In Focus

31 May 17
Chinese corporates have signalled the strongest shift towards international banks.
22 May 17
The growing stressed asset burden amidst stretched corporate balance sheets is one.
16 May 17
And contactless card transactions will exceed $2t by 2021.
10 May 17
The success rate of bot interactions in banking could reach over 90%.
2 May 17
Weak franchise banks greatly underperformed during the quarter.
25 Apr 17
Net profit of two banks will decline, whilst that of one bank will remain flat.
18 Apr 17
Find out why branch transformation depends primarily on technology.
10 Apr 17
If incumbent Asian banks should be wary of fintech firms, it is not because of the disruption they can cause.
3 Apr 17
ASEAN has become a hotbed for SME-focussed banking innovations.
28 Mar 17
HSBC, BofAML, and Axis Bank are jumping on the blockchain bandwagon.
21 Mar 17
The banks' oil & gas woes are still not over.
13 Mar 17
Consumers rank contact centres last when it comes to bank interaction.
6 Mar 17
Around 470 billion cashless payments were made worldwide in 2015.
24 Feb 17
Chatbots went from novelty to mainstream in 2016.
14 Feb 17
Find out how Citi and UOB are simplifying authentication processes.
7 Feb 17
Banks are urged to adopt new IT solutions to meet requirements.
1 Feb 17
System loans increased in December for the first time in 2016.
25 Jan 17
ASEAN's lack of strong central authority is taking its toll on integration.
17 Jan 17
But Moody's says impact will be manageable.
11 Jan 17
Banks have already issued RMB 26.4t as of 2Q16.
19 Dec 16
Emerging Asian banks outperform other regions in Moody's stress tests.
13 Dec 16
But they are generally well-placed to cope with the difficult credit environment.
6 Dec 16
Loans contracted 2.2% YoY in October 2016.
29 Nov 16
Loan-for-bond swaps added around US$868b to banks' investment books.
23 Nov 16
Total assets grew a measly 1.4% in September.
15 Nov 16
Millennials demand faster and easier ways to pay.
9 Nov 16
Their combined pre-tax profit dropped to AUD41b for the first time in 8 years.
2 Nov 16
It's a 4.7% increase from 2016.
26 Oct 16
HSBC moved its digital innovation team away from its traditional office in Hong Kong.
19 Oct 16
And the cost to implement regulatory requirements is predicted to grow over the next five years.
12 Oct 16
Foreign banks have to deal with a regulator that is still 'learning on the job'.
4 Oct 16
Will bank branches totally become a thing of the past?
23 Sep 16
Branches only occupy 750,000 sqft of space in Singapore.
22 Sep 16
Some experts say fingerprints and voice patterns should not be relied upon.
14 Sep 16
It slipped 4% to ~USD1.2bn in 2Q16.
31 Aug 16
Banks are now more sensitive to potential counterparty failure.
24 Aug 16
DBS plans to migrate half of its workload by 2018 - will other banks follow suit?
17 Aug 16
KrungThai Bank's non-performing assets could reach as much as US$1bn in 2H16.
4 Aug 16
DBS’ earnings are expected to take a 3.1% hit.