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More mergers in the horizon for Islamic banks in South Asia, SEA

For smaller players, this may be their best bet to protect their assets.
2 days ago

More mergers in the horizon for Islamic banks in South Asia, SEA

For smaller players, this may be their best bet to protect their assets.
2 days ago

How accelerated innovations in tech will lead to open banking

It’s a mixed bag for most SEA markets, but regulator support illuminates the future of open banking.

Loan forbearance extension clouds Indonesian banks’ asset quality for longer

The extension is a positive for their asset quality and profits, but credit costs will remain elevated.

Expect failures amongst Hong Kong’s virtual-only banks: S&P

Digital lenders are currently at a loss-making and some may fold over the next few years.

SMEs mull switch to fintechs, digital banks as main finance service provider

More than one in three APAC SMEs consider switching to fintech.

Why Islamic Banks will be the biggest winners post-COVID

A young, tech-savvy population and a growing preference for ESG banking are amongst the reasons why Islamic Banks will take flight. 

Improved outlooks on the horizon for Chinese finance companies

Policies to slow debt growth and control property prices appear to be working, abating economic risks.

Singapore banks post robust net profit results

All three major banks reported net profits of more than $2b for the first six months of 2021.

Thai banks sufficiently buffered against ongoing risks: Fitch

Escalation of the pandemic in Thailand will significantly affect business activity in H2.

Hong Kong lenders gear up sustainability initiatives as post-pandemic era dawns

The total combined headcount across 18 banks in the city is down 2,000 from just 12 months ago.

Digitalisation creeping into non-tech roles as Singapore banks accelerate hiring

The sector will continue in a “reform and transform” path, hinging on successful digital banking applicants.

The bank of the future: How to embrace AI and analytics

Banks must invest in transforming capabilities across all four layers of the integrated capability stack, says McKinsey & Co.

Citi Global Wealth APAC Co-head Fabio Fontainha outlines bank's ambitions

Fontainha expounds on Citi's wealth goals, which include adding $150b AUM across the APAC franchise in four years’ time.

Security Bank CEO Sanjiv Vohra on future-proofing a bank amidst a time of upheaval

The CEO of Philippines’ first private bank post-war highlights the importance of a people-centric approach in future-proofing a bank whilst tackling a crisis.

Local bond market’s problems heighten Chinese banks' credit risks

The bond market’s repayment woes may force banks to make concessions for the sake of financial stability.

Taiwanese bills finance companies to be unaffected by recent COVID surge: Fitch

The country’s economic resilience has eased BFCs’ operational pressures.

Why the hybrid work model is here to stay for banks

Banks stand to lose on cost savings and even on attracting talent if they stubbornly push for the return of pre-pandemic work set-up.