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Empowering women to Rise Up in Financial Services

Tracey Davies, President of Money20/20, and founder of the Rise Up initiative, outlines the five ways the program empowers women at work as the initiative comes to Singapore.
2 years ago

Investors, regulators, auditors missed Olympus warning sign

It is alarming to note how much has transpired in the past month at Olympus Corporation in Japan. According to published reports, Michael Woodford, the ex-CEO of Olympus, began an investigation of the company’s records. This has unearthed a lot of information relating to the exorbitant advisory fees for the purchase of Gyrus; acquisitions of three obscure companies in 2008; and the subsequent write-down of 76 percent of its value within nine months.
8 years ago

What you need to know about Singapore’s HR industry

HUMAN RESOURCESHiring activity was relatively slower in the first half of the year, with employees holding off switching jobs as they waited for their bonus payouts and salary reviews. Although most companies had aggressive revenue targets, they were cautious in terms of hiring, and focused more on up-skilling existing employees’ capabilities and productivity in the form of training and development. Hiring levels picked up from March onwards, especially after bonuses were paid out. We also saw more financial services organisations outsourcing part of their HR operations to external companies or to lower cost countries. Areas which were typically outsourced included payroll, recruitment and staff mobility assistance.
9 years ago

Basel III poses significant changes to Asian credit

Credit Risk Asia aims to explore how redit risk management, measurement and modeling will change under Basel III.
9 years ago

Cloud Computing – A business transformation

Cloud Computing is anticipated to reap potential revenue of USD 800 billion and the industry is being hailed by analysts as one of the most pervasive technologies to businesses since the widespread adoption of the internet.[1]China is seeking to capture around 19 percent of this market with anticipated revenues of USD 154 billion (or RMB 1 trillion).[2] The Chinese government views Cloud Computing as a great enabler for the future and has cited it as a ‘Strategic Emerging Industry’ within the 12th Five Year Plan.
9 years ago

Social networking in China’s Financial Technology Industry

Numerous articles have explored the usage of social media and marketing in the financial industry. Although our feeling is that no institution has really perfected their social networking strategy, most would claim that their engagement brings them closer to their customer and enables them to offer the products and services that their customers are looking for.
9 years ago

What banks should be focusing on in their recruitment processes in 2011

While the Australasian banking and financial services job market has seen mixed levels of demand so far in 2011, as the year progresses we’re expecting hiring to increase in key areas and skills shortages to appear, putting pressure on employers to examine the way they recruit.
9 years ago

Basel III as a strategic opportunity for Asian banks

Global regulators have proposed new liquidity and capital rules, known as Basel III, with the goal of reducing the likelihood of another financial crisis. These regulations will affect European and North American banks far more than their Asian counterparts, for three main reasons.
9 years ago

Asian Banking and Finance Hiring Hotspots

Demand is rising for banking and finance professionals across most of Asia and here Emma Charnock, Regional Director of Hays, discusses trends and current opportunities across the region from the latest Hays Quarterly Report.
9 years ago

Agility: the ability to respond quickly and effectively, or in anticipation of, opportunities and th

The impact of the last financial crisis continues to have a profound effect on the revenue streams, cost structures and profitability of the asset management industry.
9 years ago

Enhancing Fund Governance for Sustainable Growth

While the fund industry witnessed a sharp fall following the financial tsunami in 2008, the impact of the global financial crisis (GFC) seems to have abated. In April this year, the custodian business recorded a historical high in asset under custody of about USD120 trillion, according to Global Custody. But beneath the promising signs of growth lurks mounting pressure on the industry with regulators tightening rules and both investors and regulators demanding greater transparency.
9 years ago

Banks need to bundle and price right for profit

Having just come back from meeting with banks in Asia, the case for dynamic charging as a driver of customer profitability is clear.
11 years ago

CSFI/PwC report warns of Asian banking risks

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Asia Financial Services Leader Dominic Nixon talks about the Banking Banana Skin Survey 2010 and what bankers in Asia fear the most.
11 years ago

Customer Profitability Insight is Key to a Customer Equity Optimization Strategy

In the current economic environment, many organisations seek to become more customer-focused, and this requires fresh, detailed high-quality data. Silos of customer information slow down the progress toward becoming a customer-savvy company – resulting in a fragmented view of the customer and individual departments that struggle to be effective in customer contact.
11 years ago

Timothy O'Keeffe

ABN AMRO’s Timothy O’ Keeffe explains the challenges faced by corporate treasuries and recommends ways on how to achieve a more centralized and automated flow of information and investments.
11 years ago