Banking Technology

21 Oct 20
Clients in Singapore and Hong Kong will be the first to try the service.
20 Oct 20
Almost 100 banking professionals participated in the first ABF Retail Banking Virtual Conference.
20 Oct 20
Half of banks surveyed fret about the activity being too manual.
16 Oct 20
Their partnership with Cloudera has given them valuable insight on customer behavior.
13 Oct 20
Bank-Genie’s BanqIn will migrate customers’ data in a single platform.
25 Sep 20
It will digitize the bank’s entire ETF primary market cycle.
27 Aug 20
Banking-as-a-Service, or more commonly known as BaaS, is an end-to-end process that enables third parties to directly connect with banks ...
27 Aug 20
The Fusion Adopt program enables VPBank to trade higher volumes of treasury.
26 Aug 20
About 60% of the population are more attuned to digital services.
25 Aug 20
It will facilitate easier transfers from other banks to Citibank accounts.
18 Aug 20
It will make use of a cloud-exporting model developed by Lufax Holding.
11 Aug 20
The bank will adopt a multi-cloud approach in its core banking and trading systems.
5 Aug 20
Around 30% said that they are open to sharing their data in relation to online purchases.
5 Aug 20
Clients can open an account in five minutes.
3 Aug 20
The digibank was first rolled out in Thailand in 2019.
3 Aug 20
Higher usage of the country's own payments network would cut its exposure to the US.
3 Aug 20
There is a popular analogy comparing artificial intelligence (AI) to electricity.
29 Jul 20
Outdated systems increase banks' cost-to-income ratio.
23 Jul 20
It will utilise supply chain data for risk and credit worthiness.
23 Jul 20
The lender will digitize over 300 million pages of paper forms stored in warehouses.
22 Jul 20
Mambu's composable banking approach allows Tyro to launch products quickly.
16 Jul 20
Merchants will only need to pay capped transaction fees.
16 Jul 20
Only Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings identified a pandemic as a key risk to business operations.
15 Jul 20
It will allow customers to access financial services across 1,300 Boonterm kiosks.
14 Jul 20
The World Bank estimated that over 1.7 billion individuals remain unbanked today.
14 Jul 20
It comes after the launch of its APAC base in Singapore.
9 Jul 20
The banks hopes to streamline processes and protect clients from fraud.
8 Jul 20
Almost 70% of those aged 54 and above have grown comfortable to online banking.
7 Jul 20
Customers can now share their banking data to access personalised financial products.
2 Jul 20
The COVID-19 pandemic forced Singapore banks to change tack in order to meet social distancing and work from home requirements.
1 Jul 20
European financial firms dominated the global top ten of Sia Partners’ study.
17 Jun 20
In the transitional period from the unprecedented emergency to the new normal, the Japanese and APAC financial institutions have stepped up their...
17 Jun 20
But BOK denied that they are preparing for an actual launch of a digital currency.
15 Jun 20
But finance firms stand to lose 40% of new business if account opening isn’t fully online.
10 Jun 20
Virtual wealth advisory meetings will likely be the new normal.
8 Jun 20
Lim Leong Guan will concurrently be OCBC’s head of group wealth products.
5 Jun 20
Transactions can be refused and services suspended if a customer is found harassing others.
1 Jun 20
David Hardoon led the development of AI strategy for MAS and Singapore’s financial sector.
1 Jun 20
Only 6-9% of customer finish applying for a non-fully digital account opening service.
18 May 20
In financial services, the rise of digital banks challenges traditional banks to adopt new approaches to remain competitive.