Cards & Payments

20 Mar 19
LinkAja can be used for mobile prepaid top-ups, POS payments, utility and transport payments.
18 Mar 19
Users can avail of lower fees for foreign currency exchange than credit card or cash.
18 Mar 19
SWIFT gpi promises speed, traceability and transparency as it helps usher in a new era of payments.
18 Mar 19
Security concerns in mobile banking apps rose from 34% in 2017 to 41% in 2018.
12 Mar 19
Asia is not only the largest single market in terms of consumer payment value but is also home to the largest share of the world’s unbanked...
12 Mar 19
Along with my colleagues Mark Goodridge and Mulya Chandra from Morgan Stanley’s ASEAN equity research department, I have been writing about...
11 Mar 19
It offers up to 3% cash back for new customers.
8 Mar 19
It has tied up with mobile payment app Pi Pay.
8 Mar 19
Credit card issuers may lose their tax incentive to fintechs.
4 Mar 19
The RHB Purchasing Charge Card-i is a Shariah compliant charge card.
1 Mar 19
Users can use PayAll for rent and education and earn rewards.
21 Feb 19
Hawker centres, food courts and wet markets remain heavily dependent on cash.
18 Feb 19
J-Coin enables transactions without the need to install readers.
4 Feb 19
It aims to boost local currency usage of both the riel and baht.
25 Jan 19
'Link Aja' will launch sometime in February to March.
24 Jan 19
They will be available from 25 January and can be used until 15 March.
24 Jan 19
Bank Cental Asia and CIMB Niaga are still completing the necessary documents.
15 Jan 19
The central bank has yet to issue formal acknowledgment.
15 Jan 19
It will allow cardholders to exchange every NTD from cash rebate for two airline miles.
13 Dec 18
The bank will tap on the latter's 44 million users to grow personal loans.
12 Dec 18
Banks are considering additional fees as it aims to speed up e-payment adoption.
7 Dec 18
It is initially available in Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand.
19 Nov 18
Personal loan balances are expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% for 2018-2022.
13 Nov 18
Customers can pay and top up their GrabPay wallets directly from their UOB bank accounts.
12 Nov 18
The collaboration will extend to other SEA countries.
8 Nov 18
Rewards programmes have room for improvement.
7 Nov 18
Although the amount of nonbank third-party payment skyrocketed 480% from 2014-2017, mobile payments by banks rose by 798% over the same period....
5 Nov 18
Cardholders earn one reward point for every NT$5 spend and points have lifetime validity.
30 Oct 18
Fujitsu has been tapped to develop the application.
29 Oct 18
Users can transfer money through DuitNow by December.
26 Oct 18
It cuts transfer time from 1-3 days to within the same day.
24 Oct 18
The region's e-payment transactions are up to 65% lower than Europe's.
22 Oct 18
Strong balance growth in China is cementing the region's dominance.
17 Oct 18
Entities would need a banking license first before using deposits to extend loans.
11 Oct 18
Around 64 banks have already started implementing the service.
11 Oct 18
It claims to be the country’s first standardised and EMV compliant QR code payment.
2 Oct 18
It tying up with Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.
1 Oct 18
Customers can now make and receive real-time payments.
26 Sep 18
Lenders will  snap up half of the market in the next four years.
25 Sep 18
Consumers can exchange 11 currencies on the app.