Financial Technology

4 Apr 13
International Financial Reporting Standards to be implemented in 2016.
12 Mar 13
With half of online Australians already engaged with video online and a third using video calling, how can financial services institutions use...
5 Mar 13
Businesses today face a host of unavoidable challenges that need to be tackled in order to achieve core business objectives, including lowering...
20 Feb 13
The continuing digital sophistication of consumers in the financial services market has driven many of the developments in products,...
5 Feb 13
Today, bank compliance departments are under greater pressure than ever before.
29 Jan 13
The financial globalization echo emotive gains primarily because of the deemed connectivity between highly fluid capital flows and the financial...
19 Dec 12
The persistent sluggishness and ominous uncertainty in Europe and United States economies, flanking warnings coming from different multilateral...
18 Dec 12
China’s evolving financial system has required the central bank to change its tools. Capital outflows and the gradual...
14 Dec 12
Whilst there was general agreement on the need to reform the global financial system after the 2007 financial crisis, the impact of the revised...
26 Nov 12
Fujitsu Technology Corporation builds US$29.5 million center.
3 Nov 12
Illegal transfer suspected through phishing.
24 Oct 12
6 in 10 consumers hate services that are not user-friendly.
23 Oct 12
ManuRetire Secure is the first of its kind.
15 Oct 12
eStatements provide corporate clients with an electronic statement of their accounts via electronic mail.
13 Oct 12
Indosat has linked with Bank Rakyat Indonesia to provide mobile and Internet banking services to the latter's clients.
10 Oct 12
The Japanese bank that pioneered card-free ATM transactions in Japan is expanding the service into neighboring prefectures.
14 Sep 12
Dangerously high levels of corporate debt and a continuing economic deceleration make it imperative that China implement urgent financial sector...
30 Aug 12
Sibos will be back in Singapore in 2015 and Asian Banking & Finance interviewed Sibos Head Kris Hendrieckx to talk about what Asian bankers...
2 Jul 12
How many of you can identify with the organisational environment described below?
23 Jun 12
All Malaysian banks are expected to participate in mobile banking service by the  middle of next year, says e-payment service provider...
7 Jun 12
Union Bank of India became the first bank to make electronic banking easier for the visually impaired with its "talking" ATM.
16 May 12
Bharti Airtel customers will now be able to open savings account in Axis Bank through their mobiles and cash deposits, transfers and withdrawals...
16 May 12
An Indonesian bank will build on the success of its mobile banking program.
3 May 12
Virtually every industry today is considering migrating to the cloud.
2 Apr 12
A key role of the finance team in any commercial organisation is to co-ordinate the annual budgeting or fiscal planning process and then to...
2 Apr 12
Let’s face it: those developed economies, that once were the ones spinning the globe including Japan, are currently fire-fighting their...
2 Jan 12
The next generation of cross-border electronic trading is gaining strong traction over the past few years in the global financial markets....
1 Dec 11
OCBC Bank launched of its new S$20 million account opening system at all 56 OCBC Bank branches in Singapore.
18 Nov 11
Bank Indonesia is calling for regulators to monitor purchases and banking transcations made through cellphones.
15 Nov 11
Jain was previously GTS’s Regional Head of Public Sector, Asia Pacific.
9 Nov 11
Mobile financial services (MFS) today encompass a variety of offerings from mobile banking, bill and credit card payments to money transfer and...
30 Oct 11
As part of its green initiative, the Reserve Bank today asked all non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) to gradually phase out use ofcheques...
30 Oct 11
The penalty imposed on DBS Bankby the Monetary Authority of Singapore for the disruption to its online and banking systems in July has now been...
26 Oct 11
And nearly 1,700 chief marketing offers believe that the digital media era is evolving the field.
25 Oct 11
The integration of three ATM providers into a combined system should be completed by the end of 2012, a central bank official has said.
25 Oct 11
Huawei Technologies will introduce the virtual ATM service in Malaysia next month.
13 Oct 11
The Financial Mediation Bureau is handling some 3,000 cases at the moment with the increasing number of disputes in online transactions.
13 Oct 11
Banks and financial institutions should rethink their traditional network security practices as mobile devices proliferate, bandwidth demand...
6 Oct 11
Vietnam government-owned bank headquartered in Hanoi will use Polaris Software Lab's Intellect Global Universal Banking M180 platform to...
13 Sep 11
Moody's Corporation now has an ownership stake of about 16.7% of the Company.