Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings is a credit ratings provider. The company also provides commentary, market analysis, and research for global capital markets.

It is considered on of the Big Three credit ratings agencies, alongside Moody's and Standard & Poor's (S&P).

DBS’ emission targets to drive improved emission disclosure in SEA

The move is expected to improve the quantity and quality of data disclosures on GHG.

DBS’ emission targets to drive improved emission disclosure in SEA

The move is expected to improve the quantity and quality of data disclosures on GHG.

APAC banks won’t be severely hit once Basel III regime implemented: Fitch

Jurisdictions such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, are lagging behind with adoption.

China’s small, regional banks gain lifeline with planned NPL disposal initiative

But local asset management companies may face pressure to acquire bad debt at prices that make it challenging to earn a commercial return.

South Korean banks’ NIMs to support stable profitability in H2

The four biggest banks’ NIMs climbed to levels higher than pre-COVID.

Recovering business activity props up Thai banks’ revenues 

Credit costs will remain elevated in the long-term, however.

Buy Now, Pay Later firms' credit losses on the rise

The largest BNPL providers have doubled their delinquency rates over the past few quarters.

Higher rates to raise Asian bank’s net interest margins, but risks may intensify

Asset quality will not significantly deteriorate, but banks face risks if US rate hikes are larger than expected.

Rising interest rates to be Hong Kong banks’ saving grace

NIMs are expected to rise and outweigh asset quality deterioration in the near term.

Gov't support, high vax rates buoy Korean banks’ asset qualities: Fitch

But increased competition in lending may give rise to risks in the long-term.

Sukuk issuance slowdown may dawn earlier over Omicron variant: Fitch

Uncertainty over Omicron's impact may drive this slowdown.

Sri Lanka’s large banks’ outlook worsens amidst new COVID surge

The new COVID surge that began in April may hinder GDP recovery.

Large, mid-sized Chinese banks’ capital pressures easing: Fitch

Stress test shows NPL ratio likely to rise, but not to levels PBOC expects, the ratings agency said.

Loan forbearance extension clouds Indonesian banks’ asset quality for longer

The extension is a positive for their asset quality and profits, but credit costs will remain elevated.

More mergers of small Australian banks imminent: analysts

Two mergers were announced in August alone, and as regulatory costs remain high, more might seek to consolidate.

SEA fintechs to shift focus on profits as adoption gains pace: Fitch

The region’s large unbanked population underpins its market potential.

Philippine bank ratings at risk of another downgrade: Fitch Ratings

Fitch ratings downgrades the Philippines’ banking system operating environment score to negative.

New Zealand’s expected interest rate hike to raise banks’ profits: Fitch

However, its impact on earnings may take some time to rise as mortgages are not yet due.