Cards & Payments

7 Oct 14
Online fraud risk grows with APAC e-commerce.
30 Sep 14
Don't let looking cool fool you.
23 Sep 14
Authorities have been proactive.
18 Aug 14
This composes 2.2% of rated corporate debt.
24 Jul 14
Financial institutions scrambling to get more flexible.
2 Jul 14
It’s more opportunity for low-doc loan borrowers.
2 Jul 14
Thanks to its risk reduction effect.
13 Jun 14
As hordes of travelers descend upon Brazil to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime festivities of the World Cup, many of them will be blissfully unaware...
27 Nov 13
33.6% of B2B suppliers are worried.
13 Nov 13
What could have caused this?
31 Oct 13
Will Europe overtake Asia in RMB trade settlement?
19 Sep 13
It's the first bank to onboard AirAsia.
18 Sep 13
All thanks to the new UOB Business Debit Card.
12 Sep 13
Also launch program allowing international bank transfers from 23 countries.
12 Sep 13
Cards will be issued soon.
9 Sep 13
Surpassed one million contactless transactions in August.
29 Aug 13
Allots $1.2m in prizes for early upgraders.
26 Aug 13
Bancassurance partnership agreement covers broad range.
20 Aug 13
Cardholders get 2% cash rebate when using their card overseas.
30 Jul 13
Confident partnership with MasterCard will achieve this.
11 Jul 13
It's accepted at 116 outlets.
27 Jun 13
Customers can use NFC-enabled phones.
10 Jun 13
Including Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea.
25 Apr 13
Earlier this year, Standard Chartered Bank launched a novel display card solution in Singapore.
27 Mar 13
This is their first expansion since 2008-09.
27 Mar 13
Claims 2% finance charge is the market’s lowest.
25 Mar 13
Those of us who closely follow developments in the banking industry would know that the Association of Banks Singapore mandated last year that...
15 Mar 13
That is only within two months of its launch.
28 Feb 13
It has already overtaken the Russian Rouble.
27 Feb 13
Cardholders get 20% off tickets to the Man Utd Museum and Stadium Tour.
25 Feb 13
Mobile network operators can now gain access to Visa IP.
20 Feb 13
For financial institutions and customer-centric executives, it has never been more important to focus on the rapidly developing cards and...
20 Feb 13
The Trojan that began stealing banking information in 2007 resurfaces in Japan.
15 Feb 13
Macao's number of RMB cards out 648,881 personal credit cards surged by 39 percent from a year earlier.
12 Feb 13
Government wants payment via banks to create a non-cash economy.