Foreign Exchange

30 Oct 13
Service will integrate with the renminbi global payment system.
24 Oct 13
Koreans reducing dependence on US dollar.
23 Oct 13
Jumps 3,600% to US$20.7 billion from US$4.5 billion in August.
23 Oct 13
Will strengthen Singapore's status as leading offshore RMB hub.
22 Oct 13
Market share is now up to 1.49%.
21 Oct 13
Swap agreement is worth US$4.7 billion.
18 Oct 13
Will help boost trade settlements renminbi.
18 Oct 13
Deal will initially cover three years.
15 Oct 13
Will launch first offshore rupee bond program.
14 Oct 13
China is Thailand's largest trading partner.
10 Oct 13
The issue of currency depreciation has been discussing in Taiwan for a long time.This is because Korea has successfully depreciated Won assisting...
4 Oct 13
BCSA represents strong financial cooperation between both countries.
3 Oct 13
Recognizes globalization of the renminbi.
1 Oct 13
Hong Kong-dollar deposits also rose 0.6%.
1 Oct 13
China extends currency swap deal with Iceland Deal worth US$569.1 million.
23 Sep 13
Sign MoU to grow Chinese business.
19 Sep 13
It's a healthy competition after all.
19 Sep 13
August increase suggests resumed capital inflows.
17 Sep 13
Permits direct Lithuanian investment in China’s financial markets.
13 Sep 13
Deal is worth US330 million.
10 Sep 13
Swap is worth US$1.62 billion.
9 Sep 13
It’s a record for one semester.
4 Sep 13
Malaysian businesses are the least engaged in these products.
30 Aug 13
Intends to help bridge the current account deficit.
12 Aug 13
Bank of China says more direct RMB settlements needed.
6 Aug 13
It reduces the banks' offshore funding task.
25 Jul 13
It’s the second loss in three years.
24 Jul 13
Chinese banks post forex deficit of US$400 million in June.
23 Jul 13
Dramatic drop suggests accelerating capital outflow.
19 Jul 13
Takes in US$1.24 billion.
11 Jul 13
Could attain this aim by 2020.
5 Jul 13
ECB to sign US$130 billion currency swap with China.
1 Jul 13
The banks' Spot FX market share fell to 64% in April 2013.
25 Jun 13
It’s the first such deal with a Group of Seven country.
19 Jun 13
China intends to boost renminbi flows between Xiamen and Taiwan.
17 Jun 13
Capital inflows suggest renminbi appreciation.
27 May 13
Will start doing so for participating banks today.