Lending & Credit

17 Apr 18
Foreign investors are rushing into the country to purchase its NPLs.
16 Apr 18
The joint venture will have a capital of up to $10m.
13 Apr 18
This marks the lowest level since the global financial crisis struck.
12 Apr 18
It has already bought $9.4b in NPLs from various banks.
6 Apr 18
A decline in high-risk consumer loans prompted weaker household debt growth in 2017.
6 Apr 18
VAMC was able to resolve 27.9% of NPLs it purchased in 2017.
12 Mar 18
Its cross border financial assets was valued at US$2t in Q3.
12 Mar 18
Hong Kong has one of the worst credit-to-GDP gaps globally.
26 Jan 18
It also names Tony Tan as director, head of strategic lending in Asia and head of lending Southeast Asia and South Asia.
4 Dec 17
Leverage levels are particularly high in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam.
22 Nov 17
The borrowing is just moving around.
9 Nov 17
Oil and gas service exposures make up 2-3% of the banks' loans.
8 Nov 17
The steady increase caught the regulators' attention.
8 Nov 17
Nominal GDP also grew faster than shadow banking assets.
11 Oct 17
The sector’s earnings may have risen by only 1%.
10 Oct 17
More than 70% of the banks' overseas loans were to non-Japanese clients.
9 Oct 17
The shadow banking crackdown is finally showing some results.
25 Sep 17
It could hurt the banks' investment income.
12 Sep 17
UOB, HSBC, and DBS recently launched 3-year fixed rate home loan packages.
6 Sep 17
Such loans grew quickly in the first three months of 2017.
4 Sep 17
Every 10bps increase in credit cost estimate will cause a 7% cut in net profits.
30 Aug 17
Rust belt banks use shadow banking to conceal their bad loan status.
23 Aug 17
The regulators and financial institutions seemingly have played a “Whack-A-Mole” game, says BBVA.
18 Aug 17
The 7.6% growth in July was a significant improvement from the low of -2.7% in May 2016.
16 Aug 17
The weak SME economy is partly to blame.
16 Aug 17
Net corporate bond issuance has been increasing.
9 Aug 17
Shadow banking assets reached US$9.5t in 2016, but growth is finally slowing down.
8 Aug 17
The enhanced regulation is finally showing some results.
2 Aug 17
They also increased their direct property lending by 50%.
1 Aug 17
The ratio of non-performing SME loans hit 4.5% at end-March 2017.
19 Jul 17
Rising interest rates are to blame.
19 Jul 17
That is if housing loans grow by up to 6%.
17 Jul 17
The measures benefit the banks but also bring adjustment risks.
7 Jul 17
Loan demand will pick up in the second half of 2017.
5 Jul 17
Direct lending by banks to developers increased 23.6% in March.
4 Jul 17
The banks' asset quality is still deteriorating.
27 Jun 17
Beijing is promoting supply-side structural reform.
23 Jun 17
Bank lending growth has held up, while non-loan TSF declined in May.
23 Jun 17
Krung Thai Bank will be most impacted.