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Recognising the best of the best in the banking and finance industry

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The ABF FinTech Awards, organised by Asian Banking & Finance, stand as a pinnacle of distinction in the dynamic landscape of financial technology. This exclusive awards programme is dedicated to recognising the outstanding achievements of companies, ranging from innovative start-ups to established fintech entities and disruptive technological leaders, who are driving impactful advancements in the financial sector.

At the heart of the ABF FinTech Awards is a simple goal — to acknowledge and applaud leaders in financial technology. Beyond just recognition, we aim to create a space where industry leaders, innovators, and potential collaborators come together.

Participating in the ABF FinTech Awards is a great opportunity for companies to stand out in the competitive FinTech world. It's a chance to showcase innovative ideas, get noticed by industry leaders, and explore potential partnerships that can shape the future of finance.

Nominate your company now and join us in celebrating excellence in the financial technology sector!

See you at the Awards Dinner in Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre!

Submission Opens:
Feb 13, 2024
Submission Closes:
May 03, 2024
Awards Presentation Day:
Jul 04, 2024

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Winners will receive an exclusive invitation to the prestigious awards dinner in Singapore, offering a prime opportunity to celebrate well-deserved accolades!


Winners of the awards can magnify their success by strategically engaging with Asian Banking and Finance magazine, utilizing its influential platform to showcase achievements, innovative practices, and success stories, thereby reinforcing their industry leadership and reputation. 


Winning not only stands as a testament to exceptional accomplishments but also functions as a prestigious accolade, providing tangible recognition and acting as a powerful marketing tool, elevating industry standing. 

Guidelines and Criteria


The awards will be given in the following category in each country:

  • AI-Powered Analytics Award
  • Blockchain Innovation Award
  • Customer Experience Solution Award
  • Cybersecurity Innovation Award
  • Data Privacy Excellence Award
  • Digital Banking Award
  • Digital Currency Award
  • Digital Identity Verification Award
  • Ecosystem Collaboration Award
  • Enterprise Payments Award
  • Financial Inclusion Award
  • Fintech Initiative Award
  • Fintech Start-up Award
  • LendTech Initiative Award
  • Mobile App Award
  • New FinTech Product Award
  • Payments Solution Award
  • PayTech Initiative Award
  • Personal Finance Management Award
  • RegTech Initiative Award
  • SME Solution Award
  • Sustainable FinTech Award
  • WealthTech Initiative Award
  • Web3 Initiative Award
  • Initiative Award


1. Nomination is open to companies at the forefront of financial technology. This includes innovative start-ups, established financial institutions, and technological disruptors in Asia.
2. Each can nominate up to 3 categories only.
3. Awards will be judged by a esteemed industry experts committee based on nominations received.
4. Each nomination form is valid for 1 entry only. If you are nominating for several categories, please enter each entry separately.
5. Nomination is free of charge


Eligible companies includes innovative start-ups, established fintech entities, and technological disruptors.

Companies may nominate any fintech project, solution, product, service or initiative. It must be:

Launch Timeline:

  • The nominated project, solution, product, service, or initiative must have been launched, either in part or in full, within the last 12 calendar months (2023 - present).

Recent Innovations or Upgrades:

  • Alternatively, projects launched prior to the last 12 calendar months are eligible if they have undergone recent innovations or upgrades. This criterion ensures that even established initiatives with ongoing advancements are considered for recognition.


1. Uniqueness & Innovation

a. Innovative Concept:

  • How does the project/initiative introduce novel concepts or approaches in FinTech?
  • What features differentiate it from existing solutions?

b. Technological Innovation:

  • How does the project leverage AI, blockchain, or other cutting-edge technologies?
  • To what extent does it showcase technological innovation compared to industry standards?

c. Market Differentiation:

  • What is the project's unique value proposition and market differentiation?
  • Does it offer a fresh perspective in solving industry problems?

d. Ecosystem Contribution:

  • How does your project contribute to fostering innovation within the broader FinTech ecosystem, and how does it engage with and enhance the industry ecosystem?
  • Are there collaborative elements or integrations that showcase your commitment to advancing the FinTech landscape collectively?

