Financial Technology

27 Aug 13
Is aimed at the unbanked and under-banked.
23 Aug 13
The string of impacts isn't over yet.
23 Aug 13
Increased 10.2% in Q2 from Q1.
23 Aug 13
Leverages advantages of smartphones in financial transactions.
22 Aug 13
Aim is to cut down on fraud.
21 Aug 13
Around 500 clients are already enjoying this online tool.
19 Aug 13
Sign strategic cooperation agreement to develop business.
15 Aug 13
Financial services institutions (FSIs) are among the most data driven of all businesses.
12 Aug 13
Steals user IDs and passwords to empty bank accounts.
7 Aug 13
Research team studying new legislation.
30 Jul 13
Will allow rural customers easy withdrawals.
29 Jul 13
Could the bond market sell-off be among them?
24 Jul 13
Government orders new steps to combat cyber attacks.
22 Jul 13
MyMobile will eventually be interoperable between all banks.
18 Jul 13
Smartphones need an app called “Wallet” to use NFC.
11 Jul 13
It is no secret that Asia is getting wealthier.
25 Jun 13
Will also list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
4 Jun 13
Did you know that there are over 2.5 billion people without any bank accounts in the world, and most of them are in Asia?
24 May 13
Gartner, Inc. estimates spend at US$7.6 billion.
14 May 13
Financial reform is part of political reform and looks like to be a continuous effort of Taiwanese government.
25 Apr 13
Internal Auditors, Cost Accountants and Relationship Managers are among the candidates in hottest demand this quarter across Asia, according to...
19 Apr 13
Devesh Kumar will lead the 60-strong team in India.
17 Apr 13
Mobile wallets will be the next battleground among businesses from various sectors – including financial institutions (FIs) in the fight...
10 Apr 13
More clients discover the convenience of online and mobile banking.
4 Apr 13
International Financial Reporting Standards to be implemented in 2016.
12 Mar 13
With half of online Australians already engaged with video online and a third using video calling, how can financial services institutions use...
5 Mar 13
Businesses today face a host of unavoidable challenges that need to be tackled in order to achieve core business objectives, including lowering...
20 Feb 13
The continuing digital sophistication of consumers in the financial services market has driven many of the developments in products,...
5 Feb 13
Today, bank compliance departments are under greater pressure than ever before.
29 Jan 13
The financial globalization echo emotive gains primarily because of the deemed connectivity between highly fluid capital flows and the financial...
19 Dec 12
The persistent sluggishness and ominous uncertainty in Europe and United States economies, flanking warnings coming from different multilateral...
18 Dec 12
China’s evolving financial system has required the central bank to change its tools. Capital outflows and the gradual...
14 Dec 12
Whilst there was general agreement on the need to reform the global financial system after the 2007 financial crisis, the impact of the revised...
26 Nov 12
Fujitsu Technology Corporation builds US$29.5 million center.
3 Nov 12
Illegal transfer suspected through phishing.
24 Oct 12
6 in 10 consumers hate services that are not user-friendly.
23 Oct 12
ManuRetire Secure is the first of its kind.
15 Oct 12
eStatements provide corporate clients with an electronic statement of their accounts via electronic mail.
13 Oct 12
Indosat has linked with Bank Rakyat Indonesia to provide mobile and Internet banking services to the latter's clients.