Financial Technology

14 Aug 18
The move aims to capitalise on the government’s digital voucher efforts.
14 Aug 18
Businesses can soon gain real-time overview of their operations.
10 Aug 18
This bucks the trend that startups are only receiving seed funding.
9 Aug 18
Total fintech funding hit $983.6m in 2017 versus Hong Kong's $596.8m.
7 Aug 18
The deal is worth $140m.
3 Aug 18
It will tap on mobile-first and mobile-only customers.
30 Jul 18
Watsons, EGL Tours and Fortress will integrate Citi Pay with Points API into their platforms.
30 Jul 18
The branch-lite push could result in lower office space demand.
30 Jul 18
This includes Standard Chartered Bank and online loan platform WeLab.
30 Jul 18
Consumers remain wary of banks in light of the damaging inquiry.
26 Jul 18
Fitch believes that the possibility of disruption is higher in these markets.
25 Jul 18
Mobile banking usage has now overtaken branch visits by 15%.
23 Jul 18
The bank has set aside $14m for the deployment of the new ATMs.
20 Jul 18
The central bank hopes that lenders start deploying open APIs within six months.
18 Jul 18
Regulators are eyeing the same set of capital guidelines used for conventional assets.
18 Jul 18
This involves the participation of the central bank and seven other lenders.
17 Jul 18
The app’s wide payment capabilities poses a risk to conventional banks.
16 Jul 18
The central bank approved a pilot project creating a real-time remittance corridor.
5 Jul 18
Banks need robust cyber resilience strategies to plug risks.
4 Jul 18
The regulator gave banks three months to cease all crypto operations.
3 Jul 18
Lenders are shunning inorganic growth via M&As.
3 Jul 18
Startup 86 400 will launch in early 2019.
3 Jul 18
Fintech and big data will be used in assessing loan applications.
2 Jul 18
SBI has deployed a virtual assistant to resolve customer queries.
2 Jul 18
It will offer promotional rates for the deposits until 31 July.
29 Jun 18
The region’s virtual lenders have been involved in only 7.8% of deals since 2014.
26 Jun 18
Three of China’s big four banks are already live on the platform.
26 Jun 18
Customers will soon be able to check account balance via the messaging app.
26 Jun 18
It will act as the settlement bank for AlipayHK and GCash.
25 Jun 18
Customers will be able to connect with multiple service providers without changing existing payments and tech infrastructure.
22 Jun 18
The company is similarly boosting the digital transformation of other banks.
22 Jun 18
Mizuho, MUFG Bank, and Sumitomo have agreed to unify QR code specifications.
21 Jun 18
‘BankSign’ will be officially rolled out in July.
21 Jun 18
The move aims to cater to the overseas Filipino workers in the country.
20 Jun 18
Payments can be credited within minutes.
18 Jun 18
Moody’s lauds the move as a welcome development to improve transparency.
18 Jun 18
‘Jim’ can save up to 40 hours monthly otherwise spent on manual processing.
18 Jun 18
“How do you achieve operational efficiency in a leaner model?” is the question banks seek to answer.
18 Jun 18
However, the country is still miles behind China and India.
15 Jun 18
It is amongst the top trending arcade games on Google Play Store.