Islamic Banking

29 Jul 13
Encouraged by growing demand and acceptance for shariah loans.
18 Jul 13
Japanese bank pioneers in offering Islamic products and services.
16 Jul 13
Warns of law suits and hefty fines.
16 Jul 13
New law will boost protection for depositors.
5 Jul 13
Absence of sukuk tax legislation in non-Muslim nations to blame.
27 Jun 13
Will jointly develop training and internship programs.
19 Jun 13
The industry is short of 30,000 people.
10 Jun 13
Philippines asks Indonesia for assistance.
7 Jun 13
Islamic Bank of Thailand will use proceeds to hike capital.
5 Jun 13
Find out what CEOs of CIMB, Maybank argued.
5 Jun 13
Shariah banks’ assets grew to US$21.8 billion in 2012 from 2011.
5 Jun 13
Middle East banks in Singapore now offering Islamic banking.
4 Jun 13
These markets include Indonesia and Malaysia.
22 May 13
Leading industry players to meet June 3 to 5.
2 May 13
Provides a new benchmark for Islamic investors.
26 Apr 13
Shariah-compliant banking products to finance property acquisitions.
10 Apr 13
Products to finance residential and commercial and industrial properties in Johor, Melaka, Kuala Lumpur and...
21 Feb 13
Goal is to double Islamic banking’s market share to 40%.
20 Feb 13
It is very clear that Islamic banking is now an established industry with high growth prospects.
20 Feb 13
The growth potential for Bangladesh's Islamic finance industry is enormous, and coupled with a steadily growing economy and financial...
14 Feb 13
Permata Bank Syariah will launch a umrah financing in the first quarter.
6 Feb 13
Investee companies under PNB are leading support for Malaysia's efforts at promoting Islamic finance.
4 Feb 13
Bank Mandiri will channel anotherf Rp 800 billion ($83 million) to its Shariah unit to expand its services.
23 Jan 13
Will sell sukuk Islamic bonds to finance expansion.
15 Jan 13
Malaysia’s Islamic finance services sector now boasts of the world’s largest sukuk market.
15 Jan 13
More efforts must be made by Malaysian firms to manage risks in the Islamic financial system.
8 Jan 13
The Republic of Tatarstan is keen to explore collaboration in Islamic banking with Malaysia.
7 Jan 13
Accounts for a fifth of Malaysia’s total banking assets.
6 Jan 13
Bank Mandiri injected US$31 million or Rp 300 billionto its Islamic unit.
20 Dec 12
Check out what it means for Islamic finance.
11 Dec 12
Islamic banking operates with the same purpose as conventional banking except that it operates in accordance with the rules of Shari’ah,...
5 Dec 12
With political turmoil and economic upheaval in many parts of the world, the need for closer interaction and trade between Muslim and non-Muslim...
4 Dec 12
Islamic finance could be further developed.
28 Nov 12
Three more branches in 2012.
28 Nov 12
Average annual growth has been 40% since 2007.
6 Nov 12
CIMB starts Australian operations this week.
31 Oct 12
Hong Kong takes a major step in advancing Islamic financing.
30 Oct 12
Lacks regulations and talent.
30 Oct 12
Taxation framework for 'sukuk' are under way.
26 Oct 12
The Development Bank of the Philippines has received government approval to sell its 99.88% stake in the Philippines’ only Islamic bank....