Financial Technology

1 Aug 17
China's 69% adoption rate is more than double the global average.
4 Jul 17
It is led by 12 committees, each dedicated to a particular branch of FinTech.
3 May 17
Only US$406m in venture capital funding was raised in Asia.
21 Apr 17
The first Middle East and Africa Fintech Forum is but a start to its fintech plans.
6 Apr 17
Nine in 10 plan to increase fintech partnerships over the next 3-5 years.
29 Mar 17
Rules for crowdfunding platforms and cloud computing are in the pipeline.
7 Feb 17
Industries across the board are undergoing structural change.
30 Nov 16
Their salaries are only projected to grow by 3%.
24 Nov 16
This post addresses trends in Fintech, with a focus on Robo-advisors and the unique attributes of Japan's financial market.
19 Oct 16
He also talks of plans of creating a digitised banking sphere for consumers.
19 Oct 16
And the cost to implement regulatory requirements is predicted to grow over the next five years.
14 Jul 16
The pressure is on banks to roll out loyalty incentives.
28 Jun 16
It plans to cover all 22,000 employees by year-end.
16 Jun 16
Licensing timelines will be streamlined.
6 Jun 16
Regulations will be eased to boost innovation.
25 May 16
Guess who clinched the largest funding round.
8 Mar 16
Within the next three years, TEB will have reached 25% of Turkey's entire population.
4 Mar 16
Applications are accepted until 1 April 2016.
4 Mar 16
This collaboration is OurCrowd’s first foray into Asia.
3 Feb 16
It is housed in a 2,400 square foot space on New Bridge Road.
18 Nov 15
Respondents think it’s borderline unsafe.
6 Oct 15
The programme will commence on 11 January 2016.
11 May 15
But there are new challenges ahead.
8 Oct 14
Investors have been rewarded.
16 Sep 14
It includes resistance in FX policy.
26 Aug 14
Europe now represents 10% of total RMB payments.
26 Aug 14
Like any superstar, the front office in financial institutions often hogs the limelight when the firm excels.
18 Aug 14
Fund flows to China and HK continue.
13 Aug 14
No need for additional foreign exchange transaction.
13 Aug 14
And cut-throat competition among banks.
24 Jul 14
Eyes are on its outsize investment book.
24 Jul 14
Major discrepancy could come from asset quality.
21 Jul 14
Apparently caused by abundant interbank liquidity.
28 May 14
It's the rise of the machines.
23 Apr 14
Beware of this domain name.
18 Mar 14
In Singapore, the investment management industry and related financial institutions often face the issue of legacy IT systems built in the 1980s...
10 Jan 14
They're becoming more of a ''friend''.
10 Jan 14
Better customer experience envisioned using Big Data.