Retail Banking

23 Oct 20
They could hit up to 10 million deposit accounts by this year.
22 Oct 20
In June, the bank resumed its plans to cut 35,000 jobs.
21 Oct 20
Going digital does not equal better cost benefits, and developed markets are most at risk, says Morgan Stanley.
20 Oct 20
It will see further growth by tapping in on underserved retail, SME borrowers.
20 Oct 20
This marks its 12th consecutive year to be honoured with the title.
20 Oct 20
Agricultural loans, comprising 13% of sector loans, will come under crutiny.
17 Oct 20
UOB’s mobile-only bank makes use of personalization to attract Thailand, Indonesia’s tech-savvy generation.
14 Oct 20
It will consolidate operations into branches in Singapore, London, and New York.
14 Oct 20
Weak local consumption and high credit impairment are fanning the fire.
13 Oct 20
Banks can help ageing SME owners manage business risks, says Moody’s.
9 Oct 20
Joel Fastenberg talks about how Citi rose to the challenge of digitization, work-from-home and diversity.
1 Oct 20
Earnings will plunge YoY and rebound QoQ at the same time.
30 Sep 20
And Goldman Sachs reshuffles asset management and consumer wealth units.
25 Sep 20
Their fee and income growth slowed whilst NPLs rose.
25 Sep 20
Customers will be able to make payments without using a physical card.
25 Sep 20
Even though it’ll be amongst the first to improve, recovery will still take until end-2022.
23 Sep 20
An appropriate action will be taken based on its own review.
22 Sep 20
Everyone in the city can now sign up for its services.
17 Sep 20
This is to facilitate financial aid to clients upon the expiry of the loan moratorium.
16 Sep 20
The banking system is expected to extend $420b in new loans to micro and small businesses.
15 Sep 20
Operational green shoots remain vulnerable as borders are still closed.
15 Sep 20
The market has qualities favorable for virtual banks to thrive.
11 Sep 20
Improvement in sight for H2, but lenders may face capital shortfall.
9 Sep 20
The bank has earlier agreed to pay $3.9b as settlement.
6 Sep 20
The neobank has outlined a bold plan to kickstart a new generation of virtual-savvy customers.
4 Sep 20
It will be launched in the week of 28 September.
2 Sep 20
He was previously with Mastercard.
2 Sep 20
The full impact of the pandemic is yet to materialise.
2 Sep 20
It has also pledged not to cut jobs.
2 Sep 20
Wide credit-to-GDP elevate risks linked to economic imbalances.
1 Sep 20
Elevated loan provisions triggered the fall.
1 Sep 20
But banks are still likely to slash dividends.
27 Aug 20
The new outbreaks could lead to an extension of relief loans, which will weigh on profits.
27 Aug 20
Impairment allowances surged to $417m.
26 Aug 20
The gap could expand up to $943b by 2024.
25 Aug 20
Typical challenges include weak interest income and NIM compression.
25 Aug 20
The lender’s net interest margin contracted by 65 bp in H1 2020.