Financial Technology

19 Aug 19
In July, Cashwagon launched a cash pick-up option in the Philippines.
14 Aug 19
The two players only account for 0.6% of the loan market in Q1.
25 Jul 19
Top executives from Standard Chartered, Revolut and EY will attend the prestigious event.
25 Jul 19
He will discuss key drivers for fintech innovation and why coopetition will be the new norm for the payments industry.
23 Jul 19
He will discuss key strategies on how players can adapt amidst the emergence of virtual banks.
19 Jul 19
He will share how to compete across the payments industry amidst its digital shift.
17 Jul 19
It will cover various services such as multi-channel loan applications, credit assessment, and loan disbursements.
12 Jul 19
Retail upstarts may account for 0.3% market share and wholesale challengers will take 0.9% of the market.
10 Jul 19
Its platform matches users with financial products like insurance, credit cards, and trade finance.
10 Jul 19
About 43% of fintechs in Southeast Asia choose Singapore as their home amidst strengthening growth prospects.
2 Jul 19
It is ahead of the APAC average adoption rate of 64%.
6 Jun 19
It will create a financial data exchange for financial players in the country.
30 May 19
The land of GoPay and OVO is no man’s land for banks.
27 May 19
It cited lack of innovation and concerns over governance and financing.
24 May 19
Equity crowdfunding and P2P platforms have raised $84m for small businesses so far.
24 May 19
The 15-week programme at SMU will launch in January 2020.
14 May 19
Global PayEx offers a cloud-based platform that facilitates electronic invoice sharing.
9 May 19
The results of a global survey published by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) confirm that Asia remains the leading growth region for mobile payments....
6 May 19
The DBS CEO earlier echoed a similar stance.
6 May 19
The platform has attracted millennials, housewives, and overseas workers that have been investing as low as $96 at 8-30% per annum.
6 May 19
In recent years, we have seen an influx of Asian money into countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.
24 Apr 19
Credit Culture offers personalised and instant loan terms from its proprietary credit-scoring engine.
1 Apr 19
Mobylize offers users credit scoring, analysis and decisioning tools.
25 Mar 19
It is aiming to make a total investment of $35.30m into Bank Yudha Bhakti.
21 Mar 19
They still fall flat of Europe and North America’s dominance.
13 Mar 19
P2P financiers dispersed $1,400 in loans in December.
11 Mar 19
Users turned to digital money for e-commerce, mobile SIM top-ups, and public transport.
28 Feb 19
It raised concern about the difficulties in obtaining foreign tech talent visas in the UK.
26 Feb 19
Available to nonbank players, the scheme aims to lower required usage costs.
13 Feb 19
Shinhan Financial Group and mobile app maker Viva Republica are forming a consortium.
4 Feb 19
Around 13% even believe that fintechs deserve more trust than old-guard lenders.
28 Jan 19
However, 22% admit that the former are less trustworthy than old-guard lenders.
24 Jan 19
Volt Bank has finally managed to nab a full banking license.
8 Jan 19
Business sentiment recovered mildly as corporates ramped up borrowing.
13 Dec 18
The bank will tap on the latter's 44 million users to grow personal loans.
10 Dec 18
SMEs and corporates also acknowledge the merits of the pivot.
4 Dec 18
They will develop a remote account-opening solution.