Wholesale Banking

1 Nov 18
As the pace of global regulatory change increases, it is clear that the Inter-Bank Offered Rates (IBORs) of major currencies will evolve or that...
1 Nov 18
Urbanisation, together with population growth, is expected to add another 2.5 billion people to urban areas around the world by 2050, according to...
9 Oct 18
The partnership aims to provide financial services to corporate customers in both countries.
3 Aug 18
She was previously the Beijing branch manager and head of Corporate Banking Coverage of North China at Deustche Bank.
1 Aug 18
He will head the team developing multinational client portfolios for 13 regional markets.
13 Jul 18
Over 250 trophies were awarded to winning banks and insurers.
16 May 18
He will report to group managing director, Dato’ Khairussaleh Ramli.
11 Apr 18
He reveals how the bank specialises in China-Europe network connectivity.
29 Mar 18
They lead the rest of the world when shares of global banks plunged 17%.
29 Jan 18
He also reveals how digitisation is vital to improving customer experience.
28 Nov 17
For banks to truly resolve the SMEs’ pain points, they will have to do more than just offer conventional banking products and services...
18 Oct 17
The maturity profiles of wholesale funds also improved.
8 Sep 17
Citi announced the appointment of K Balasubramanian (Bala), as Head of Corporate Banking, Indian subcontinent, comprising of India, Bangladesh and...
14 Jul 17
Over 180 trophies were awarded to winning banks and insurance companies.
19 Jun 17
Find out how Munir Nanji plans to leverage the growth in intra-Asia trade.
9 Jun 17
Stella Choe's appointment as Head of Corporate Banking for Australia and New Zealand is effective immediately.
7 Jun 17
Interbank transactions as a share of total funding increased to 12%.
1 Jun 17
There are seven Korea desks in different locations currently.
27 Apr 17
Commerzbank has made two new appointments to serve its global financial institutions network and international corporates franchise.
11 Apr 17
The RBI is looking for ways to finance $1.5t in projects.
21 Dec 16
A deal could give the life insurance business a valuation of at least US$3b.
19 Dec 16
It will now be able to act as trustee for Singapore collective investment schemes.
1 Nov 16
Asian banks are wowing business customers with tech-powered solutions that bring increased efficiencies and regional operating expertise.
13 Sep 16
As per Reserve Bank of India, the Indian banking system has gross stressed assets of 11.5% of total assets, as of March 2016.
21 Jul 16
It was the biggest ABF Awards in history, with over 230 attendees.
1 Jul 16
The bank is valued at $50 billion.
28 Jun 16
The amount of stressed assets is simply too high.
21 Jun 16
Deposits dropped to RMB308.3 billion in April.
15 Jun 16
His resignation is effective on July 17.
13 Jun 16
The transaction would generate a gain of US$600m.
10 Jun 16
Profits are under threat on several fronts.
7 Jun 16
Absolute gross impaired loans jumped 15% in Q1.
7 Jun 16
It's targeting Central and Eastern European governments.
27 May 16
Corporate banking loans deteriorated.