3 Jun 13
At the risk of generalising, whilst buyout deals do exist (but are rare), most Private Equity Funds in Asia typically take minority stakes in...
30 May 13
It’s the third overseas representative office of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.
28 May 13
Loans to help Costa Rica become carbon neutral by 2021.
27 May 13
MOU will support business operations of their clients.
24 May 13
Limits foreign ownership in banks to only 51%.
21 May 13
State Bank of India sees no need for a separate regulator.
16 May 13
New law takes effect in July.
14 May 13
Amount is equivalent to 30% of net income last year.
1 May 13
Says it would cut weak profits in an unfavorable economic environment.
25 Apr 13
When Asian banks look to their European and US counterparts they see the polar opposite of their own post-GFC lending and banking reform...
24 Apr 13
According to a release, Standard Chartered has appointed Alvaro Patron as Head, Global Corporate Sales, Financial Markets.
15 Apr 13
Japan's largest financial group buys US$3.7 billion loan portfolio of UnionBanCal.
11 Apr 13
According to ADB's recent news release showing that a gap of some USD 425 billion between importers and exporters among developing countries...
10 Apr 13
Cause is the retirement and reshuffling of committee members.
3 Apr 13
Blame it CBRC's new rules for the WMP market.
2 Apr 13
Central bank also nixes plan to remove its debt management powers.
1 Apr 13
Australia’s cash flush banks’ holdings of Asian assets jump 315% since 2008.
1 Apr 13
Indian and foreign-owned banks won’t be able to meet the new norms.
1 Apr 13
Five regulating agencies to be merged into a Unified Financial Agency.
19 Mar 13
Find out what the strategic cooperation agreement entails.
18 Mar 13
Signals China will implement more market-oriented changes to the financial system.
18 Mar 13
In the wake of ongoing impact of global financial and economic meltdown, particularly more acutely on advanced economies, sparing for the time...
13 Mar 13
Super-regulator to oversee the banking, securities and insurance sectors.
12 Mar 13
With an increasing degree of uncertainty prevailing in the global economy, it becomes imperative that corporates make efficient use of their...
12 Mar 13
The mentality for investing is extremely different to the mentality for trading.
12 Mar 13
Wants Shanghai to gain IFC status by 2020.
1 Mar 13
Find out why Barclays prefers CCB.
21 Feb 13
Media reports are swirling that Zhou Xiaochuan will keep his job.
20 Feb 13
The limit should be 49% and not 99% as proposed.
18 Feb 13
Japan's top financial services and leasing company is paying US$3 billion for the Dutch asset manager....
15 Feb 13
FSB passes Articles of Association and the Procedural Guidelines.
15 Feb 13
China’s big banks benefit from the smallness of Indian banks.
15 Feb 13
India and Sweden have signed a protocol to amend the existing double taxation avoidance pact between the two...
14 Feb 13
Mandiri had compelling expansion in micro and consumer lending.
11 Feb 13
After a disappointing 2012, India heads for an uncertain 2013.
6 Feb 13
The total came to to US$21 trillion in 2012.
4 Feb 13
HSBC has appointed Manveen Pam Kaur as Group Head of Internal Audit effective April 1.
4 Feb 13
The Charoen Pokphand Group of Thailand now owns a 15.6% stake in China’s biggest private insurer....
4 Feb 13
While private equity (PE) firms tend to be cautious and meticulous recruiters, rapidly growing players in Asia are willing to take a longer term...
1 Feb 13
Philippines wants them to list on the Philippine Stock Exchange.