Banking Technology

20 Aug 19
SWIFT gpi is carrying over $300b a day in 145 currencies across more than 1,200 country corridors.
15 Aug 19
The two are planning to expand their suite of financial services.
14 Aug 19
He will discuss how partnerships with ecosystem players can create open banking models.
7 Aug 19
Integrating digital payments into a larger digital economy lies in collaboration between public and private sectors.
25 Jul 19
He will discuss key drivers for fintech innovation and why coopetition will be the new norm for the payments industry.
23 Jul 19
The move aims to boost financial inclusion in the country.
23 Jul 19
He will discuss key strategies on how players can adapt amidst the emergence of virtual banks.
22 Jul 19
DBS and OCBC generate twice or thice as much revenue from digital retail and SME customers than traditional customers, on average.
21 Jul 19
It offers evaluation of personal loans without having to submit hard copy of documents.
19 Jul 19
He will share how to compete across the payments industry amidst its digital shift.
18 Jul 19
It will allow individuals to store key personal information needed for online transactions.
15 Jul 19
Potential web-only players could target both the unbanked and the affluent segment.
12 Jul 19
It uses advanced analytics, AI and machine learning to detect irregularities.
11 Jul 19
Rejected applicants Toss Bank and Kiwoom Securities are welcome to re-apply.
8 Jul 19
Lenders are offering digital loans for farmers, a 10-minute paperless account opening process, and money transfers through mobile numbers.
3 Jul 19
ROAA is still relatively low at -0.9% in December 2018.
2 Jul 19
It is ahead of the APAC average adoption rate of 64%.
1 Jul 19
Malaysian Islamic banks could lean on their parent groups cashing in to boost digital drive.
1 Jul 19
The five licenses are split into two full digital and three wholesale.
24 Jun 19
Competition and cooperation will shape the interaction between incumbents and TSPs.
24 Jun 19
Lenders grapple with low profitability and limited capital two years since they kicked off.
11 Jun 19
The hottest roles will include data scientists, UI engineers, and full stack developers.
6 Jun 19
Taishin Bank will utilise the technology for clients with iPhone X by Q3.
6 Jun 19
It will create a financial data exchange for financial players in the country.
6 Jun 19
It will be used to speed up overseas money transfers.
4 Jun 19
The big four banks will be required to make data available for transactions by February 2020.
3 Jun 19
Exits for the trial period of the service could start in Q3 2018.
30 May 19
A number of branches by Taiwan Business Bank will close an hour-and-a-half minutes earlier.
15 May 19
Frozen credit cards no longer spark as much annoyance.
8 May 19
Only 47% cited quick and easy banking as their top priority.
8 May 19
Beyond unique digital offerings, Ajay is also focusing his efforts on improving culture.
6 May 19
Woori Bank aims to make the service available in restaurants and car parks near the airports.
6 May 19
Gupta, however, believed that they may not pose a significant threat.
3 May 19
It retrained over 500 employees and opened new roles including video biometrics specialists and live chat agents.
2 May 19
Project Ubin was linked to Canada's experimental domestic payment network, Project Jasper.
29 Apr 19
The use of Vocalink will extend InstaPay’s reach to include government and commercial payments.
29 Apr 19
They will be hunting for more fintech talents.
23 Apr 19
The card can be combined with a savings account to earn miles.
23 Apr 19
The bank also hopes to boost digital transaction volumes to over 80% by 2022.