Oct 2012
BY Henry Balani
Asian banking operations face increasing exposure from regulators around the world to AML regulations – though the pressure locally is diverse in approaches and lacks enforcement.
6 Sep 2012
BY Michael Lafferty
The New Bank on the Block: Lafferty spoke with Anthony Thomson, Metro Bank While the industry continues to debate whether retail banking should be separated from investment banking, we decided to have a conversation with Anthony Thomson, co-founder and Chairman of Metro Bank, the first new High Street bank in the UK in the past 150 years.
22 Aug 2012
BY Henry Balani
The recent allegations1 and eventual settlement2 against Standard Chartered regarding lapses in their anti-money laundering (AML) controls has made headlines in recent days, with significant impact on their share price and damage to their reputation, apart from the fine of US$340M.
31 Jul 2012
BY Shripad Vaidya
Global Banks have a grueling task of repositioning their business portfolio in view of financial upheavals in the wake of European crisis and American journey, to achieve financial freedom.