Islamic Banking

17 Oct 12
It is better to have a slower growth rate due to relatively restrictive regulations than to suffer a ‘subprime’ crisis.
11 Oct 12
The Asian Development Bank has signed an agreement that will expedite the adoption of Islamic banking across Asia.
8 Oct 12
The Shariah unit of CIMB Niaga doubled its earnings in the first half as customers placed more funds, pushing upthe value of its assets.
8 Oct 12
The HSBC Group is concentrating more in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and less in Indonesia in its Islamic finance offering to customers.
3 Oct 12
Malaysia’s Islamic banks accounted for 24.2% of Malaysia’s total banking industry assets during the first seven months of 2012....
2 Oct 12
Here's what to expect from the agreement.
29 Sep 12
Indonesia’s global sukuk rallied for a fourth month on speculation that a cut in government fuel subsidies will boost demand at auctions...
28 Sep 12
Malaysia accounted for 68 percent of the total global sukuk outstanding and 71 percent market share of the sukuk issued as at end-July.
21 Sep 12
Malaysia's central bank has given Affin Holdings permission to negotiate with DRB-Hicom on Bank Muamalat sale.
21 Sep 12
The creation of an Islamic bank is in the pipeline for DRB-Hicom provided it succeeds in paring down its stake in Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd to...
21 Sep 12
Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board may become the first large non-financial company from Europe to sell Islamic bonds.
21 Sep 12
Malaysia's Islamic banks could get a greater role in managing sukuk by penetrating distribution channels to investors in Southeast Asia....
18 Sep 12
It seems so as Fitch says it may help attract capital inflows from the Middle East.  A...
15 Sep 12
Leading industry players in Islamic finance are requesting a balanced regulation that does not impede its growth or allow for abuse.
14 Sep 12
Bank Indonesia suggested that Bank Syariah Mandiri and Bank Muamalat bide time before floating their shares on the bourse.
13 Sep 12
Bank Islam Malaysia is eyeing a 30 percent loans growth this year.
27 Aug 12
Malaysia accounts for US$165.2 billion or 60% of worldwide sukuk deals.
26 Aug 12
Financial reforms in Malaysia will give Islamic banks more opportunities in the rural areas.
22 Aug 12
Malaysia still leads in Islamic finance trailed by Singapore, which is striving to create more business in the sector.
21 Aug 12
Guess which country could be the key player for Islamic banking?
13 Aug 12
Bank Indonesia will require also Shariah banks to toughen down payments on housing and automotive loan.
31 Jul 12
Banking in Asia has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of size, profitability, sophistication and maturity in the dozen years so far of the 21st...
28 Jul 12
Islamic finance players pay more attention to Organisation of Islamic Cooperation member countries before venturing into other continents, says...
25 Jul 12
Malaysia’s Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd and Bank of Shizuishan will open an Islamic bank in Ningxia Province within two years.
5 Jul 12
Standard Chartered Bank is making Kuala Lumpur its global business hub for Islamic consumer banking as part of its strategy to grow its Islamic...
5 Jul 12
The Indian government will come out with a policy decision  as regards the establishment of Islamic banks and finance institutions,...
3 Jul 12
Bank Islam Malaysia has offered to acquire between 30 and 40 percent stake in an Indonesian Islamic bank.
27 Jun 12
Bank Negara Malaysia said applications for Islamic mega bank licences willbe determined on business viability.
20 Jun 12
Branches can still remain the main delivery channel for Islamic banking, but CIMB warns that regulators must also know how to regulate things...
13 Jun 12
But the former CEO of Kuwait International Bank argues that standardization of global Islamic banking suite of products and services will lead...
7 Jun 12
Malaysia's centra lbank is luring commercial banks from the Gulf to trade more in the country’s syariah-compliant money market with an...
6 Jun 12
They will have to venture in asset management and wealth management to sustain the growth of Islamic finance.
30 May 12
But flexibility to be different between one jurisdiction to another should also be allowed in Islamic finance just as it is allowed in...
20 May 12
Commercial Bank of Ceylon's Islamic banking unit has opened a dedicated service point for 'Sharia Compliant Banking' at its...
24 Apr 12
The government has already sold US$1.5 billion of local Sukuk in March this year, says HSBC Amanah head Herwin Bustaman.
6 Apr 12
Bank Muamalat will issue Islamic debt papers in July with the hope of raising Rp 800 billion or US$87 million.
2 Apr 12
Will it be able to topple Credit Suisse as it acquires Royal Bank of Scotland?
2 Apr 12
The Islamic banking sector is one of the fastest growing segments in global banking, growing at an estimated 15-20% p.a.
27 Mar 12
Permata Bank Syariah is targeting a lending growth of 65 percent this year.
27 Mar 12
PermataBank Syariah reported a profit of Rp 133 billion or US$14.45 million in 2011, reports...