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Respond to client needs first amidst big volumes of data, says Bain & Co partner

Edy Widjaja said acting the best digital and data talent helps deliver value to customers creating a virtuous cycle attracting further talent.

Strengthening ability to withstand uncertainties ‘crucial’ for financial stability, says Deloitte Singapore Audit & Assurance Chief Strategy & Operations Officer

Ho Kok Yong said the financial services sector should stay vigilant about inflation, turbulence in capital markets, and the implication of ‘policy...

EY partner: Digitalisation, sustainability initiatives to continue ‘in the long run’

Nam Soon Liew said that financial institutions need to double down on cybersecurity and financial crime compliance amidst digitalisation.

Harnessing seamless digital experiences for growth in payments market

Payments sector needs to strike a balance between convenience and security.

Need for instant fulfillment fuels incumbent banks’ speedy digital transformation

Expect more digital banking features to be rolled out and possibly even the rise of megabanks amidst an increasingly digital-savvy banking and finance...

ESG, Sustainability, AI, and NFTs discussed at ABF Summit 2022

Financial service institutions are hurtling towards a new frontier in the financial industry, navigating drastic changes in regulations and customer...

The end-game for insurers in the scramble for digitalisation

Is a scalable and profitable fully digital insurance firm possible?

How insurers are riding the digital transformation wave?

From improving claims to simplifying products, veteran insurers give real-life examples of digitalisation in the industry.

BCG, ServiceNow, Collinson & HomeCredit on why lenders have zoned in on monitoring technology, loyalty as key to future of industry

Technology is very much one if not the most  influential factor rapidly transforming the financial services industry, with decentralized finance and...

Singapore’s push into ESG investing

Transparent and trustworthy reporting standards made Singapore a regional financial hub. Can it do the same with green investing?

Growth in the digital payment space is through seamless digital experience

Outseer leads discussions on what is driving the growth of digital payments and what customers expect from them.

Striking balance between fraud prevention and less friction

Banks’ push for more innovation is necessary but raises risks they are not ready for, experts warn.

Outseer holds roundtable to stop fraud right at the doorsteps

The roundtable will discuss various measures to counter cyberthreats and fraud risks.

ABF partners with TIBCO in roundtable talks on use of agile data fabrics for FSIs

TIBCO will discuss how to build agile data fabrics to improve growth and competitiveness.

Intelligent automation is so much more than cost savings

SS&C Blue Prism VP of financial services says this is an ‘interesting time’ for financial services firms.