Banking Technology

18 Oct 17
How could open banking revolutionise how banks generate value?
17 Oct 17
DBS is changing the way people do their banking in two of the most populous countries in the world with its revolutionary digibank initiative...
17 Oct 17
You’re gambling more than just money.
16 Oct 17
With all the noise surrounding distributed ledger technology (DLT), you’d expect participants in financial markets in Asia Pacific and...
11 Oct 17
Check out the latest developments around blockchain in Singapore.
9 Oct 17
The banks worked with Singapore's Infocomm Media Development Authority.
3 Oct 17
It's through a partnership with financial comparison website RinggitPlus.
2 Oct 17
Mikhail Brovman has joined Standard Chartered as Global Head, Technology, Financial Markets on 2nd October.
20 Sep 17
JP Morgan and Citi are amongst the banks deploying virtual branches.
14 Sep 17
This is through a partnership with soCash.
12 Sep 17
Most banks can begin with improving their knowledge of data analytics.
8 Sep 17
It can address account-specific enquiries and provide credit card bill summaries.
6 Sep 17
These banking innovations give us a glimpse at the future of finance.
18 Aug 17
Applications are accepted until today, 18 August 2017.
16 Aug 17
The cost of cybercrime is estimated to hit US$575b per year.
9 Aug 17
It is the first of its kind in the market.
9 Aug 17
Find out what the three value propositions of Biz123 are.
1 Aug 17
Hear it from the tech and security experts.
21 Jul 17
The new platform features a real-time asset monitor.
3 Jul 17
Find out why industry experts put a premium on the human factor in today’s digital times.
29 Jun 17
The event will be held in Kuala Lumpur from July 5 to 6.
28 Jun 17
Global cost of data breaches will reach an estimated $2.1t by 2019.
20 Jun 17
TPBank launched 12 digital branches in 1Q17.
20 Jun 17
Hillstone Networks, Latize, and Software AG Asia share why AI is the future of banking.
31 May 17
QR code cashless payments are now available at close to 2,500 NETS terminals.
31 May 17
Deutsche Bank is fined $41m and Wells Fargo makes personnel changes.
17 May 17
OCBC's Emma may have proven that chatbots are indeed the future of banking.
10 May 17
Enov8 saved one Australian bank over $40 mn identifying duplicate and underused resources and licenses.
10 May 17
Bankers tagged large retailers as the greatest data breach risk in 2017.
10 May 17
The success rate of bot interactions in banking could reach over 90%.
10 Apr 17
If incumbent Asian banks should be wary of fintech firms, it is not because of the disruption they can cause.
6 Apr 17
RMs can now advise clients more effectively based on an aggregation of the bank’s expertise.
3 Apr 17
See which handful of technologies are powering the latest wave of innovative banking products and service enhancements in Asia.
3 Apr 17
ASEAN has become a hotbed for SME-focussed banking innovations.
31 Mar 17
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is concerned it would "reduce and distort competition".
29 Mar 17
UK banks are asked to prepare plans on how to deal Brexit, and RBS to shut 180 branches.
28 Mar 17
HSBC, BofAML, and Axis Bank are jumping on the blockchain bandwagon.
27 Mar 17
The service will go live by May 2017.
24 Mar 17
Recruiting and retaining talent is another key growth agenda.