Retail Banking Commentaries

18 Jun 2012
BY Dick Harryvan
The Key to the Successful Launch of ING Direct What really helped us get this off the ground was that within the group, both on the insurance side and on the banking side there was a long tradition of setting up new greenfield operations in new markets.
1 Jun 2012
BY Chris Andrews
Most financial services regulation fails because it is backward-looking.
2 Mar 2012
BY David Cavell
The banking community of the Asia Pacific region continues to impress with its commitment to the branch.
1 Sep 2011
BY Christian Rahnsch
Asian-Pacific banks have made steady progress in closing the operational excellence (OpEx) gap and are determined to overtake their European rivals in the near future.
3 Aug 2011
BY Zennon Kapron
Numerous articles have explored the usage of social media and marketing in the financial industry.
1 Apr 2011
BY Zennon Kapron
Rebalancing growth A common criticism of the Chinese economy is that it is too dependent on being the world’s factory – relying heavily on exports to grow GDP.
1 Dec 2010
BY Chris Mead
According to recruiting experts Hays, a career in life insurance sales is now considered more attractive to job seekers, but employer inflexibility is holding businesses back from securing talented and eager candidates.