21 Oct 20
Going digital does not equal better cost benefits, and developed markets are most at risk, says Morgan Stanley.
30 Sep 20
Annualised credit costs of 79 APAC banks averaged 1.26% of gross loans in H1.
25 Sep 20
Their fee and income growth slowed whilst NPLs rose.
25 Sep 20
Even though it’ll be amongst the first to improve, recovery will still take until end-2022.
25 Sep 20
Is there really a capital exodus from Hong Kong to Singapore?
22 Sep 20
Reports alleged that some banks have moved illicit funds over the last two decades.
11 Sep 20
Lenders are relying too much on past risk data and numbers instead of long-term growth prospects.
10 Sep 20
Senior managers responsible for core functions should be identified.
3 Sep 20
$160.9m of targeted full-year NPL resolution were completed in H1.
25 Aug 20
The Agricultural Bank of China has already hired 4,500 people.
24 Aug 20
Dollar deposits gained $2.76b during the month.
20 Aug 20
There is underlying economic uncertainty due to rising infections and stricter restrictions.
20 Aug 20
Capital funds and provisions were raised to guard against the slump.
19 Aug 20
Jefferies will distribute equity research on local-based companies to its client base globally.
19 Aug 20
The government is pushing for privatization to help raise funds for its budget.
17 Aug 20
The foreign exchange liquidity rules are eased until September.
10 Aug 20
They allow for tailored government participation in bank recapitalisation.
5 Aug 20
And France suspends Morgan Stanley from some treasury bond deals.
4 Aug 20
Bandhan Bank’s biggest shareholder sold some of its stake to meet regulatory rules.
3 Aug 20
The event, running from December 7-11, will be hosted across cities globally.
30 Jul 20
The hike will carry over until 2021.
29 Jul 20
Diversification of income streams has yet to yield substantial results.
29 Jul 20
The outbreak will permanently reduce the economy by 2-3%.
29 Jul 20
And Goldman Sachs' new performance review opens for more job cuts.
28 Jul 20
But Singapore remains the top draw due to its favorable environment and standing.
28 Jul 20
Inefficient credit could potentially lead to high systemwide divide.
27 Jul 20
This makes them the first regional asset management firm to offer robo-advisory.
27 Jul 20
People’s Daily accused the lender of lying about the tech giant.
27 Jul 20
Scheduled commercial banks saw weaker credit growth at 5.9%.
23 Jul 20
The ongoing pandemic pushed businesses and individuals to boost holdings.
23 Jul 20
The regulator has said it may buy up to $112b (JPY12t) in ETFs a year.
23 Jul 20
It said that the local economy is now less uncertain than in April.
23 Jul 20
This is due to improved market liquidity and reduced demands.
22 Jul 20
It will help reduce potential fail trades and buy-in costs early.
22 Jul 20
Asiaciti Trust committed money laundering breaches between 2007 and 2018.
22 Jul 20
Chinese banks will account for $398b losses in 2020.
22 Jul 20
Metrics include green finance share of total business mix.
21 Jul 20
The government sees the shift as a way to reinvigorate economy.