18 Jan 21
Much has been written about the likely death of incumbent banks in the face of coming competition from neobanks (or digital banks) soon to be...
7 Jan 21
With smart phone usage growing year over year, mobile banking is the preferred method of customer engagement with banks.
6 Jan 21
Without a doubt, COVID-19 is rapidly changing the way business is done and this is visible across industries.
2 Dec 20
What does replacing LIBOR mean for financial services firms?
27 Nov 20
The development and penetration of the financial sector in local Asian markets confirms that the future has arrived in the region.
18 Nov 20
Each of the practices in Islamic finance is anchored on a particular belief – “money is not an earning asset in and of itself”....
27 Oct 20
If the Global Financial Crisis (“GFC”) was a disaster to the financial sector, the COVID-19 pandemic is a catastrophe (if not...
27 Oct 20
Serving unbanked or under-served populations is a challenge for many retail banks globally,  despite the fact that financial inclusion is a...
27 Aug 20
Banking-as-a-Service, or more commonly known as BaaS, is an end-to-end process that enables third parties to directly connect with banks ...
13 Aug 20
It is fair to say that financial institutions have, with technology, largely succeeded with...
3 Aug 20
There is a popular analogy comparing artificial intelligence (AI) to electricity.
14 Jul 20
The World Bank estimated that over 1.7 billion individuals remain unbanked today.
2 Jul 20
The COVID-19 pandemic forced Singapore banks to change tack in order to meet social distancing and work from home requirements.
17 Jun 20
In the transitional period from the unprecedented emergency to the new normal, the Japanese and APAC financial institutions have stepped up their...
28 May 20
In the last decade, Asia’s banking sector has not only led the world in global banking profit pools, assets and market capitalism but also...
12 May 20
The internet economy for ASEAN is expected to grow to US$300 billion in 2025 with e-Commerce becoming its biggest sector as published in the...
4 May 20
Corporate banking is at a critical juncture of accelerated change External factors are driving disruptions and...
20 Apr 20
The COVID crisis has resulted in an unprecedented disruption to the economic activity, and will lead to major changes in operations of most...
2 Apr 20
Open banking is emerging as a key trend and the next ‘wave’ of digital transformation in global financial markets.
19 Mar 20
A banking revolution is sweeping across Asia as increasing numbers of countries introduce new regulatory frameworks for digital banking.
10 Mar 20
Instant payments are being implemented around the world, promoted by governments to support financial inclusion and the digitisation of economies...
10 Mar 20
Delivering a step-change in value.
5 Mar 20
New technologies are accelerating the modernization of investment strategies and decision-making in capital markets.
5 Mar 20
Whilst the Chinese market is big enough to allow for two major e-payments players, Indonesia needs to unify efforts from otherwise competing...
28 Feb 20
Approximately 2.5 billion people globally lack access to financial services and are forced to rely on inconvenient and often risky means to manage...
20 Feb 20
Bank management teams have faced many challenges in the decade post the global financial crisis.
14 Feb 20
Economic inclusion can seem like a faraway goal for many, if not most, countries around the world.
5 Feb 20
Buoyed by trends such as ongoing digitalisation, the use of big data, and the rise in seamless mobile internet connectivity, Southeast Asia’...
4 Feb 20
Collaboration holds the key to unlock the pathways for traditional bank incumbents and technology entrants in the disrupted world of financial...
3 Feb 20
The success of neobanks has raised challenges amongst the fintech industry.
23 Jan 20
Many large institutions and individuals are interested in the benefits that Security Token Offerings (STOs) could bring to Asia.
22 Jan 20
In the past 12 months, we witnessed a range of companies racing to qualify for a spot among Singapore’s first digital banks, mirroring what...
9 Jan 20
Sustainable banking is getting momentum in developing countries and Bangladesh has been one step ahead now by initiating particular sustainable...
19 Dec 19
As digital banking proliferates through the developed world, its adoption in emerging markets in Southeast Asia continues to lag.
5 Dec 19
  Credit cards have long been a key source of unsecured credit for consumers in developed markets.
13 Nov 19
Understanding the intricacies of global best practices and adapting to it will set machine learning (ML) on a successful course; highly skilled...
11 Nov 19
Although growth is decelerating, the performance of Chinese banks has been resilient so far.
11 Nov 19
The trade finance gap is a serious issue that is impacting the health of global trade and business development in many countries across the world...
5 Nov 19
The origination of the ongoing crisis of Non-Performing Assets (NPA) in India cannot be attributed to a single event nor can it be confined to a...
5 Nov 19
Deteriorating asset quality led to enhanced provisioning, reduced profitability and a subdued capital position has created a challenging...