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Recent rate cuts to shave off $7.2b from Chinese banks’ net interest income

The impact on mortgage loans will not be felt until January 2023.

Recent rate cuts to shave off $7.2b from Chinese banks’ net interest income

The impact on mortgage loans will not be felt until January 2023.

UOB’s purchase of Citi ASEAN retail assets improves profits, accelerates expansion

It is expected to add S$1b in profits annually, with earnings accretive beginning 2023.

Why Siam Commercial Bank is transforming itself into a fintech group

With its reorganisation, the group plans to expand to a customer base of 200 million.

China’s new foreign-friendly financial market brimming with opportunities, but limits still abound

If authorities remove the “execution-only” restriction in WM Connect, money flows in the channel could grow ten times bigger than the $22.5b quota, says EY’s Christine Lin.

Citi Commercial Bank bridges cultural gap with China Desk initiative

The desk opens Singapore to mid-sized Chinese firms seeking to penetrate ASEAN.

Three's a crowd: Shinhan and fintech unicorn Viva Republica leap into Korea's internet-only banking race

The partnership will have immediate access to 11 million users of e-payment app Toss.

How Hong Kong’s livi bank aims to make banking more rewarding

They are amongst the first bank in the city to roll-out buy now, pay later services.

UOB simplifies and amplifies Singaporeans' green energy journeys with U-Energy

The bank seeks to help address the energy crisis and rising electricity costs, says UOB’s Jasper Wong.

Profits of Japan's megabanks to rise in next 12-18 months

All three banks’ profits jumped over 60% for the first six months of the current fiscal year.

ASEAN fintech funding achieves record $3.5b in 2021: study

Funding to investment tech and cryptocurrency firms grew by over 5x since 2020.

Hong Kong mulls launching own digital currency: financial secretary

This is part of HKMA's initiative to 'push all banks to go fintech'.

What’s in store for the decentralised crypto industry with China’s growing antagonism?

China's stance may be concerning today, but won't affect the global industry in the long run.

China deems 19 banks 'too big to fail'

These banks face new capital and regulatory requirements.

FIs need to set clear net-zero goals else loans, assets deteriorate: Moody’s

Delayed goals and actions would hurt banks’ asset and loan quality in the future.

More mergers in the horizon for Islamic banks in South Asia, SEA

For smaller players, this may be their best bet to protect their assets.

How accelerated innovations in tech will lead to open banking

It’s a mixed bag for most SEA markets, but regulator support illuminates the future of open banking.

Loan forbearance extension clouds Indonesian banks’ asset quality for longer

The extension is a positive for their asset quality and profits, but credit costs will remain elevated.