Lending & Credit

5 Oct 18
The bank may make additional top-up in provisions as required.
2 Oct 18
Non-performing loan ratio has fallen to 6.7%.
25 Sep 18
Their non-performing loan ratios have dropped to 1.53% in June.
17 Sep 18
Loan delinquency ratio fell to 1.06% in June.
11 Sep 18
Agribank is planning to hold 12 auctions in September alone.
7 Sep 18
Residents have been turning to banks as property prices pick up.
30 Aug 18
Bad loan ratio fell from 2.46% in December 2016 to 2.09% in June.
29 Aug 18
It has become the first big Australian lender to raise its rates.
22 Aug 18
Project approvals have more than doubled from $2b in March 2017 to $5.3b in July.
22 Aug 18
Banks shed bad loans in construction and working capital.
20 Aug 18
Bad loan recovery in Q1 for PNB and Indian Bank exceeded that of 2017-18.
20 Aug 18
Against very clear headwinds due to the trade war and decelerating investment, China's State Council has unveiled plans to take a more...
9 Aug 18
BOC (Hong Kong), HSBC and Hang Seng Bank raised rates by 10bp.
9 Aug 18
Nonperforming loans have spiked after the 2014-2016 commodities downturn.
8 Aug 18
DBS gained the largest market share but has least mortgage exposure.
31 Jul 18
He will report to Sergio Morita, head of AFG syndication & distribution.
26 Jul 18
Banks are struggling to recover around $20b of loans from developers.
25 Jul 18
The downturn may even offset the strong performance of household loans.
23 Jul 18
State firms could end up forcing mergers or share capital injections.
20 Jul 18
The latest capital infusion aims to enable banks to build capital buffers.
18 Jul 18
Consumer gross impaired loan ratio has plunged to a historical low of 1%.
16 Jul 18
Trailing only behind Italy, the country has a bad loan ratio of 11.6%.
11 Jul 18
The central bank earlier scrapped the 15% required downpayment for first-time home buyers.
10 Jul 18
Some banks have been reportedly scrapping fixed deposit linked packages in favor of Sibor pegged packages.
9 Jul 18
This comes as a welcome development amidst slower loan growth.
6 Jul 18
Analysts believe banks should be willing to extend loan terms to support this development.
6 Jul 18
Nonperforming loans in property may hit 1.5% in 2018.
4 Jul 18
Surging bad loans pushed CAR down from 11.8% in 2016 to below 1% by end-June.
3 Jul 18
Maintaining credit quality is no problem for the city’s top lenders.
3 Jul 18
Fintech and big data will be used in assessing loan applications.
2 Jul 18
The German lender is hoping to generate massive returns by refinancing and trading debt.
27 Jun 18
Easing monetary policy will ease credit crunch firms face as part of the shadow banking crackdown.
21 Jun 18
Soured loans in the sector are estimated at $26.4b.
21 Jun 18
NPL ratio also rose from 1.75% to 1.9%.
15 Jun 18
This represents a slightly faster expansion than the previous months.
13 Jun 18
Sustained expansion in household debt pose risks to the sector’s stability.
11 Jun 18
The banking sector is burdened by over $141b in stressed assets in 2017 alone.
7 Jun 18
There was an uptick in mortgage loans overdue for more than 90 days.
6 Jun 18
The bulk of PRC lending is geared towards lower credit quality firms like SMEs.