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China targets CNY9t new loans for FY13

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It's up from the CNY8t target in FY12. According to Barclays, while the China Central Economic Work Conference did not give out any official new loans target, and just stated that the country will “properly expand the amount of social financing to maintain a moderate increase in loan issuances”, the state-run Shanghai Securities News reported that China’s new CNY loans target for FY13 would be set at CNY9t, up CNY500-800b from CNY8-8.5t loans target for FY12. Read ››

Indian banks admit massive losses to fraud

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Duped out of US$817 million in the last financial year. Read ››

China's November loan figures 'roughly in-line'

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Mainland banks lent out CNY530b of new loans. According to Maybank Kim Eng, PBOC announced that mainland banks lent out CNY530b of new loans in Nov12. This is higher than the CNY500b in Oct12 (which was a 13-month low), but is slightly lower than the CNY550b Bloomberg consensus figure.  Here's more from Maybank Kim Eng:   Read ››

Indonesia's SME loan requirement may hurt foreign banks

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Foreign banks could reel from Indonesia's new requirement to lend 20% to SMEs. Read ››

Why Asian banks must revamp their SME divisions

Shekar Ganesh
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The latest strategy to aggressively grow unsecured loans to the SME segment, underpinned by the hopes of earning mega bucks to make up for the falling margins is bold but could well be the cause for the next disaster. Read ››

Why Chinese banks must mull over bailing out shadow banking

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Check out what Barclays has to say. According to Barclays, the shadow banking system in China refers mainly to non-bank lending (trust, entrusted loans, trade finance, leasing, pawnshop, private lending, and micro-lending), in our view, which provides financing to the real economy. Read ››

China's Big Four lent out CNY168b in November

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That is lower than October's CNY220b. Maybank Kim Eng notes that according to mainland media, the big four mainland banks lent out CNY168b during Nov12, much lower than the CNY220b in Oct12. Read ››

Thailand's Krungsri targets more loans with wage hike

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A 17% new accounts growth projection. Krungsri First Choice will keep its focus on mass market segmentation, believing the nationwide minimum wage hike planned for next year will help drive its business. Read ››

Rival Indonesian banks BRI, BNI target 22% lending growth

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Strong demand by consumers and corporations. This caused Bank Rakyat Indonesia and Bank Negara Indonesia to forecast their lending to grow by more than 20 percent next year. Read ››

Indonesia's state banks to write off bad loans

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Level playing field with private banks. This is what Indonesia's state-controlled banks are seeking by writing off bad loans they inherited from the 1997-98 financial crisis. Read ››

Chinese banks rush to sell subordinated debt

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Total debt is a staggering US$24 billion. The January 2013 deadline for the Basel III reforms has led to a rush by Chinese banks to expand their capital base. Read ››

Philippines' BDO, Korean Dev't Bank cooperate in project financing

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Philippines and in East Asia. Thisis the scope of the project financing cooperation entered into between BDO and Korea Development Bank. Read ››

Thailand's SCB wants Laos and Myanmar, not Malaysia and Indonesia

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Be regional banks. This is what Vichit Suraphongchai, executive chairman of Siam Commercial Bank, advises Thai banks to do. Read ››

Standard Chartered China gets approval for RMB3.3b loan quota

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It is the first foreign bank to have been granted approval. Read ››

This graph shows how Thai banks benefit from a sudden surge in corporate loans

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Listed-company gross debt increased by THB621bn in 9M12. According to Nomura, underlining the increase in investment is the fact that the increase in listedcompany debt in 2012 is the highest post the 1997 financial crisis. Read ››

Malaysia's Exim Bank ups lending target to RM5-B

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  Infrastructure projects in Asean. Malaysia's Exim Bank expects to increase loans for these as Malaysian companies take on such projects. Read ››

IFC to lend more to Asian banks

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International Finance Corporation has US$5 billion to support bank trade financing. Read ››

Indonesia revokes licenses of 28 money changers

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Failure to meet minimum capital requirements. Bank Indonesia has revoked the licenses of 28 non-bank money changers in Jakarta on account of this. Read ››

