Guidelines & Criteria

1. Nomination is open to all banks in Asia with wholesale banking projects and initiatives.
2. Each bank can nominate up to 3 categories only.
3. Each project is only allowed to be nominated for one nomination level, either International Bank OR Domestic Bank.
  • International Bank - open to predominantly international/foreign banks operating in a market.
  • Domestic Bank category - open to predominantly domestic banks
4. Awards will be judged by esteemed industry experts committee based on nominations received.
5. Each nomination form is valid for 1 entry only. If you are nominating for several categories, please enter each entry separately.
6. Nomination is free of charge.
To be eligible for an award, the product/service/project must be:
  • Launched (either in part or full) over the last 12 calendar months of 2018
  • Launched prior to 2018 but had recent innovations to improve the product/service/project.
1. Go to online nomination form of Wholesale Banking Awards 2019.
2. Fill out the company and entrant details field.
3. Choose your category.
4. Provide the project title and 500-word write-up.
5. You will then receive an email confirmation from WBA 2019 team after your nomination has been received.
6. Should you wish to send supporting documents or photos to substantiate your entry, please send them over on or before 19 April 2019 to The supporting documents and photos must be in pdt, powerpoint and/or jpg format; or links must be provided if you are sending supporting videos. 
7. Submit your entries on or before 19 April 2019, Friday.
1. Uniqueness & Innovation - Has the project introduced new or cutting-edge innovation?
2. Effectiveness & Impact - Did the project/product/service achieve its objectives and targets? What measures have been used to assess its success? What was the impact to your company and industry?
3. Dynamism - Is the strategy, project, service or product flexible to changes and progressive opportunities?

• Cash Management
• Trade Finance
• Project Finance
• Technology & Operations
• Foreign Exchange

For more details, contact:
Julie Anne Nunez
+65 3158 1386 ext 221