13 Jun 18
The topic being discussed most nowaday is “Opportunities and Challenges of Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia”.
12 Jun 18
Artificial intelligence has been a topic of conversation and a part of business for years, from rogue robots in movies to neural networks that...
25 May 18
When it comes to growth opportunities for digital payments, Indonesia is in a league of its own.
4 May 18
It might seem as though vertical division of labor and horizontal disintegration have already proliferated enough.
23 Apr 18
Banks that focus on customers over products have the best shot at standing up to Amazon's juggernaut when it steams into their market.
19 Apr 18
Banking executives today not only have to deal with running the bank, but also transforming it to grow in a sustainable manner.
5 Apr 18
In general, an API refers to a technical specification for operating a specific program by another program, and it defines command statements (...
4 Apr 18
This is now an inflection point for foreign asset managers as China vows to allow foreign players to take controlling stakes and operate...
9 Mar 18
As we move into 2018, Asia-Pacific banks are facing a range of challenges — from implementing Basel III reforms and keeping pace with...
8 Mar 18
Chinese banks seem to have made meaningful progress in the resolution of problem loans.
5 Mar 18
Banking is considered by most as the business of money.
23 Feb 18
In just decades, digital advancement has enabled technology to shift from being a business enabler to being THE business.
9 Feb 18
In the banking sector, we take a broad view of digital—one that transcends new apps and the deployment of new and different channels....
9 Jan 18
Banks need to narrow the distance with customers, to offer them an array of contact points, and to better understand their behavior and needs.
9 Jan 18
Robust economic growth and, especially, higher industrial prices have pushed up Chinese corporates’ profits since 2016.
4 Dec 17
Since the BCBS 239 principles on risk data aggregation and risk reporting were published by the Basel Committee in 2013, globally systemically...
16 Nov 17
The rapid advance of technology has created the impression that the entire banking industry will soon be digitised.
16 Oct 17
With all the noise surrounding distributed ledger technology (DLT), you’d expect participants in financial markets in Asia Pacific and...
16 Oct 17
Chinese fintech has caught the eyes of investors around the world with its explosive growth in the past half-decade.
25 Sep 17
When one door closes, another one opens up.
20 Sep 17
The regulatory and business environments have become more volatile and unpredictable.
20 Sep 17
Asian banks have seen an exponential growth in regulatory requirements in recent years, including a greater focus on consumer protection, market...
20 Sep 17
Asian banks are focussed on finding growth under the current market conditions, which present opportunities in terms of new areas of business...
19 Sep 17
Customer expectations for financial and banking services are rising at an ever faster rate.
7 Feb 17
Industries across the board are undergoing structural change.
20 Jan 17
As millions of people from rural India march into the cashless world, India could face a credit card crisis as early as 2019.
19 Jan 17
According to a recent global survey of how banks approach risk management,1 Asian bank executives are thinking differently about future...
24 Nov 16
This post addresses trends in Fintech, with a focus on Robo-advisors and the unique attributes of Japan's financial market.
22 Nov 16
For the last few years, Japanese banks have aggressively expanded their assets overseas, which has helped increased their stubbornly low...
11 Nov 16
New technology companies looking to break into the financial services sector are bringing fresh competition for banks – prompting a new...
7 Oct 16
It has been two years since Chinese banks have seen their luck turn sour with raising NPLs and decreasing profits.
7 Oct 16
61% of respondents to the ICC Banking Commission’s latest Global Survey reported a shortfall in global trade finance.
6 Oct 16
This post examines initiatives to accelerate the development of Japan's payment infrastructure through the lens of the Zengin System—the...
27 Sep 16
Global banking is facing a perfect storm.
26 Sep 16
This post examines the current status and future outlook of legacy modernisation in Japan's financial industry based on a survey Celent...
19 Sep 16
Back in 2012, Thailand's Electronic Transactions Commission issued regulations that mandated domestic...
13 Sep 16
As per Reserve Bank of India, the Indian banking system has gross stressed assets of 11.5% of total assets, as of March 2016.
30 Aug 16
The classical central banker’s dilemma is how to address the growth versus inflation conflict.
25 Jul 16
It is almost a cliché by now when banks cite Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes and controls as the biggest risk management challenge when...