2. Effectiveness & Impact

a. Measurable Impact:

  • How has the project/initiative demonstrated measurable impact on users, businesses, or the financial industry?
  • Are there quantifiable metrics showcasing success?

b. User Adoption and Engagement:

  • What is the level of user adoption, and how engaged are users?
  • Has the project successfully addressed user needs?

c. Operational Efficiency:

  • In what ways has the project enhanced operational processes or improved efficiency?
  • Are there specific improvements attributed to the project?

d. Financial Inclusion:

  • How does the project contribute to promoting financial inclusion?
  • Are there efforts or features for underserved or unbanked communities?

3. Dynamism

a. Adaptability and Scalability:

  • How adaptable is the project to changing conditions, user requirements, and regulatory environments?
  • What scalability potential exists across markets or user segments?

b. Agility in Response to Feedback:

  • How responsive has the team been to user feedback, industry trends, and regulatory changes?
  • Can examples illustrate how the project has evolved based on feedback?

c. Continuous Improvement:

  • In what ways has the project demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement?
  • Are there updates, enhancements, or iterations showcasing ongoing efforts to enhance the solution?

d. Strategic Vision:

  • What is the team's strategic vision for the future of the project/initiative?
  • Are planned expansions, partnerships, or additional features indicative of a forward-looking approach?


1. Go to the online nomination form.

  • Read the award entry guidelines and eligibility for your reference.
  • Fill out the company information and entrant details fields.
  • Choose the category you'd like to enter.
  • Provide project information: Project title, 500-word summary of the entry, and client testimonial/s (if any).

2. You will then receive an email confirmation from the ABF Awards organisers after your nomination has been received.

3. To substantiate your entry, send supporting documents or photos to [email protected].

  • Supporting documents and photos must be in PDF, PowerPoint and/or JPG format

  • For supporting videos, Youtube.com or Vimeo.com links must be provided.

Past Winners

Contact Us

For more details, contact:

Julie Anne Nunez

(+65) 3158 1386

[email protected]


What can I nominate?

Nominate your company's standout achievements, innovations, and initiatives that reflect a commitment to advancing the FinTech landscape.

You may submit any project or initiative that was:

  • Launched in part or full, over the last 12 calendar months
  • Launched prior to 12 calendar months ago with recent innovations or upgrades.

How do I nominate?

1. Go to the online nomination form

2. Fill in the required details about the company and contact person for the nomination.

3. Select your category.

4. Provide your project title, 500-word write-up, client feedback (if any), key achievements of your entry.

5. Wait for the nomination confirmation email and acknowledge it once received.

Note: Supporting documents are optional but will highly increase the chances of winning.

Can I nominate for more than 1 category?

Each company can nominate a maximum of 3 entries/categories. 

Can I send two or more entries in each category?

You have the option to nominate up to two entries per category. Kindly ensure that each entry is submitted separately.

How many winners per category?

There will only be one winner per category on each country.

Eg. AI-Powered Analytics Award - Singapore 

Is there a cost to nominate?

The nomination is free of charge. Should you win, there are Winners Package Options that you may take up. This includes high valuable entitlements to maximize the benefits of being an esteemed winner of Asian Banking and Finance Awards. 

When is the deadline to submit an entry?

The deadline for this year's nomination entries is on 3 May 2024, Friday. 

What is Asian Banking and Finance?

Asian Banking and Finance is the industry magazine serving Asia’s dynamic financial services industry. 

Each issue carries a balanced mix of articles which appeal to the C-level executives of large banking and financial services institutions in Asia.

Asian Banking and Finance is printed quarterly and is circulated to senior management in Asia’s financial services firms through direct mail delivery and by bulk copies to headquarters.

Will there be an awards dinner this year?

Yes, Asian Banking & Finance will organise an Awards Dinner that will be held in Singapore. Details will be communicated to the winners accordingly upon announcement of results. 

For more details, contact:

Julie Anne Nunez

(+65) 3158 1386

[email protected]

An event hosted by:

Key Dates and Venue

Submission Opens:
Feb 13 2024
Submission Closes:
May 03 2024
Awards Presentation Day:
Jul 04, 2024
An event hosted by: