Trade Finance

16 Sep 13
But operational inefficiencies are barriers to growth.
16 Sep 13
A new Account Reconciliation Manager solution was also launched.
16 Sep 13
It's the first bank to do so.
13 Sep 13
It includes interest rate and RMB internationalization.
11 Sep 13
Below is a message from Paul Simpson, head of Global Transaction Services: I am pleased to announce that Percy Batliwalla has been...
10 Sep 13
Trade finance executives from OCBC, BPI, and Techcombank share their insights.
10 Sep 13
RGI increased 65% and hit 1,112 in July.
9 Sep 13
Under a new pilot programme in Kunshan.
9 Sep 13
Its Electronic Commercial Draft System expands.
3 Sep 13
Standard Chartered announced that it has established a Global Treasury Solutions team for its Transaction Banking Business.
27 Aug 13
The product will be installed in Switzerland.
19 Aug 13
Aims to attract financing for large infrastructure projects.
15 Aug 13
Standard Chartered has created an RMB Solutions team that is responsible for delivering bespoke client solutions to help them best capture...
15 Aug 13
SIP is a finance solution offered in trade commodity financing.
8 Aug 13
The rise was mainly driven by a rise in CNH FX turnover.
8 Aug 13
The fifth China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue concluded on 11 July.
2 Aug 13
Celestial Securities, Ltd is the first to connect.
31 Jul 13
In my last article, I wrote about Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) and its usefulness.
30 Jul 13
Patrick de Courcy shares his 3 goals following his appointment.
25 Jul 13
Thanks to all-time high market share of 0.87%.
25 Jul 13
Understanding the Customer is a key metric in Asian Transactional Banking Markets, and is influenced by a growing number of product and service...
24 Jul 13
On 10 July, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) announced a series of measures aimed at simplifying renminbi (RMB) cross-border transactions...
22 Jul 13
It's the first deal post-PBOC's circular.
22 Jul 13
Luiz Simione has been appointed Global Head of Forfaiting & Risk Distribution for Global Trade and Receivables Finance (GTRF), HSBC, with...
12 Jul 13
Find out what the market implications are.
28 Jun 13
Transaction Banking in Asia is dominated by the ‘Big Three’ of Standard Chartered, HSBC and Citigroup - however the emergence of...
27 Jun 13
RMB payments here increased 8.2% in May.
26 Jun 13
The Commonwealth Bank announced an appointment in its Institutional Banking & Markets business.
19 Jun 13
ACCESS lets clients do financial transactions in a single location.
18 Jun 13
Adds US$517 million to finance exports of heavy industry goods.
11 Jun 13
Find out what the major differentiating factors are.
10 Jun 13
London’s market share surpassed Singapore’s.