Lending & Credit

21 Jun 18
Soured loans in the sector are estimated at $26.4b.
21 Jun 18
NPL ratio also rose from 1.75% to 1.9%.
15 Jun 18
This represents a slightly faster expansion than the previous months.
13 Jun 18
Sustained expansion in household debt pose risks to the sector’s stability.
11 Jun 18
The banking sector is burdened by over $141b in stressed assets in 2017 alone.
7 Jun 18
There was an uptick in mortgage loans overdue for more than 90 days.
6 Jun 18
The bulk of PRC lending is geared towards lower credit quality firms like SMEs.
5 Jun 18
The government-encouraged pivot comes at a risk of low returns for the lenders.
5 Jun 18
Credit costs rose from 2.5% to 4.3% of loans on average at state banks.
4 Jun 18
Foreign funds Oaktree and Varde Partners are hoping to cash in on the trend.
1 Jun 18
Some banks have been reportedly offering loans with steeper loan-to-value ratios.
30 May 18
The staggering loss impacts the future lending ability of banks.
25 May 18
Half of the embattled firm’s debt come in the form of unsecured bank loans.
25 May 18
Shadow banking growth virtually stopped new contributions to total social financing.
22 May 18
Gross NPAs climbed from 8.93% in September to 10.14% in March.
22 May 18
The sector bore $16.03b in bad loans as of end-March.
18 May 18
NPLs for the ‘Big Five’ largely fell whilst those for smaller rural commercial banks rose to 3%.
17 May 18
The ratio of the country’s banking sector to the Mainland also fell.
16 May 18
New NPL formation dropped to 66.4% of total bad loans in 2017.
15 May 18
The government is doubling down on the country’s bad debt.
14 May 18
The government’s efforts to tighten home-backed lending appear to be paying off.
14 May 18
The banking sector is saddled with a massive $210b in problematic loans.
11 May 18
Net interest margins are poised to widen amidst more loans to deploy.
10 May 18
New NPL formation eased for DBS by 63%, 24% for OCBC, and 1.9% for UOB.
8 May 18
New NPLs declined 63% to $195m.
4 May 18
Loan approvals on a 3M MA basis fell from 12.6% to 5% in March.
3 May 18
The bank has diversified its loan mix to retail and SMEs to avoid poor asset quality.
2 May 18
CAGR of real estate loans stand at 22% from 2012-2017 versus overall loan growth at 17%.
2 May 18
Profitability is set to suffer but cleaner balance sheets will produce benefits in the long-run.
2 May 18
Standard Chartered and ICBC raised time-deposit rates to more than 2%.
30 Apr 18
Mortgage portfolios will remain intact amidst adequate capital buffers.
17 Apr 18
Foreign investors are rushing into the country to purchase its NPLs.
16 Apr 18
The joint venture will have a capital of up to $10m.
13 Apr 18
This marks the lowest level since the global financial crisis struck.
12 Apr 18
It has already bought $9.4b in NPLs from various banks.
6 Apr 18
A decline in high-risk consumer loans prompted weaker household debt growth in 2017.
6 Apr 18
VAMC was able to resolve 27.9% of NPLs it purchased in 2017.
12 Mar 18
Its cross border financial assets was valued at US$2t in Q3.
12 Mar 18
Hong Kong has one of the worst credit-to-GDP gaps globally.
26 Jan 18
It also names Tony Tan as director, head of strategic lending in Asia and head of lending Southeast Asia and South Asia.