Lending & Credit

10 Jun 13
Drops to US$107.6 billion in May.
7 Jun 13
Intends to to test convertibility at the Qianhai zone.
7 Jun 13
Continuing hike in bad loans forces extension.
5 Jun 13
Orders banks to boost reserves to 5% from 2.75%.
4 Jun 13
In Part Two of a special series of reports regarding conduct risk and consumer protection regulations, we continue with a brief history on the...
3 Jun 13
First MAS representative office in Beijing good for commercial banks.
3 Jun 13
Moody's sees no immediate meltdown in China's shadow banking, however.
30 May 13
Bank Indonesia will introduce e-money in June.
30 May 13
Card will support business development and activities.
28 May 13
Aim is to allow the financial sector to better serve the real economy.
27 May 13
Debts are a heavy burden on public finance.
24 May 13
He will serve until May 31, 2015.
23 May 13
Targets are Chinese companies planning overseas ventures in Europe.
23 May 13
Inaction could result in a damaging hard landing for the economy.
21 May 13
It’s one of Hong Kong’s largest deals since late 2012.
17 May 13
NPL ratio rose to 0.96% by end-March.
15 May 13
Launches privileged guarantee fee subsidy.
14 May 13
It surpassed the 20% cap on real estate loans.
14 May 13
Banks sign memorandum of understanding to support SMEs.
13 May 13
Two Big Four banks cited for improper financial management.
13 May 13
Money supply rises 16.1%, however.
9 May 13
Conversion to begin in 2014 as part of the renminbi’s internationalization.
8 May 13
It's the lowest of the major banks for 46 months.
7 May 13
That is for standard variable home loans.
7 May 13
Fourteen of 16 banks report rise in bad loans.
2 May 13
Economic slowdown forces banks to push retail loans.
29 Apr 13
Demand from the corporate sector will continue to remain weak, however.
29 Apr 13
Move will add liquidity and make it easier for banks to cut lending rates.
25 Apr 13
Even though the principles of financial services consumer protection have been around in Asia for a number of years, there seems to be little...
25 Apr 13
It's US$5.4 billion more than 2012.
25 Apr 13
It reached RMB 103.61 trillion in March.
24 Apr 13
Rising risks from shadow banking make this urgent.
24 Apr 13
Unregulated channels may be used to pour funds into speculative real estate.
18 Apr 13
Loans are for the infrastructure, consumer goods and plantation sectors.
16 Apr 13
Central bank wants to better stabilize Vietnam’s troubled banking sector.
12 Apr 13
Barclays warns it will not be sustained.
11 Apr 13
Guess what caused the increase?
10 Apr 13
Billionaire American investor George Soros says China has a few years to control shadow banking risks....