Australia's home loans up 0.9%

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More home loans made across Australia. According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 46395 owner-occupied loans were approved in September, compared to 45,983 in August. Read ››

Chinese bank NPLs set new record for scariness

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Total NPLs jump to US$77 billion in Q3. The China Banking Regulatory Commission reports an increase in non-performing loans or NPLs at major state-owned lenders, rural banks and foreign banks during the third quarter. Read ››

Bad loans on the rise for China's banks

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NPLs up for four consecutive quarters. This is the the longest period of asset-quality deterioration for Chinese banks since authorities began to release such figures in 2004. Read ››

BOC given 3.1-B yuan credit quota

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Program's total value is 50 billion yuan. In a pilot program of the nation's credit asset-backed securitization, Bank of China was given a 3.1 billion yuan quota. Read ››

Vietnam promises huge cut in bank NPLs

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Vietnam will take tough action to reduce NPLs to 3% to 4%. Read ››

Check out how China's total social financing will reach a new record of CNY15t

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The previous peak was CNY14 trillion in 2010. Barclays estimates that TSF is on track to reach a new record of ~CNY15trn this year, versus the previous peak of CNY14trn in 2010. Read ››

Vietnam’s NPLs grow to threatening proportions

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Total non-performing loans jump to 66% from January to October. Read ››

Bank Negara Indonesia to facilitate $433-M syndicated loan

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Rp 4.17 trillion worth of syndicated loans. This will be availed by Krakatau Steel with Bank Negara Indonesia acting as the syndicated loan agent. Read ››

United Bank of India lowers loan growth target

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Sell bad loans to improve profitability. The United Bank of India aims to bring down gross NPA to 3.25% by March next year from 3.8% on September. Read ››

Japanese banks top world infrastructure lending

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Thomson Reuters survey confirms dominance. The survey shows that Japan's big three banking groups dominate the list of top lenders for global infrastructure development. Read ››

Taishin Financial expects loan growth to slow down

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A conservative loan growth forecast. Taishin Financial based this on the ongoing global economic uncertainty when it announced that it expects loan growth to continue, albeit at a slower pace than last quarter. Read ››

Malaysia's loan growth spurred by credit info sharing

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Loan growth and improved asset quality. This is the result of the introduction of a credit reporting system in Malaysia called Central Credit Reference Information System. Read ››

SME financing taken on by Chinese local governments

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China introduces a new category of bonds specifically for SMEs. Read ››

How can Indian banks face the looming disaster from failing restructured loans?

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Here are 4 things banks and governments alike must do to address reduction in asset quality concerns. Read ››

Thai banks tailor loans for real estate

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Adjust strategies for real estate developers. Thai Banks found it necessary so that developers can run their projects on schedule. Read ››

Why Indian banks will benefit from the increase in restructured loan provisions

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The 2.75% provision is expected to strengthen their loss absorption capacity. Read ››

Malaysian banks continue loans growth

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Bank loans are up 11.9 percent. Furthermore, this year-on-year growth of Malaysian bank loans is enhanced with business loans and consumers loans each advancing at 0.8 percent month-on-month. Read ››

Australian bank sees subdued credit demand

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Rein in costs and cut jobs. Australian banks have no recourse but to do this as credit expansion is now on its slowest. Read ››

Are Chinese banks ill-equipped to acquire and run Euro banks?

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The best that predatory Chinese banks could do is take over a struggling European bank and leave the management in place. Read ››

Thailand's KBank to facilitate loans with 19 Chinese banks

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The largest Sino-Thai factoring service. Kasikornbank struck a memorandum of understanding with 19 partner banks in China to jointly develop this and boost lending by upto Bt29 billion. Read ››

Krungsri First Choice eyes 15-20% loan growth

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By 15 to 20 percent. This is the lending growth target of Krungsri First Choice next year. Read ››

Indian banks stagger under NPAs

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Indian banks face more NPAs. Indian banks will stagger under soaring non-performing assets (NPAs) for another year as the debilitated economy shows no signs of improvement. Read ››