Banking Technology

18 Apr 18
Customers can now inquire about OCBC’s services through a Google Assistant.
13 Apr 18
The central bank is taking a more organic approach, enabling banks to share data on their own.
10 Apr 18
This follows a regulatory change facilitating third party access to accounts and data.
10 Apr 18
The bank was the first to adopt cognitive banking technologies in Malaysia.
10 Apr 18
It features a platform which can manage activities from travel, investment, and education.
5 Apr 18
In general, an API refers to a technical specification for operating a specific program by another program, and it defines command statements (...
5 Apr 18
DBS stays ahead of the pack after growing its digital team since 2009.
3 Apr 18
‘HALI’ will answer staff queries on HR procedures like medical benefits and leave policies.
2 Apr 18
The real time messenger platform will be available on
27 Mar 18
They aim to achieve this through a strategic partnership with venture company ExaWizards.
23 Mar 18
Chatbots, data analytics, and open banking remain the main challenges in 2018.
22 Mar 18
The banks make up the Thailand Blockchain Community Initiative.
19 Mar 18
The bank is avoiding interdependence on data centre tenancy.
15 Mar 18
The bank aims to deploy the unit for its wealth advisory and loans financing segment.
15 Mar 18
It is leveraging on ACI Worldwide's expertise to serve corporate and institutional clients.
15 Mar 18
They are unable to formulate clear strategies in open API creation for third party use.
14 Mar 18
It has partnered with fintech firm Finastra to digitise its operations.
14 Mar 18
They believe that the rise of realtime payments also allows for new types of fraud methods.
7 Mar 18
“MoneyTap” will be available to their users 24/7.
5 Mar 18
This partnership with Software AG has led to reduced error rates and lower branch operation costs.
5 Mar 18
Banking is considered by most as the business of money.
2 Mar 18
From breaking trust to breaking banks, digital attacks are becoming more powerful than ever.
28 Feb 18
Only DBS had the digital model that can stand with European and American banks.
28 Feb 18
Mobile and internet banking accounted for 33% of total payment transactions for 9M 2017.
27 Feb 18
The transition will rationalise banks' branch networks and improve cost efficiencies, said Moody’s.
27 Feb 18
It will replace customers' need for a physical security device.
23 Feb 18
The virtual assistant can also check bank balances and credit card details.
23 Feb 18
In just decades, digital advancement has enabled technology to shift from being a business enabler to being THE business.
19 Feb 18
Money20/20 Asia will bring together top global FinTech leaders in Singapore to create the future of money.
15 Feb 18
It can record the purpose of the visit, gather feedback, and understand customer behavior patterns.
15 Feb 18
It involves consumer centricity and building alliances at the core of their strategy.
13 Feb 18
Digital savvy clients may soon prefer to interact more with chatbots.
9 Feb 18
In the banking sector, Celent takes a broad view of digital—one that transcends new apps and the deployment of new and different channels....
23 Jan 18
Ceba will assist customers with more than 200 banking tasks.
22 Jan 18
This will help banks in risk management, digital currency, and blockchain.
19 Jan 18
This digital move is in line with the country’s “Digital India” initiative.
9 Jan 18
Banks need to narrow the distance with customers, to offer them an array of contact points, and to better understand their behavior and needs.
20 Dec 17
Banks will continue to develop the use of technology and data analytics for AML.
6 Dec 17
Banks still need to better understand robotics application.
28 Nov 17
The global economy could lose over US$120b.