Lending & Credit

28 Nov 16
Majority of new NPLs are to oil service companies.
22 Nov 16
Hong Kong banks' exposure is still the largest at 48.5%.
18 Nov 16
But NPLs are unlikely to escalate.
9 Nov 16
Borrowers relying on such financing could be at risk of a credit crunch.
9 Nov 16
Bloomberg says the Agricultural Bank of China's recent $215m fine is proof.
2 Nov 16
Consumer debts comprise 24.4% of Chinese banks' loans.
1 Nov 16
Lending fell for the 12th consecutive month.
26 Oct 16
Distressed eurozone countries are the worst hit.
12 Oct 16
Non-household loan growth slowed to 2.2%.
7 Oct 16
It has been two years since Chinese banks have seen their luck turn sour with raising NPLs and decreasing profits.
4 Oct 16
He receives the baton from Lawrence Chia.
30 Sep 16
It expanded at the same pace it did in July.
28 Sep 16
Working capital loans still dominate.
14 Sep 16
It slipped 4% to ~USD1.2bn in 2Q16.
13 Sep 16
As per Reserve Bank of India, the Indian banking system has gross stressed assets of 11.5% of total assets, as of March 2016.
7 Sep 16
Clients have until November 15 to avail of the early bird offer.
31 Aug 16
Banks are now more sensitive to potential counterparty failure.
31 Aug 16
True NPL ratio could be as high as 30%.
24 Aug 16
This bank has 7% of loans for the sector.
4 Aug 16
DBS’ earnings are expected to take a 3.1% hit.
26 Jul 16
Westpac has alreadly limited loans from 95% to 80% of the home value.
20 Jul 16
Gross NPL ratio increased sharply to 7.6% in March.
20 Jul 16
It is unlikely to pick up this time, says an analyst.
7 Jul 16
This is following several high-profile defaults in late 2015 and early 2016.
29 Jun 16
Stress tests are increasingly important, regulators say.
28 Jun 16
This will prop up overall loan growth, says Fitch.
28 Jun 16
The amount of stressed assets is simply too high.
23 Jun 16
Exposure to these asset classes more than quadrupled since 2012.
21 Jun 16
Banks can roll out more loans for project financing.
20 Jun 16
The regulator is likely to ease further, analysts say.
20 Jun 16
Will it allow banks to cover up bad loans?
15 Jun 16
It will be used to avoid high write-downs.
14 Jun 16
Loan loss recovery will take a hit.
13 Jun 16
Loan loss provisioning expenses will rise.
13 Jun 16
They have a combined exposure of around $49 billion.