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About Us

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is the industry magazine serving dynamic business community. Independent, incisive, and authoritative, it is the definitive magazine for Singapore’s business elite. It is the only local business magazine in Singapore guaranteed to reach senior decision makers in the top 1,700 companies with combined sales of S$692 billion and 94% of listed companies.

It has been voted local business magazine of the year many times and is the highest ABC audited circulating business magazine in Singapore.

offers fresh perspectives and ideas to guide its readers through the challenges and complexities of their businesses, providing opinion and analysis on all areas of business to improve performance.

brings readers unique content, news and ideas not available in regional business media. It fills a muchneeded space for local, non-financial business news and analysis.

The print magazine is published bi-monthly and covers in depth issues and stories with a longer time frame.

The website is refreshed daily and covers daily news and stories with an immediate relevancy.

Together, the print magazine, website and newsletters provide an excellent platform to reach elite level decision makers.