Lending & Credit

13 Jun 19
The sector’s pre-provision operating profit is at its lowest since Q1 2017.
13 Jun 19
It was lower compared to the $180b worth of new loans expected by analysts.
11 Jun 19
China is lagging behind with share of POE bank loans just at 26%.
7 Jun 19
Blame higher delinquencies from SMEs and non-financial firms.
4 Jun 19
They have already clinched more than $2b worth of overseas bonds and loans in 2019.
31 May 19
The scheme is an attempt to help stabilise home prices.
21 May 19
The banking group added forestry, palm oil and coal mining to its restricted transactions list.
10 May 19
Non-interest income surged 24% to $1.12b.
8 May 19
Non-residential property loans were the only segment with deteriorating asset quality.
6 May 19
The platform has attracted millennials, housewives, and overseas workers that have been investing as low as $96 at 8-30% per annum.
3 May 19
Housing loan limits granted in Q1 fell to its lowest since Q4 2015 around $5.36b.
30 Apr 19
SMEs, corporates and households saw tighter credit access.
30 Apr 19
New loans reached a record amount of $862.89b.
26 Apr 19
The bank has approved $1.74b in SME financing in 2018.
26 Apr 19
Banks achieved 55% of their annual targets for small companies.
26 Apr 19
It singled out an unnamed Chinese lender that engaged in share pledging.
24 Apr 19
Loans to the real estate sector as a share of GDP hit 14.4% in late 2018.
24 Apr 19
Lower government spending and higher cash withdrawal contributed to the deficit.
22 Apr 19
It will appoint receivers and managers over the assets of Tuaspring, save for its desalination plant and shared infrastructure.
10 Apr 19
Active P2P investors also fell 45.2% to 2.3 million.
5 Apr 19
Japan-based J Trust Corp will buy a stake in Construction Bank for an undisclosed amount.
4 Apr 19
Lenders are hit with a total bad debt of $146b.
2 Apr 19
Lenders also sharply increased provisions for future bad debt.
28 Mar 19
Applications dwindled despite unchanged loan success rate.
26 Mar 19
The decline comes in spite of recent domestic rate hikes.
26 Mar 19
The rules will apply to credit institutions and not to state-owned commercial banks.
25 Mar 19
State banks would have to raise $16b in provisions in Q1 if the rules kicked into effect.
20 Mar 19
Bad loans grew 16.17% even as total loans rose 13.6%.
19 Mar 19
With average loan sizes of US$35,000-200,000, farming remains the main opportunity.
18 Mar 19
More than 29 asset reconstruction companies have been set up after 2002.
18 Mar 19
Underperforming lenders may be requested to close down branches.
18 Mar 19
The IFRS9 will require banks to set aside for anticipated losses.
14 Mar 19
The loan growth of commercial banks hit 17-18% on average.
12 Mar 19
Outstanding loans to rural areas already hit $4.91t in 2018.
11 Mar 19
It holds the unenviable distinction as the bank with the worst-bad loan ratio.
8 Mar 19
Short-term loans surged 57.8% in January whilst mid- and long-term loans only rose 5.3%.
6 Mar 19
Interested parties should submit an EOI and sign non-disclosure agreements for an e-auction on 20 March.
4 Mar 19
Household loan growth slowed to 12.7% in January from 13.6% the previous month.
4 Mar 19
Since its launch in November 2018, the platform approved loans worth $4.23b.