7 Feb 17
Industries across the board are undergoing structural change.
20 Jan 17
As millions of people from rural India march into the cashless world, India could face a credit card crisis as early as 2019.
19 Jan 17
According to a recent global survey of how banks approach risk management,1 Asian bank executives are thinking differently about future...
24 Nov 16
This post addresses trends in Fintech, with a focus on Robo-advisors and the unique attributes of Japan's financial market.
22 Nov 16
For the last few years, Japanese banks have aggressively expanded their assets overseas, which has helped increased their stubbornly low...
11 Nov 16
New technology companies looking to break into the financial services sector are bringing fresh competition for banks – prompting a new...
7 Oct 16
It has been two years since Chinese banks have seen their luck turn sour with raising NPLs and decreasing profits.
7 Oct 16
61% of respondents to the ICC Banking Commission’s latest Global Survey reported a shortfall in global trade finance.
6 Oct 16
This post examines initiatives to accelerate the development of Japan's payment infrastructure through the lens of the Zengin System—the...
27 Sep 16
Global banking is facing a perfect storm.
26 Sep 16
This post examines the current status and future outlook of legacy modernisation in Japan's financial industry based on a survey Celent...
19 Sep 16
Back in 2012, Thailand's Electronic Transactions Commission issued regulations that mandated domestic...
13 Sep 16
As per Reserve Bank of India, the Indian banking system has gross stressed assets of 11.5% of total assets, as of March 2016.
30 Aug 16
The classical central banker’s dilemma is how to address the growth versus inflation conflict.
25 Jul 16
It is almost a cliché by now when banks cite Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes and controls as the biggest risk management challenge when...
19 Jul 16
Slower economic conditions around the region are certainly impacting our banks and financial services institutions, but that doesn’t mean...
4 May 16
The second quarter of the calendar year is always a very active period for recruiters, after Chinese New Year and post-bonus season.
27 Jan 16
The first quarter of the calendar year is traditionally a peak recruitment season within banking & financial services.
11 Jan 16
Copious amounts of personal data is collected by banks each day and frequently shared with third parties as technology continues to revolutionise...
4 Nov 15
Private banks in Asia are increasingly burdened by risk and regulatory requirements, in fact more so than any other segments within banking....
2 Nov 15
Careers in banking and finance are ever-evolving as constant change in Asia's markets creates demand for new skill sets.
20 Oct 15
Despite their significant role in facilitating trade, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to access funding.
6 Oct 15
As Asia's financial services sector continues to evolve, so too are the opportunities facing banking and finance professionals.
30 Sep 15
A combination of traditional banking values and omni-channel seamless customer service will ensure that vanilla commercial banks will always...
24 Sep 15
Custodian Banks are used by their customers for the safekeeping of proprietary and third-party interests in securities; the settlement and...
16 Sep 15
In the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis, a chorus of bankers reaffirmed their commitment to global universal banking because it...
22 Jul 15
Hiring in Asia's banking and finance sectors remains active.
11 May 15
In recent days, China has approved 32 foreign institutions to invest in its domestic bond market worth USD 5.9 tn, mainly via the QFII (Qualified...
8 May 15
Following the slowdown in recruitment activity before the Chinese New Year, an increasing number of jobs are becoming available in the accountancy...
28 Apr 15
Before I founded Anagram Group and became a corporate trainer/coach, I spent over 15 years in the banking industry working for some of the world...
16 Apr 15
Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralised virtual cryptocurrency and digital commodity money, operating on a bi-directional flow where it can be traded for...
13 Apr 15
Singapore recently played host to the launch of the ICC Academy, established to provide certified business education, initially in banking and...
18 Mar 15
The Guangdong Free Trade Zone (FTZ) opens on March 18, according to a trade association in the province.
23 Jan 15
Job opportunities in the accountancy, finance, and banking sectors are growing as many international companies continue to invest in the Asia-...
10 Dec 14
The proposed Shanghai-Hong Kong Connect is a potential game-changer for the world's second-largest economy to entrench itself as Asia'...
4 Dec 14
Fear of losing market share sparks constant vigilance among financial services firms, but lately attention has been shifting from traditional...
3 Dec 14
Mobile is fast becoming part of a long-term strategy for banks, financial institutions, and merchants with the rapid convergence of mobile...
28 Nov 14
Acquisition and Leveraged Finance, in a broad sense, involves debt being raised from banks (mostly) to fund an acquisition, based primarily on the...
6 Nov 14
While challenges remain, a number of drivers look set to underpin Asia's banking sector over the next few years.