Banking Technology

19 Feb 19
The rollout started in Singapore last month.
19 Feb 19
Both Instapay and Pesonet have seen banks grow to 47 and 42 respectively.
18 Feb 19
J-Coin enables transactions without the need to install readers.
14 Feb 19
‘TMRW’ does not have a traditional app menu as it claims to learn a user’s preference over time.
13 Feb 19
There were 62 cases of phishing last year.
13 Feb 19
Shinhan Financial Group and mobile app maker Viva Republica are forming a consortium.
31 Jan 19
Two in five believe that lack of available talent is holding them back.
31 Jan 19
YES Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank are some of the member lenders.
29 Jan 19
The central bank said there is no immediate need to introduce such currency.
24 Jan 19
Bank Cental Asia and CIMB Niaga are still completing the necessary documents.
24 Jan 19
Volt Bank has finally managed to nab a full banking license.
18 Jan 19
Their tasks may be clashing with the banks’ in-house tech teams.
15 Jan 19
IT firms will soon be allowed to hold as much as 34% stake.
15 Jan 19
The dashboard features over 40 business apps.
10 Jan 19
SMEs can access accounting, digital marketing and cybersecurity solutions.
17 Dec 18
The time taken to set up an account will be cut 75% from months to weeks.
14 Dec 18
Only 2 in 5 industry professionals have gone through fintech training courses.
10 Dec 18
They failed to submit sufficient information on authorisation criteria.
5 Dec 18
Another 35% are considering the shift in 2019.
4 Dec 18
It will co-fund up to $3m to support cybersecurity advancement in the financial sector.
26 Nov 18
Fresh from its success in helping Australia-based Bendigo Bank transform into a more customer-focused operation, Appian is looking to bring its...
19 Nov 18
Security measures and user protection From a systems perspective, open APIs mean that a new communications path is being...
14 Nov 18
It aims to showcase AI, blockchain, big data and cloud technologies.
5 Nov 18
Krung Thai Bank and Kasikornbank have updated their apps.
1 Nov 18
Now customers and their clients can be in one platform and access real-time information on financing, improving process speed and productivity....
31 Oct 18
Returning to a global perspective, both US and European open API trends, as well as regulatory and market participant responses, are valuable...
31 Oct 18
DBS and OCBC are regional leaders in fintech and innovation.
30 Oct 18
Fujitsu has been tapped to develop the application.
26 Oct 18
Customers were hit by a combined loss of $180,000.
26 Oct 18
It will allow customers to order food through Facebook Messenger and pay through DBS.
26 Oct 18
Users of the Octopus app can easily apply for Citi Octopus Platinum Card.
22 Oct 18
They still need to make heavy investment in foundational technologies.
18 Oct 18
It will use behavioural insights to improve saving and spending habits.
17 Oct 18
It rolled out a real-time fund transfer system, open API guidelines, virtual banks authorisation in 2018 alone.
17 Oct 18
It introduces a powerful new feature as digitisation and corporate actions gain more prominence in Asia.
17 Oct 18
With the perfect regulations in place, NSD will soon usher a new asset class for the country’s investors.
11 Oct 18
Around 64 banks have already started implementing the service.
9 Oct 18
The bank enhanced 64% of its ATM's cost and acquired 10% more customers with 40% less branches.
26 Sep 18
The two players have been booking losses as they ramp up IT spending.
25 Sep 18
Facial recognition technology and biometric methods may be used.