Provides institutions with the means to host their compliance solution in a cloud environment.
In this blog, Robert Harris, Global Product Manager, Insurance Fraud, examines how digitalisation is impacting counter fraud departments – particularly in today’s contactless society.
In her latest blog, Mariola investigates three key issues faced by financial crime compliance professionals – and asks what role technology can play in helping to overcome these challenges.
Financial institutions are turning to the cloud to solve increasingly complex conundrums.
Banks across the globe spend a collective $100 billion per year on regulatory compliance.
How soon will we understand the COVID-19 impact on fraud, credit risk and money laundering?
Financial crime has never been more imminent and banks, regulators need to team up more than ever.
One of the major challenges facing insurers trying to protect themselves from fraud is that of identifying the enemy.
Lloyds of London closed its underwriting room for 24 hours on Friday 13 March, forcing underwriters and insurers to work remotely in a stress test of its emergency trading protocol.
In monetary terms, we can get close to grasping the reality.
Instead of proving a flash in the pan, enthusiasm for cryptocurrency has grown – and with it the associated fraud.
This blog is about some of the tactics used to target individual customers’ accounts, so I won’t be talking about two of the biggest existential threats any institution faces just now: Insiders and Nation State Actors.
As the old saying doesn’t go, keep your enemies close and your customers even closer.
Opportunists are not driven by the same motivations as criminals.
Pinning down a one-size-fits-all profile of a fraudster can be tricky.
It’s impossible for insurers to completely protect their new business channels from fraud – and they shouldn’t.
Hiring third party investigators to bolster your AML and Compliance team?


We use intelligence-led insights to help defend governments, nations and societies from financial crime and cyber-attacks. We spent the past two decades serving more than 175 customers globally, including more than half of the world’s top 40 financial institutions, to detect and combat financial crime. We employ data science practitioners and subject matter experts with more than 15 years of domain and financial services experience.

Our solutions provide a breadth of functionality: holistic platforms, white box detection, efficient and intuitive user interfaces, and tight integration. Our unprecedented access to world-leading analysts and market-leading technology means we can help our customers adapt, evolve, and stay ahead of the criminals.