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13 Dec 17
It will define how much the bank's earnings will recover.
4 Dec 17
Thanks to higher net interest income and improved NIMs.
27 Nov 17
The move seeks to boost the bank’s mortgage and deposit books.
27 Nov 17
It's the first Malaysian bank to receive such an approval.
27 Nov 17
It's an integreted payment platform for merchant and personal customers.
23 Nov 17
It will digitise its SME business.
23 Nov 17
The two work in the secured lending and finance teams.
22 Nov 17
They halved costs in the bank's wholesale banking and retail businesses.
20 Nov 17
It will be operational in the fourth quarter.
15 Nov 17
The bot will function as clients' virtual personal assistant.
14 Nov 17
Lending profit already dropped 2.8% in the fiscal second quarter.
13 Nov 17
BTMU will reportedly invest around US$1.8b.
13 Nov 17
It will reduce costs to run the old data centre by 75%.
10 Nov 17
The voice-based service is available for users of the Money2India app.
10 Nov 17
It also unveiled the MyHome app.
8 Nov 17
Blame the US$597m net allowance for its oil and gas support services.
8 Nov 17
Over 120,000 mobile banking app users are expected to use the new technology.
8 Nov 17
The growth of net interest and noninterest income boosted its earnings.
31 Oct 17
It has set aside $295 to buy another bank.
31 Oct 17
Wealth management income, which grew 12%, boosted the bank’s profits.
31 Oct 17
The growth was led by the corporate segment.
25 Oct 17
The conference will be held at the Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur.
25 Oct 17
Credit costs only dipped 2% in 3Q17.
18 Oct 17
The Personalised Investment Ideas tool is first for the retail banking industry in Asia.
16 Oct 17
The Bank expects to have 30% of GBS employees based in Bengaluru.
16 Oct 17
It is the first paperless import payment solution in the country.
9 Oct 17
The banks worked with Singapore's Infocomm Media Development Authority.
3 Oct 17
It's through a partnership with financial comparison website RinggitPlus.
25 Sep 17
NPL ratio is expected to fall 3%.
21 Sep 17
It will feature cashless and mobile payment features.
14 Sep 17
This is through a partnership with soCash.
8 Sep 17
It can address account-specific enquiries and provide credit card bill summaries.
5 Sep 17
The bank will hire 100 new relationship managers over the next three years.
5 Sep 17
It plans to build 75-90 branches in India.
4 Sep 17
Thanks to a 43% earnings jump in Q2.
31 Aug 17
It follows digibank’s success in India last year.
30 Aug 17
Pre-provision operating profit expanded a solid 8.8%.
30 Aug 17
Thanks to lower impairment losses on other assets.
28 Aug 17
Customers can now make e-payments without exiting their current mobile app.