In Focus

20 Feb 19
Thanks to the shift towards fees and commission in the non-interest income mix.
13 Feb 19
Retail mortgage NPLs account for 16.6% of systemic bad loans and 25.9% of total loans.
6 Feb 19
Mainland credit exposure has dropped since Q3 2018 and is likely to remain flat in 2019.
31 Jan 19
Net interest margins are set to rise by 3-5bp.
23 Jan 19
Lending to small enterprises is on a steady rise since 2013.
16 Jan 19
The combined loan exposure of Korean shipbuilder Hanjin to its five creditors is at $412m.
9 Jan 19
Lending is tipped to moderate to 5.1% in 2019 from 5.6% in 2018.
19 Dec 18
Outside of China, fintechs are only able to disrupt one vertical unlike Alipay or WeChat Pay.
12 Dec 18
From 4.7% in end-2016, loans booked double-digit growth of 14.9% in November.
5 Dec 18
Innovative fintechs are filling in gaps in order to meet the complex digital demands of this booming client base.
28 Nov 18
Incumbents are launching VC arms and innovation labs to avoid being outpaced.
21 Nov 18
The pivot to retail has boosted NIMs, loan growth and operational efficiency.
14 Nov 18
Megabanks have easier access to funding and have more stable asset quality.
7 Nov 18
Although the amount of nonbank third-party payment skyrocketed 480% from 2014-2017, mobile payments by banks rose by 798% over the same period....
31 Oct 18
DBS and OCBC are regional leaders in fintech and innovation.
17 Oct 18
It rolled out a real-time fund transfer system, open API guidelines, virtual banks authorisation in 2018 alone.
9 Oct 18
The bank enhanced 64% of its ATM's cost and acquired 10% more customers with 40% less branches.
3 Oct 18
Lower credit costs lifted average operating profit/risk weighted assets from 1.6% in 2017 to 2.2% in H1 2018.
26 Sep 18
The two players have been booking losses as they ramp up IT spending.
19 Sep 18
India, Indonesia, and the Philippines will benefit from a favourable demographic shift whilst Korea and Japan will flounder.
12 Sep 18
Indonesian and Philippine banks may lose up to $3.8b and $1.3b respectively as they fail to hold on to their dominance.
4 Sep 18
The HKMA has received 29 applications in the first round of screening ending August 31.
22 Aug 18
Overseeing 21 public sector banks has proven too difficult a task for the government.
15 Aug 18
Much has been said about slower credit growth but banks could also look forward to improving asset quality.
8 Aug 18
An earnings turnaround is in sight by 2020 as banks start shedding off bad loans.
1 Aug 18
Lending to SME operators will keep NPL formation levels elevated.
25 Jul 18
Tier 1 Capital ratio could fall from 9.4% to 8% by 2019.
2 Jul 18
Chinese lenders held the top four places in overall ranking based on Tier 1 capital.
27 Jun 18
Easing monetary policy will ease credit crunch firms face as part of the shadow banking crackdown.
20 Jun 18
The likely target will be individuals shunned by private banking and pushed into premium retail banking models.
13 Jun 18
Assets under management grew 15.2% which is almost double Europe’s 7.5%.
6 Jun 18
The bulk of PRC lending is geared towards lower credit quality firms like SMEs.
30 May 18
Lenders handled a whopping $11.1t in mobile payments in the first quarter alone.
23 May 18
The Indonesian rupiah has plunged to a three-year low which might level strain on the banking system.
15 May 18
The sector is poised for profitability as it nears the end of the bad loan cycle.
9 May 18
Banks are pooling resources to break growth ceilings with the planned development of a blockchain-powered trade finance platform.
1 May 18
CAGR from 2009 to 2016 clocked in at 12%.
26 Apr 18
Amidst tighter regulatory pressures, analysts weigh in on whether Asia is still a market worth conquering.
17 Apr 18
Mobile banking has grown at least twofold in Emerging Asia to outpace other e-banking types.
10 Apr 18
New markets and new target demographics may just help banks stay afloat.