Cards & Payments

4 Sep 19
Hear from CH&Co's Guillaume Rico at ABF DOB Conference on how banks can stay ahead.
29 Aug 19
The rise of virtual banks is intensifying competition in an already crowded arena.
21 Aug 19
The bank aims to launch credit card services by Q3 2020.
13 Aug 19
Digital innovation initiatives are gathering speed at financial institutions around the world.
7 Aug 19
Integrating digital payments into a larger digital economy lies in collaboration between public and private sectors.
7 Aug 19
The tax season drove monthly gains.
31 Jul 19
Cash withdrawal at ATMs can be completed in under 45 seconds.
31 Jul 19
Credit cardholders can settle one-off or recurring payments on the app whilst earning points.
25 Jul 19
He will discuss key drivers for fintech innovation and why coopetition will be the new norm for the payments industry.
23 Jul 19
He will discuss key strategies on how players can adapt amidst the emergence of virtual banks.
2 Jul 19
The first section of this two-part commentary was published...
26 Jun 19
And German banks could face $695m over dividend tax concerns.
24 Jun 19
Indonesian travellers will soon be able to use local payment apps at Changi airport.
24 Jun 19
Competition and cooperation will shape the interaction between incumbents and TSPs.
20 Jun 19
It will utilise a linked customs declarations number.
18 Jun 19
The move aims to encourage users to adopt digital payments.
17 Jun 19
It will also enable customers to access eKYC checks.
11 Jun 19
It is available in the Philippines and will be launched in Thailand later.
7 Jun 19
It will allow LINE Pay users to transact at over 54 million Visa merchant locations.
24 May 19
The lender can process payments through DuItNow.
14 May 19
In November 2018, the Japanese Bankers Association and Zengin Net launched a new platform—the so-called “more time system.” This...
14 May 19
The card offers waives an annual fee of $7.10 on annual spending over $710.
9 May 19
The results of a global survey published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) confirm that Asia remains the leading growth region for mobile payments....
8 May 19
Beyond unique digital offerings, Ajay is also focusing his efforts on improving culture.
26 Apr 19
Accountholders must provide their contact details for notifications during online transactions.
25 Apr 19
Card penetration for some countries fall below 50%, according to a study.
16 Apr 19
The bank will access the customer’s credit profile via API.
15 Apr 19
Its 24 ppt growth rate toppled its Southeast Asian neighbours.
11 Apr 19
It will launch in October which coincides with the October consumption tax hike.
3 Apr 19
It supports 13 currencies including US, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong dollar.
3 Apr 19
The first batch of licensees were granted to applicants with experience in running a deposit-taking and lending business.
1 Apr 19
LinkAja can be used for mobile prepaid top-ups, POS payments, utility and transport payments.
29 Mar 19
The region’s payment power players will grace the prestigious event.
27 Mar 19
The firms will also introduce a DBS-SIA point conversion programme via the KrisPay app.
26 Mar 19
Users can now maintain one device to manage multiple accounts.
25 Mar 19
As much as 99% of transactions are still carried out through hard, cold cash.
25 Mar 19
SWIFT gpi promises speed, traceability and transparency as it helps usher in a new era of payments.
25 Mar 19
Security concerns in mobile banking apps rose from 34% in 2017 to 41% in 2018.
22 Mar 19
The firms were previously in talks for a possible $3b sales of SCB Life Insurance.
22 Mar 19
OCBC’s app will automatically launch once customers select their meals.