Branch Banking

19 Feb 19
It features an automated Cash Bag Deposit machine for business banking clients.
4 Feb 19
Its next target for expansion include Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
31 Jan 19
The bank association believes that this is the ideal number to foster competition.
18 Jan 19
CIMB Preferred customers can get up to $24.31 per day.
15 Jan 19
It is aiming to merge the two banks to launch IBK Indonesia within 2019.
5 Nov 18
Around 1,850 employees will be moved to the subsidiary.
17 Oct 18
Thailand and Indonesia are the branch-heavy countries.
11 Sep 18
The new company will also study where to put slimmed-down branches.
30 Aug 18
A branch with no bank tellers, no long lines, and completely paperless, The ARK pushes the frontiers of digitalising the country’s banking...
7 Aug 18
It's the first Singapore bank to open a foreign-owned Vietnamese unit.
30 Jul 18
The branch-lite push could result in lower office space demand.
24 Jul 18
Around 70 foreign branches may be shuttered by end 2018.
23 Jul 18
It is only awaiting local approval before starting operations.
23 Jul 18
The bank has received the greenlight from China's banking regulator.
19 Jul 18
The bank has reportedly set aside as much as $186,000 per branch.
18 Jul 18
Rajasthan village has no banking infrastructure to serve its 5,500 residents.
16 Jul 18
Arab Bank has received the green light to set up a Shanghai unit.
9 Jul 18
KEB Hana Bank and KB Kookmin Bank are looking to tap into India's growing wealth.
5 Jul 18
The branch will be CHB’s 12th overseas foothold.
4 Jul 18
Only retail operations are said to remain operational at the Brady House branch.
27 Jun 18
The bank is only waiting for final greenlight from the central bank.
27 Jun 18
The bank renamed the combined entity as WB Finance.
22 Jun 18
This includes the installation of anti-skimming devices and whitelisting solutions by 2019.
13 Jun 18
Approval from the central bank is expected shortly.
11 Jun 18
The move follows the publication of revised guidelines by the central bank.
7 Jun 18
Bank of Baroda and Canara Bank may absorb smaller lenders.
6 Jun 18
The move aims to curb costs and simplify the bank's structure.
18 May 18
MUFG Bank will cut the branch numbers by 20% whilst Mizuho will close around 100 domestic locations.
11 May 18
AI, facial, and voice recognition tech power the self-service branch in Huangpu district.
11 May 18
This translates to 3,417 branches still in operation.
25 Apr 18
It aims to serve the Indian population in the two economies.
17 Apr 18
‘eXellerator’ will act as a testing space for the bank’s fintech products and services.
25 Jan 18
The new branch has more self-service machines and a QR code wall.
20 Nov 17
It will be operational in the fourth quarter.
31 Oct 17
It has set aside $295 to buy another bank.
24 Oct 17
DBS is changing the way people do their banking in two of the most populous countries in the world with its revolutionary digibank initiative...
16 Oct 17
The Bank expects to have 30% of GBS employees based in Bengaluru.
20 Sep 17
JP Morgan and Citi are amongst the banks deploying virtual branches.
5 Sep 17
It plans to build 75-90 branches in India.
5 Jul 17
The bank is avoiding Brexit 'disruption'.