Lending & Credit

5 Feb 13
Customers can earn monthly rebates to waive off fees on their banking transactions.
31 Jan 13
Find out what went wrong in 2012.
31 Jan 13
Continue to turn to shadow banking for funds.
31 Jan 13
China's largest infrastructure project lender to fund more urbanization-related projects.
31 Jan 13
State Bank of Vietnam sets June 1 deadline to protect against more NPLs.
29 Jan 13
Overall loan growth is expected to moderate to 8% this year.
29 Jan 13
Government to publish a regional breakdown of financing flows that measures total corporate fundraising....
28 Jan 13
Pakistan says microfinancing system can benefit China.
22 Jan 13
Indonesian Vice President Boediono said entrepreneurs have a crucial role in development.
21 Jan 13
Bangkok Bank expects further loan growth after the 9.1-percent expansion in 2012.
18 Jan 13
Slowdown was most evident in trade and construction.
18 Jan 13
Seven-fold surge in trust loans worries central government.
16 Jan 13
Eighteen Korean banks are planning to lend a combined 30.8 trillion won to SMEs this year.
16 Jan 13
It's a 54-bp improvement from last year.
14 Jan 13
Thanks to natural new home buyers and HDB upgraders.
13 Jan 13
Siam Commercial Bank unveiled its plans for 2013 to boost growth.
11 Jan 13
Loosening monetary conditions continue.
10 Jan 13
South Korean banks' household loans grew at the fastest pace in six years in December.
9 Jan 13
Credit growth may reach 20% in 1H13.
6 Jan 13
Credit risks will force South Korean banks to tighten lending practices in the first quarter.
4 Jan 13
Japan Post Bank has been conditionally allowed by the government to launch three new businesses.
3 Jan 13
Dena Bank announced it will work out a loan restructuring package for SMEs.
21 Dec 12
Hong Kong is investigating UBS over the Asian financial center’s benchmark interest rate.
19 Dec 12
It's up from the CNY8t target in FY12.
17 Dec 12
Duped out of US$817 million in the last financial year.
12 Dec 12
Mainland banks lent out CNY530b of new loans.
11 Dec 12
Foreign banks could reel from Indonesia's new requirement to lend 20% to SMEs.
11 Dec 12
The latest strategy to aggressively grow unsecured loans to the SME segment, underpinned by the hopes of earning mega bucks to make up for the...
10 Dec 12
Check out what Barclays has to say.
7 Dec 12
That is lower than October's CNY220b.
6 Dec 12
A 17% new accounts growth projection.
3 Dec 12
Strong demand by consumers and corporations.
3 Dec 12
Level playing field with private banks.
29 Nov 12
Total debt is a staggering US$24 billion.
26 Nov 12
Be regional banks. This is what Vichit Suraphongchai, executive chairman of Siam Commercial Bank, advises Thai banks to do.
26 Nov 12
It is the first foreign bank to have been granted approval.
21 Nov 12
Listed-company gross debt increased by THB621bn in 9M12.
20 Nov 12
  Infrastructure projects in Asean.