NetReveal 360° enables companies to meet compliance obligations

Aug 27, 2020

Provides institutions with the means to host their compliance solution in a cloud environment.

As employees shift from working in an office to a remote environment, the need for an easily accessible solution has become greater than ever for companies, particularly financial institutions who face ever-changing compliance challenges. This also includes access to and provision of data.

Cloud environments have helped companies meet their compliance obligations by providing a scalable, dependable and elastic technology option to address change quickly and allows controllable costing options for predictable spend. Combine this with the need to monitor and maintain the solution, the benefits of a host solution start to become more prevalent.

As walking the compliance tightrope becomes trickier, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence developed NetReveal 360° to provide institutions with the means to host their compliance solution in a cloud environment, shifting maintenance, support, and performance to its managed services, as well as lowering internal time and costs for the institution.

Cloud enables flexibility to integrate larger data sets than previously used in an efficacy that has not previously been able to be leveraged. APAC Regional customer officer and Managing Director APAC Financial Services, Gerard O’Reilly notes that by opting for NetReveal 360, the deployment provides access to professional services expertise ensuring that changes are correctly handled and deployed cleanly into production.

Integration of cloud technology in financial institutions

By embracing cloud technology, financial institutions would have the ability to scale more quickly and efficiently than using on-prem. It would also provide them with a better understanding of technology spend and usage of Opex budget.

Further, less legacy technology will be used to integrate as more data sources become available in the future. Being on more current infrastructure also means that the companies will be able to keep pace with their customers and their changing demands as we face a new global “normal” in the way banking services are consumed and how customers will interact.

This means that the customer feedback is in the product and the out of the box nature reflects the best practice for end users. A robust service level agreement is in place between BAE and each customer to ensure responsibility and accountability that has traditionally resided within the financial institution, is now defined and both clearly articulated and actioned.

NetReveal 360° for AML compliance

NetReveal 360° is developed from hundreds of deployments which have been both on-prem and in the cloud deployed across a global installation base. NetReveal 360° addresses the core foundation of regulatory financial crime compliance such as transaction monitoring, KYC/CDD, Watch List Monitoring for both transaction filtering and PEP and Sanctions, wrapped under a single Enterprise Investigation Manager alert and case management layer.

Out of the box scenarios and reporting is also accessible for users via a web front end. A complete system that is integrated across modules allows the investigator a richer understanding of the customer risk within the institution.

Over the last 6 to 12 months, BAE Systems has seen an increase in the larger banks looking towards leveraging their technology cloud roadmaps to make use of the NetReveal compliance platform. This has been accelerated as well, due to the current pandemic.

Further, with use of external data in model creation, institutions can look to more readily account for new patterns or detect outlier activity, such as an increase in digital transactions or purchases that are related to business type, as new criminal typologies change as the current market landscape evolves.

Lastly, with regards to customer on-boarding and ongoing due diligence, the speed at which institutions can gather and assess potential new customers is an area of increased importance. The speed, enrichment and verification of the on-boarding process is critical for institutions to protect themselves. Investment into real-time processing and open APIs to consume external data for verification has been a key area of innovation that will continue for BAE Systems.

Gerard notes that NetReveal 360 is a product that is the latest incarnation of a product that has been developed for 16+ years, and is trusted by global banks to detect and prevent financial crime in their institutions.

“We have seen a recent increase in both customers moving to cloud (private and public) and also making enquiries/RFPs whereby Cloud is now either an option, or in some cases mandatory,” said Gerard.

Customer feedback is captured via the Financial Crime Intelligence Network (FCIN), which is an online community that has thrived during the recent pandemic. Hosted webcast and podcast material is also available for all of BAEs customers.

“The change in nature of transactions during the pandemic is also something we have noticed with our customers, especially the drop in usage of cash—for these such examples BAE Systems continues to work closely to understand the financial crime landscape and adjust the product strategy to suit the market demands,” added Gerard.


We use intelligence-led insights to help defend governments, nations and societies from financial crime and cyber-attacks. We spent the past two decades serving more than 175 customers globally, including more than half of the world’s top 40 financial institutions, to detect and combat financial crime. We employ data science practitioners and subject matter experts with more than 15 years of domain and financial services experience.

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