28 Aug 19
Cutting down branches and migrating banking services to online and mobile channels are key to keeping costs down.
14 Aug 19
Its new logo is part of its attempt to pursue a brand with an iteration of ‘Power the Future of Banking’.
5 Aug 19
It has a solution that can recognise the type of documents being scanned and extract data from images.
15 Jul 19
By refusing to ditch the physical bank branch and prioritising the improvement of its mobile offerings, DBS has fully embraced the phygital...
8 Jul 19
Lenders are introducing self-service lounges, cardless withdrawals and biometrics to grow their millennial client base.
10 May 19
Its wholesale banking unit is ditching the pyramid structure in favour of self-steering teams.
1 Apr 19
The bank is digitising its systems; streamlining financial and administrative services and setting up a digital sandbox.
25 Mar 19
SWIFT gpi promises speed, traceability and transparency as it helps usher in a new era of payments.
18 Mar 19
The bank is adding 1,300 roles that will be assigned primarily in Hong Kong, Singapore and China.