Islamic Banking

Malaysia’s Islamic banks headed for more growth: Moody’s

Government support pushes the sector to an upward trajectory.

Maybank launches programme to help Malaysian halal SMEs go overseas

The products are now available at Eccellente by HAO Market in Singapore.

Sukuk issuance slowdown may dawn earlier over Omicron variant: Fitch

Uncertainty over Omicron's impact may drive this slowdown.

How Islamic banks boosted their reputation during the pandemic

Bank Rakyat was the most favourably-covered bank in the past year.

More mergers in the horizon for Islamic banks in South Asia, SEA

For smaller players, this may be their best bet to protect their assets.

What keeps young Muslims from embracing Islamic banking?

The lack of available online banking options will be a dealbreaker for most.

Demand for Islamic banking set to soar in South Asia, SEA

The large untapped population in these regions and government support will drive long-term expansion.

Retail financing to anchor Malaysian Islamic banks amidst downturn

Financial growth will drop but will remain higher due to Islamic banking expansion.

Malaysia's need for financing will keep sukuk market afloat: Moody's

Sovereign sukuk issuance soared 39.2% on COVID-related budget pressures in H1.

CIMB Bank, CIMB Islamic Bank cut rates by 25bp

All financing facilities based on BLR and BFR will be slashed 0.25%.

New regulation may promote Islamic banking in the Philippines

But Islamic banks are not expected to take significant market share in the medium term.

Malaysia's Islamic banks pull ahead of Indonesia in the digital curve

CIMB Group has pledged to invest $477m over the next five years to strengthen its digital platforms.

Regulatory uncertainty fails to cripple Bangladesh's Islamic banks

Islamic financing accounted for more than 24% of total financing in Bangladesh.

Islamic financing in Indonesia lags Malaysia and Brunei

Government initiatives could boost halal economy and bolster demand for Islamic financial services.

Indonesia's Islamic banks narrow earnings gap with conventional lenders

Return on assets rose to 1.5% in 2018 from 0.8% in 2017.