Branch Banking

24 Sep 13
Will be first Chinese bank with FTZ branch.
12 Sep 13
It's the first Singapore bank to own a headquarters in China.
12 Sep 13
Move reaffirms its confidence in Thailand.
11 Sep 13
Will help promote trade between India and Burma.
11 Sep 13
It's part of the bank’s financial inclusion initiative.
9 Sep 13
They now have 1,050 overseas outlets.
6 Sep 13
Products will serve business and retail customers.
4 Sep 13
It's the bank's sixth branch in China.
28 Aug 13
Opened first Cambodian branch in Phnom Penh.
21 Aug 13
UOB is the only Singapore bank with Thai operations.
16 Aug 13
Zhongguancun Branch leading the focus on SMEs.
16 Aug 13
New branch is at Yangzhou City.
15 Aug 13
New CEO says Thailand is obvious choice for M&A.
23 Jul 13
Permits greater access to formal financial services.
17 Jul 13
Is particularly interested in Indonesia.
17 Jul 13
Will become third Chinese bank to do so.
16 Jul 13
Assets outside Singapore grew at a 15% CAGR.
12 Jul 13
Additional booster to over 500 asset management firms in Singapore.
12 Jul 13
Mumbai branch to exploit new business opportunities.
11 Jul 13
It’s the second partnership with a Chinese bank in six months.
10 Jul 13
Thai Military Bank is currently an acquisition target.
10 Jul 13
The newest among 10,000 BOC branches worldwide.
9 Jul 13
Opens a representative office due to rising Japanese investments.
4 Jul 13
But getting substantial shareholding is still uncertain.
3 Jul 13
It'll be the first deal of its kind by a Japanese mega bank.
1 Jul 13
Now has 56 branches in the Philippines.
1 Jul 13
BOC President Tian Guoli visits Luxembourg.
28 Jun 13
Domestic buyers may lack the financial ability.
28 Jun 13
CCB now has 15 branches outside China.
26 Jun 13
Japan’s largest bank to pay US$4.1 billion for 51% ownership.
24 Jun 13
Reassessment of business strategy ignited decision to quit.
21 Jun 13
Says this proves SG’s commitment to the Chinese market.
18 Jun 13
Also posts 55.9% year-on year jump in pre-tax profit.
14 Jun 13
India's largest bank not constrained by merger cost.
11 Jun 13
Over a third of towns without banking offices.
3 Jun 13
Expects to have an office in the next few months.
30 May 13
Spurred by successful US$1.7 billion trade last year.
27 May 13
Intends to equip more branches with solar arrays.
27 May 13
Since reference rate is at its lowest throughout the history, whilst inflation stays low, the banks struggle to...
21 May 13
Remains intent on asset acquisition to fuel expansion.