21 Mar 19
During the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), Chinese Premier Li Keqiang presented the government work report.
12 Mar 19
Asia is not only the largest single market in terms of consumer payment value but is also home to the largest share of the world’s unbanked...
12 Mar 19
Along with my colleagues Mark Goodridge and Mulya Chandra from Morgan Stanley’s ASEAN equity research department, I have been writing about...
5 Mar 19
Capital market participants and market infrastructure providers around the world are working to assess and apply emerging technologies.
4 Mar 19
It is no secret that the private banking industry in Asia is facing revenue pressure on multiple fronts, with margin compression and revenue...
27 Feb 19
For private banks and wealth managers, investment suitability is a hot regulatory topic and should be at the heart of front-office digitisation...
26 Feb 19
Asia’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) financing scene is gaining traction against the backdrop of supportive government policies...
19 Nov 18
Security measures and user protection From a systems perspective, open APIs mean that a new communications path is being...
1 Nov 18
With over $3.8b invested in Asia’s fintech ecosystem in 2017 and the emergence of a bouquet of services such as insurtech, Internet of...
1 Nov 18
The bank branch as we know it, with tellers behind windows and bankers huddled in cubicles with desktop computers, needs reinvention.
1 Nov 18
As the pace of global regulatory change increases, it is clear that the Inter-Bank Offered Rates (IBORs) of major currencies will evolve or that...
1 Nov 18
Urbanisation, together with population growth, is expected to add another 2.5 billion people to urban areas around the world by 2050, according to...
31 Oct 18
Returning to a global perspective, both US and European open API trends, as well as regulatory and market participant responses, are valuable...
4 Oct 18
With HKMA and major Hong Kong banks increased their base lending rate on September 27, Hong Kong has finally embraced higher rates after twelve...
25 Sep 18
Stirring beneath the Banking Royal Commission and amplified by the recent interest rate hikes is a sense of agitation amongst the Australian...
10 Sep 18
The global financial services industry including Asia is being plagued with the pervasive nature of financial crime and the ever-changing typology...
24 Aug 18
Asia’s banks have been in a sweet spot this year: operating performances, asset quality, and credit quality are all relatively stable, and...
22 Aug 18
Increased competition and rising costs are forcing private banks globally and in Asia to focus more on profitability and less on volume growth....
22 Aug 18
Why do banks in Asia and the rest of the world have so much trouble managing operational risk?
20 Aug 18
Against very clear headwinds due to the trade war and decelerating investment, China's State Council has unveiled plans to take a more...
13 Jun 18
The topic being discussed most nowaday is “Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia”.
12 Jun 18
Artificial intelligence has been a topic of conversation and a part of business for years, from rogue robots in movies to neural networks that...
25 May 18
When it comes to growth opportunities for digital payments, Indonesia is in a league of its own.
4 May 18
It might seem as though vertical division of labor and horizontal disintegration have already proliferated enough.
23 Apr 18
Banks that focus on customers over products have the best shot at standing up to Amazon's juggernaut when it steams into their market.
19 Apr 18
Banking executives today not only have to deal with running the bank, but also transforming it to grow in a sustainable manner.
5 Apr 18
In general, an API refers to a technical specification for operating a specific program by another program, and it defines command statements (...
4 Apr 18
This is now an inflection point for foreign asset managers as China vows to allow foreign players to take controlling stakes and operate...
9 Mar 18
As we move into 2018, Asia-Pacific banks are facing a range of challenges — from implementing Basel III reforms and keeping pace with...
8 Mar 18
Chinese banks seem to have made meaningful progress in the resolution of problem loans.
5 Mar 18
Banking is considered by most as the business of money.
23 Feb 18
In just decades, digital advancement has enabled technology to shift from being a business enabler to being THE business.
9 Feb 18
In the banking sector, we take a broad view of digital—one that transcends new apps and the deployment of new and different channels....
9 Jan 18
Banks need to narrow the distance with customers, to offer them an array of contact points, and to better understand their behavior and needs.
9 Jan 18
Robust economic growth and, especially, higher industrial prices have pushed up Chinese corporates’ profits since 2016.
4 Dec 17
Since the BCBS 239 principles on risk data aggregation and risk reporting were published by the Basel Committee in 2013, globally systemically...
16 Nov 17
The rapid advance of technology has created the impression that the entire banking industry will soon be digitised.
16 Oct 17
With all the noise surrounding distributed ledger technology (DLT), you’d expect participants in financial markets in Asia Pacific and...
16 Oct 17
Chinese fintech has caught the eyes of investors around the world with its explosive growth in the past half-decade.
25 Sep 17
When one door closes, another one opens up.