Banking in a Volatile Economy & Navigating Uncertainty

With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Credit Suisse, Signature Bank and others, how can banks build resilient foundations, navigate risks, and set up for growth?

The common thread for these fallen institutions is inadequate risk management, poor oversight, poor investment choices and the influence of social media which obliterated customer, investor, and regulator confidence. Customer trust and effective decision-making is the backbone for longevity in volatile market conditions. Whilst the banking collapses were relatively contained to the US, banks across the globe should not rest on their laurels. Instead, they should take the lessons learned from SVB and others in the class of 2023 to modernize their foundations so they can defend their market position and set-up for growth.

This white paper unpicks the issues that bought SVB down to its knees and show cases how effective use of technology and data to better predict and simulate macroeconomic changes could have helped SVB avoid its rapid demise. This document will give the reader a point of view on how to avoid becoming the next SVB

Read now to gain a strategic perspective and avoid the pitfalls that befell SVB.

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