In Focus

20 Jun 18
The likely target will be individuals shunned by private banking and pushed into premium retail banking models.
13 Jun 18
Assets under management grew 15.2% which is almost double Europe’s 7.5%.
6 Jun 18
The bulk of PRC lending is geared towards lower credit quality firms like SMEs.
30 May 18
Lenders handled a whopping $11.1t in mobile payments in the first quarter alone.
23 May 18
The Indonesian rupiah has plunged to a three-year low which might level strain on the banking system.
15 May 18
The sector is poised for profitability as it nears the end of the bad loan cycle.
9 May 18
Banks are pooling resources to break growth ceilings with the planned development of a blockchain-powered trade finance platform.
1 May 18
CAGR from 2009 to 2016 clocked in at 12%.
26 Apr 18
Amidst tighter regulatory pressures, analysts weigh in on whether Asia is still a market worth conquering.
17 Apr 18
Mobile banking has grown at least twofold in Emerging Asia to outpace other e-banking types.
10 Apr 18
New markets and new target demographics may just help banks stay afloat.
5 Apr 18
DBS stays ahead of the pack after growing its digital team since 2009.
29 Mar 18
They lead the rest of the world when shares of global banks plunged 17%.
28 Mar 18
Bank lending to households represent half of GDP and 82% of disposable income in 2017.
15 Mar 18
The mainland’s deleveraging programme will drive cross-border loan activity but pose risks to LGFVs.
13 Mar 18
Singapore banks lead the pack as over half pledge to increase investment by over 5%.
7 Mar 18
The tech giant is in talks with JPMorgan Chase to create a product similar to a checking account.
23 Feb 18
Consumers are increasingly using e-wallets for their daily transactions like food and transport.
15 Feb 18
Should banks worry now that they have new competition?
13 Feb 18
Digital savvy clients may soon prefer to interact more with chatbots.
1 Feb 18
It benefits banks' funding structure and lifts profits.
30 Jan 18
They focus on digital innovations to improve risk management.
23 Jan 18
China Banking Regulatory Commission targets to eliminate "chaos" in the financial system.
12 Jan 18
Malaysian banks adopted the new standard on January 1, 2018.
9 Jan 18
Even their improved asset quality cannot mask these concerns.
20 Dec 17
Banks will continue to develop the use of technology and data analytics for AML.
12 Dec 17
The use of banks’ own internal models to calculate their RWA will be limited under the new rules.
4 Dec 17
Leverage levels are particularly high in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Vietnam.
28 Nov 17
54% of fintechs have focused on banks.
21 Nov 17
Hong Kong has made the most significant advance with its bank resolution regime.
15 Nov 17
Devices spending in the sector will grow the fastest at 20%.
8 Nov 17
Nominal GDP also grew faster than shadow banking assets.
31 Oct 17
Moderating housing loan growth could drag banks' profitability.
18 Oct 17
How could open banking revolutionise how banks generate value?
11 Oct 17
Check out the latest developments around blockchain in Singapore.
3 Oct 17
Loan growth could weaken and NPLs could rise.
27 Sep 17
The PBOC's balance-sheet claims on depository institutions hit US$1.4t as of July.
20 Sep 17
JP Morgan and Citi are amongst the banks deploying virtual branches.
12 Sep 17
Most banks can begin with improving their knowledge of data analytics.