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Foreign Exchange

Taiwan's central bank punishes Deutsche, ING, ANZ

They are not allowed to trade Taiwan dollar deliverable, non-deliverable forwards for a time.
2 months ago

PBOC issues draft rules to ease bond investment

It would seek public comment on the guidelines until 20 October.
6 months ago

PBOC issues draft rules to ease bond investment

It would seek public comments on the guidelines until 20 October.
6 months ago

CIMB, Stanchart Malaysia complete first MYR-USD cross-currency basis swap

It is the first MYR-USD cross-currency swap referencing the SOFR.
6 months ago

South Korea may extend eased liquidity rules for banks: report

The foreign exchange liquidity rules are eased until September.
7 months ago

South Korea's FX reserves hit $417b at end-July

It reached a record-high in the value of non-dollar assets and investment return.
8 months ago

South Korean banks' daily FX turnover tumbled 12.4% in Q2

Values were hit due to the cut in transactions and fluctuations in exchange rates.
8 months ago

Thailand permits non-bank firms to provide foreign e-money

An operator must have a minimum registered paid-up capital of $3m (THB100m).
9 months ago

MAS establishes $60b USD facility for banks

It aims to support more stable USD funding conditions in Singapore.
1 year ago

Taiwan's central bank to stabilise forex after US rate cut: report

The US made its first emergency cut since 2009 as COVID-19 continues to spread.
1 year ago

Deutsche Bank floats FX digital platform in Sri Lanka

Clients can pay in local currency between two Asian markets.
1 year ago

SGX FX futures trading volume hit $175.12b in January

USD/CNH and INR/USD futures both jumped.
1 year ago

Global FX market daily turnover hits $6.6t in 2020

A 40% increase in daily forex trading volume was noted over the last decade.
1 year ago

Singapore steps up efforts to boost FX ecosystem as Hong Kong closes in fast

Citi launched a pricing engine that cuts the time it takes to route a trade between Singapore to Tokyo.
1 year ago

BNP Paribas to launch e-FX pricing and trading engine in Singapore

The tech will offer e-FX trading of 50 currencies across various types of rates.
1 year ago

Singapore, Japan central banks extend bilateral currency swap program

Under the agreement, Singapore provides yen liquidity to eligible financial firms to support cross-border operations.
1 year ago

ICBC, CCDO, SGX to endorse new renminbi bond indices

The new bond indices can be used as performance basis for investing in RMB bonds.
1 year ago