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Increasing Productivity with IRISXtract™

From small family business to large personal/health care & home cleaning distributor

What was once a small family business established in 1964, Corlison / Pearlie White is now one of the largest distributors of personal, health care, and home cleaning products that is fully Singaporean-owned. With the shift in the way consumers shop, they have greatly invested in expanding their e-commerce capabilities especially in respect to tapping into the growth from an ever growing number of smaller business-to-consumer transactions for their products made via e-commerce websites and e-marketplaces. However, the growth in the business was hampered by traditional operational practices that were more suited to fulfilling larger business-to-business transactions. This is where IRISXtract™ has improved their business efficiency in the processing of online transactions since the implementation.

IRISXtract™ as a Problem Solver

The company has been around for 56 years now and with that comes its own set of problems. Previously, the processing of purchase orders on the system was heavily reliant on manual data entry. Staff had to handle the keying in of transactions, one-by-one, including documents for repeated customer orders, purchase orders, invoices, and more. Often, orders come in a variety of formats, which further complicated the process. This meant a lot of unnecessary time was spent on high volumes of manual data entry, making them prone to human errors. Because of this, the productivity suffered as the business continued to expand with an ever-increasing volume of transactions and a limited number of man-hours. A lot of time was spent not just on data entry, but also on spotting and correcting of errors.

With IRISXtract™ data extraction became automated and seamlessly integrated in the ERP system of the company. The unique and customisable features of IRISXtract™ have allowed to process transactions from many platforms in various order formats (structured, unstructured and hybrid forms) — even the small and bulk orders that come in via fax and email. For non-digital purchase orders, all we had to do was to scan the paper orders and data extraction would be completed in seconds, and automatically sorted to the relevant department. Another feature that has helped improve the efficiency is the scalability of the solution. The implementation of this solution a year ago was definitely timely. Over the years, and especially during this period where most of people have shifted to online shopping, the company has seen an increase in transactions. Because of this, the company is now able to cope with the exponential growth in demands efficiently and smoothly, and document management has become much easier for the teams. Employees adapted to it quickly as they could see how IRISXtract™ improved their work processes with the automation and user-friendly interface.

“IRISXtract™ has been a game-changer for our business on many levels. IRISXtract™ was implemented and configured to fit our business needs, and data extraction became automated and seamlessly integrated with our ERP system. By automating the purchase order process, our workload was significantly reduced.”
Mr Andy Ong, Managing Director of Corlison / Pearlie White

Key facts

  • Process purchase orders 10 times faster than before
  • 90% reduction of errors
  • 30% increase in transactions

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