Foreign Exchange

5 Jul 13
ECB to sign US$130 billion currency swap with China.
1 Jul 13
The banks' Spot FX market share fell to 64% in April 2013.
25 Jun 13
It’s the first such deal with a Group of Seven country.
19 Jun 13
China intends to boost renminbi flows between Xiamen and Taiwan.
17 Jun 13
Capital inflows suggest renminbi appreciation.
27 May 13
Will start doing so for participating banks today.
10 May 13
Was implemented May 7 after issuance of necessary instructions to banks.
8 May 13
New rules immediately cause renmnbi to fall against the US dollar.
22 Apr 13
Attain forex surplus for seventh straight month.
19 Apr 13
In a statement, Standard Chartered announced the appointments of Chris Allington as Global Head, FX, and Neh Thaker as Global Head, Options...
9 Apr 13
Test run of direct trading at banks currently ongoing.
3 Apr 13
Talks succeed in easing market access rules for banks seeking to own stakes in other banks.
3 Apr 13
Also inaugurates three new “hubs” focusing on renminbi businesses.
18 Mar 13
Government study confirms attempts at rate fixing.
11 Feb 13
Taiwan Financial aims to accelerate its Asia-Pacific expansion and increase profit from overseas operations.
8 Feb 13
ICBC was granted QFB privileges in 5 October 2012.
8 Feb 13
Emirates NBD launches renminbi accounts to support SMEs.
7 Feb 13
Taiwan will be the second location after Hong Kong to sell renminbi-denominated bonds.
28 Jan 13
Evidence surfaced that traders colluded to manipulate rates in Singapore's offshore foreign exchange market.
28 Jan 13
Citibank (China) Company last week completed its first cross-border renminbi lending transaction.
28 Jan 13
The Bank of England will soon become first G7 central bank to enter into a foreign exchange swap agreement with...
24 Jan 13
Amount is 10 times higher than 2009.
14 Jan 13
China has set up an office to handle trusted loans of foreign exchange reserves.
4 Dec 12
The index remained relatively flat at 732 in October.
22 Nov 12
Selection of Renminbi settlement bank proceeding cautiously.
20 Nov 12
Deregulation also necessary to carry out financial reforms.
5 Nov 12
China Construction Bank Corporation will sell US$400 million.
3 Nov 12
China's strategy to strengthen yuan globally.
30 Oct 12
To curb the won's strength.
16 Oct 12
Among the ways is terming out debt maturities and it finally paid off.
15 Oct 12
Ample foreign currency liquidity of South Korean banks helped reduce the need for fresh loans in September, the financial regulator said...
4 Oct 12
The TAIEX fell below the 7,700 point mark Wednesday as turnover shrank further amid lingering concerns over debt problems in the eurozone,...
25 Sep 12
Taiwan will begin its comprehensive renminbi-related businesses November 1 through authorized renminbi clearance banks.
14 Sep 12
ICBC's total volume of cross-border RMB trade settlement jumped 94.6% year-on-year to RMB 790.1 billion in the first half of 2012.
9 Sep 12
ICBC Beijing Branch has included the Thai baht and Philippine peso in its foreign exchange currency services.
18 Jul 12
Bankers say there is no 'one size fits all' solution nowadays.
11 Jul 12
But bankers say that those with higher FX volumes could conduct such activity online.
4 Jul 12
As various services and products emerge across Asia and trade is settled in different currencies, we sought the insights of bankers and analysts...