Islamic Banking

3 Jul 19
Government initiatives could boost halal economy and bolster demand for Islamic financial services.
1 Jul 19
Malaysian Islamic banks could lean on their parent groups cashing in to boost digital drive.
28 Feb 19
Return on assets rose to 1.5% in 2018 from 0.8% in 2017.
1 Nov 18
Lenders are adopting the technology in Shariah compliant smart contracts.
31 Oct 18
Malaysia and Indonesia are still trailing behind their GCC peers.
9 Oct 18
The bank enhanced 64% of its ATM's cost and acquired 10% more customers with 40% less branches.
4 Oct 18
Nine out of 27 banks have adopted the system.
17 Sep 18
Real estate treatment by lenders still reflect Basel II norms.
16 Aug 18
A bill seeking to organise such lenders has passed committee level.
23 May 18
The purchase may need more foresight as the bank in question has high bad loan levels.
6 Apr 18
Analysts believe in the sector's growth potential to buoy loan growth in the next five years.
28 Mar 18
It grew 10.3% unlike conventional banks which rose marginally by 1.7% in 2017.
15 Mar 18
Sukuk issuance amongst banks may grow as much as 13% in 2018.
25 Oct 17
New human capital development programmes will complement existing ones.
24 Oct 17
Islamic banks are grappling with digitalisation which has taken conventional banks by storm.
25 Jul 17
The slump in oil prices is one factor.
12 Jul 17
That is if the Malaysia Building Society-Asian Finance merger will push through.
11 Apr 17
Growth will remain strong over the next 3-5 years.
17 Mar 17
Omani and Qatari banks will benefit the most from easing funding conditions.
15 Mar 17
After trailing for five years, GCC banks are now more profitable than their counterparts.
9 Mar 17
BJB’s total FY16 Sharia NPL soared back to 17.9%.
8 Feb 17
Thanks to a 110bps increase in NIM.
20 Dec 16
Check out what OCBC NISP, Bank Dhofar, and CIMB Islamic have to say.
13 Dec 16
Guess which country has the largest market share.
16 Nov 16
Growth will continue at a modest pace, says Fitch.
11 May 16
Malaysian Islamic banks have more established franchises and deeper market penetration.
25 Nov 15
What talent development strategies could possibly work?
18 Nov 15
Indonesia and Malaysia continue to lead the sukuk market.
10 Nov 15
The mainstreaming of Islamic finance could be underway.
3 Nov 15
Muslims and non-Muslims alike want a seamless digital banking experience.
6 Oct 15
Year-to-date sales of retail sukuk have been oversubscribed.
3 Oct 14
Only one entity was able to sell sukuk.
1 Oct 14
They got the lion's share.
4 Jul 14
Leading to significant funding and capital needs.
14 Nov 13
It’s the first Moody’s rating for the bank.
5 Nov 13
MSMEs can be energized utilizing Islamic finance.
4 Nov 13
Islamic finance could help lower cost of financing well-structured investments.